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Cantina / Polling interest
« on: 07/29/18, 08:31:09 PM »
So...I have some rp ideas. Yay!

WARNING! I do have a limit to the time I'm willing and able to commit to leading rp though, so these ideas may stretch out over many months.

None of them are a lot of fun alone though.

So, I'm putting up a poll to gauge interest in each of these ideas, with a bit of a description below.

I've given permission for each user to vote up to 8 times, so you can hopefully indicate everything that interests you. I didn't allow 9 votes because I assume that if you're selecting one of the first 8, you aren't selecting the last one and if you're selecting the last one you aren't selecting one of the first 8.

Feel free to add more specific comments in this thread!

Slaver operation arc:
Spoiler: show
More details will come if there is interest, but this would stretch over many months, could stretch over the next year, depending upon who's interest in what and what choices the characters make in the events. I have ideas for a number of events, some that could be held in open world, most if not all that could be held in strongholds. Any of the events could also possibly be held in the chatroom. It would also be possible to run some portions of the story through play by post threads on the forums. My ideas for this arc provide hooks for any class.

Keys of Iokath:
Spoiler: show
This is an arc I started more than a year ago and haven't touched in more than a year, but I'd be willing to finish it off if there's interest.

The premise is that the original Iokathians, when they created all their machines and networks created it with a distributed net - each piece of information, energy, anything travelling around Iokath can follow multiple paths between any point A and point B, no two consecutive pieces of information follow the same path and there is no discernible pattern to the selection of paths - and they created a key, a program that started it all off and determined the pattern of paths, like the seed of a random number generator. Having this key would allow a person or organisation to calculate the pattern of those paths, thereby making it much easier to potentially hack the Iokath systems and take control of at least some of them. He who controls the key controls the information. However, seeing their own end coming at the hands of the machines they had themselves created, they broke the key-program into five pieces and hid them, usually with traps and puzzles that only flesh and blood would be able to get through, in order to keep them out of the hands of the machines, in the hope that one day one of their descendants would be able to use it to regain control of Iokath.

So far, the Empire has gained control of one of these pieces and the Republic has gained control of one of these pieces (previous events: , ). Three pieces remain to be found.

I also have a spin-off of the original Keys of Iokath arc which I gave to a specific group and if they're game, others may potentially be brought into that spin-off arc as well.

My original plan was to run three more events in game, usually in my strongholds, for the remaining three key pieces and then possibly one more event to finish resolving who has what and does what with it. I could also run a thread of related missions on the forums similar to a previous format used for Jedi missions - I would post a list of avenues of pursuit, anyone wanting to claim one would pm me with information about their character related to the mission they want to claim, I would pm them back what they would get out of their mission and they would then post to that thread either a description of the mission as rp, or a mission report.

Events and Occasions / Dancer's Palace Aurevoir
« on: 05/20/18, 01:37:36 PM »
I have decided that it's time for me to shut down the weekly Dancer's Palace event. June 1st will be the last evening of Dancer's Palace.

I put some of what I'm struggling with in the roll call thread, but it comes down to the following reasons.

- It is feeling more like a chore I must do on Friday evenings than relaxing, enjoyable rp.
- Given that I'm not feeling like giving SWTOR much time or energy, it's taking the little I have and I'm not getting any other SWTOR rp in.
- My frustrations with the behaviour of some community members are making me jittery at times at Dancer's Palace, worried about who might show up and who I might then have to deal with.
- I have always prided myself on being as inclusive and diplomatic as my hosts at DP, but lately, I've been feeling more and more that there are people I just don't want to see there.

Roleplay is an activity that requires a great deal of trust, as we put our creative selves out there and trust other people with the characters we have crafted. While the number of people I am truly frustrated with and want nothing to do with is very small, the number of people I really trust to rp with is smaller than it used to be, and I'm finding that difficult to juggle with my DP responsibilities.

So, I think it's time for me to let go of it and move on.

Please note that ICly, Dancer's Palace will still be open 24-7. This is why there will not be any kind of finale event, it will simply be OOCly closed after June 1st.

There are a few community members, whom I trust to respect the venue, with whom I will be leaving silver keys to be able to open it up when they want to use it for plot or character developments. After June 1st, I will be revoking the other keys.

I am not leaving the community. I'm hoping to get back to running more stories, bit by bit. I will also still be around to take requests to book it for an event (so yes, weddings there are still possible) or to open it up for a particular evening.

I don't want to ask someone else to take over this event, as it's an event I've crafted over the years and I would not want to see the venue changed. If someone else wants to take over running a Friday night social event, I want them to be able to craft that event into their own event, not feel constrained to keep it my event. If someone else is interested in setting up for a new Friday night event, I will be happy to assist them with opening up the stronghold they want to use and decorating it. @Kyiore has already expressed some interest in this possibility, and I'm already giving him some decorating help. If anyone else is also interested, send me a pm! Honestly, having a group of hosts, or a host guild would make maintaining a weekly event much easier.

I want to express my deep gratitude to those who have helped me host over the years.
- Anaris, my first rp partner;
- @Alumar, @Wymarc, @Colton and the other members of SmugCo who were Stell's first business partners;
- @Imazi who brought non-organic rp to the forefront and influenced the evolution of how non-organic staff were treated at Dancer's Palace;
- @Karmic, my longest standing co-host, who has been through thick and thin with me in the running of it, ICly and OOCly, for many years now, and always been there to support me in this endeavour;
- @Sebrik, my most recent rp partner, with whom I'm pursuing rp in other places now, and my best, best friend forever.

I also want to express my deep gratitude to all those who have attended Dancer's Palace over the years, who have welcomed others at it, have been regulars or surprise guests, who have used it for plot developments and who have let it change their characters and their characters' stories. Through three barges and a sky palace, from proposals, to weddings, to a baby arriving ahead of schedule, to mourning the dead, Dancer's Palace will always have a special place in my heart and in my own growth as an rper and a member of this community.

Information release from Republic Military Office of Acquisitions on Iokath

The Office of Acquisitions has an exploration opportunity for all interested parties. A recently acquired source, of questionable reliability, has suggested a location on Iokath where some technology of interest may be stocked. The exploration mission is scheduled for ((Friday, August 11th, at 7 pm server time)) and will be led by a Repbulic officer.

This mission is open to all members of the armed forces who are currently not serving on the front line on Iokath, or with permission of their commanding officer. This mission is also open to any Jedi who serve the Republic, as well as any independent explorers who have or are qualified to acquire a Republic Privateerís Licence.

Mission participation conditions include security and qualifications check as well as signing a contract that recognises that all technology, hardware, software and designs acquired in this mission are the legal property of the Republic.

Payment will be commensurate with the success of the mission and the value of any acquired technology and may include Republic credits, subsequent Republic contracts and-or copies of technology acquired in the mission.


This event will be held in game, in strongholds, so access to Iokath is not necessary, though some familiarity with the story is recommended. It will take part in a Dromund Kaas stronghold, so there will be a small fee for travel there, in game. I can cover this for any who are short on credits.

The rolling system that will be used will be posted in the next post of this thread. Please note that the GM reserves the right to tweak and adjust any part of the rolling system during the event to improve any part of the event.

When you sign up, please send me a PM with your up to three traits. Please note that traits are not mandatory, you can choose to go without.
In the PM you send me on sign up, please also include an indication of whether or not your character is killable. Please note that this is not something I ask often, as I usually avoid any PC deaths. However, the nature of this mission includes certain more serious threats, so I want to establish this well before the event. The event does not require that any of the participantsí characters be killable. I can ensure there are no deaths. However, if some are, I want to know that that risk is a possibility beforehand. Please note that as GM I will NOT allow the death of any PC for whom I did not have an indication BEFORE the event that the character was killable.

Outside Realm / Not a real haitus
« on: 07/09/17, 09:00:29 PM »
Hi all! Just a warning that I'm leaving tonight for a family trip and will be back on the 27th. I'll be on Atlantic time during the vacation (for those of you in the USA, there are no states in Atlantic time, but three Canadian provinces that are). I'll still be around, probably most nights, but probably for much less time and much earlier than usual. I may not make much of DP for the time I'm away, given it'll be starting at 1 am for me.

When I get back, in August, I'll be picking up my Iokath arc again! And I -hope- to do some writing while I'm away.

So, I'm still reachable, but you may get slower answers and not see me as much until I'm back! Take care of Dancer's Palace for me!

Events and Occasions / Dancer's Palace anniversary contest
« on: 06/10/17, 02:53:39 AM »
Almost five years ago, a new SWTOR player with a character named Stell'ange stumbled upon rp on the Lord Ieldis server. Stell met a friend, who hosted parties on a party barge on Nar Shaddaa. When the character died, he left her the ownership of his part of the barge. Servers merged and Stell ended up on Begeren Colony, looking for rpers and if anyone else claimed ownership of that barge on Nar Shaddaa. She found and other rpers, one who became her partner in ownership for said barge and so she began hosting a party, every Friday night, for the late crowd, like her, who thirsted for this thing she'd discovered, called rp, once her kids were in bed for the night.

And so Dancer's Haven became a weekly gathering spot for both factions. To her great amazement, those who regularly attended became very protective of the young businesswoman when she ran into trouble with a certain Sith.

Dancer's Haven was destroyed during an attack by @Kezie against Stell and her new husband Anaris.

She bought a new barge and Dancer's Web reopened. An improved security system was installed.

When a fight broke out on the dock, between Jedi and Sith, over a youngling, a certain Captain Jaade ( @recoveringgeek ), who was an excellent starship pilot, proved a less than stellar barge pilot, when he took the barge from the dock, trying to fly away with people taking shelter from the fight, and flew it straight into another building, destroying a just about to open restaurant, but miraculously saving all lives aboard.

Stell again invested in another barge, convinced of its importance in bringing all sides together to be able to meet and get to better understand each other in an environment where violence was banned. The security system was again improved. As her previous partner pulled out, Stell sought out new partners, @Alumar , @Karmic , and a new barge opened, Dancer's Retreat.

The business grew and eventually, Stell decided to upgrade and expand, buying one of a new line of lavish sky palaces on Nar Shaddaa, opening up Dancer's Palace, with a truly top of the line security system. Stell retired from her hosting, returning to Tatooine with Anaris, to be a mom and a teacher. She hired a childhood friend, Minnette, who soon learned how to dance the diplomatic line in hosting and how to not be terrified of Sith. For a while, they ran and hosted both Dancer's Retreat and Dancer's Palace, until another attack, aimed at one of Stell's partners, sent the barge, in flames, careening down to the bowels of Nar Shaddaa one final time.

In the five years of this event, we've seen alliances formed and broken, plots planned, marriage proposals (even one that was both IC and OOC!), weddings and even a birth, within its four rp walls. Minnette met her husband at Dancer's Palace, @Sebrik and eventually also left to become a mom. For a time, Minnette's brother, Neako hosted, and now, Stell's oldest sister, Solange is hosting.

All this to give some history to this contest. Since strongholds started and Dancer's Palace opened, it's given us a wonderful, safe from trolls, rp space. But to get there, takes a key or an invitation from someone with a key. I still regularly give out new keys, to new members of the community and to new alts.

So, here is THE CONTEST:

How many key holders are there for Dancer's Palace as of today, June 10th, 2017?

The rules:
- You may only participate once.
- You may participate by replying in this thread with your guess.
- You may not guess a number that's already been guessed.
- You have until July 1st, 2017, at 11:59 pm server time to submit a guess.
- All rulings of the contest operator (me) are final.

The prize:
The person with the closest guess to the actual number will win the one and only prize of 10 million in game credits (Thank you to Sebrik for contributing to the prize!) IF the person with the closest guess guesses the EXACT number, the prize will be doubled, to 20 million credits.

Memo from Captain Hateya Talutah, Wild Space Department, to Moff Heermann

Moff Heermann,

As I continue to monitor the situation on Iokath, with the goal of securing technology, information or other useful resources for the Empire, I've identified a structure that I believe would be worth exploring. Given the volatile nature of the situation on Iokath, and the previously identified inherent dangers, I hereby request a small defense contingent to provide support while I explore. I realise that establishing control on Iokath for the Empire remains the topmost priority, but I would not wish us to miss out on possibly useful technology or information because we are overly focused on combat. The structure seems to have attracted the attention of at least one other party, therefore time is pressing for this exploration.

Captain Hateya Talutah

This rp will be focussed on Iokath, with a mix of exploration and combat. All enemies will be NPCs. The event will take place in my Dromund Kaas stronghold. We will be using Stell's Rolling System, as posted in the next post. Please send your choice of up to three traits (no more than two from any one category) and equipment your character would be carraying to Seraphie, in a PM.

Who can come?
The exploration will be led by IWSC, but anyone who might be a guest or ally of IWSC and helping them on Iokath could attend!


Hateya and GM ( @Seraphie )
Zorrue ( @Sebrik )
Reclamation officer ( @Nicohlas )
Mei'li ( @Mei )
Erednash ( @Erednash )
Karmic ( @Karmic )
tbd ( @Elym )
Lord Rixus ( @NovaZero )

Events and Occasions / Dancer's Palace ((timeline))
« on: 03/03/17, 08:47:23 PM »
Dancer's Palace is happy to welcome all our friends from Zakuul, and their friends, to our weekly event, to celebrate their new freedom from the tyrany of the former Empress Vaylin. We have new bottles of some of Zakuul's finest exported wines and decor to help them feel at home as they take their first steps away from opression and into our part of the galaxy!

For any who would like to contribute to the efforts to rebuild Zakuul, donations will be able to be dropped into the slot of the Zakuulan statue in the ballroom. All proceeds will go to humanitarian organisations that are helping with the rebuilding.

Join us for drinks and music! Bring your friends! Come meet new friends! The first drink is always on the house!

OOC: Dancer's Palace is now officially post-KotET and at current in game time. However, please be respectful of any who may be rping there who are not at that point in the timeline with their characters.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Birth announcement
« on: 02/21/17, 12:18:15 AM »
All friends of Minnette and Se'brik would get the following holonote delivered today.

Minnette and Se'brik Busable are proud and happy to announce the birth of their son, Theon Paul Busable, measuring 21 cm and 3,26 kg.

Below would be a holoimage of Minnette, Se'brik and Theon.

Cantina / Tributes to an Alderaanian Princess
« on: 12/31/16, 01:39:00 PM »
((OOC: Thanks to all who came out! Thanks to those who spoke for permission to share.  For those who would like to see the full album of the screenshots I took, here's the llink: ))

As evening approached, a crowd gathered before the memorial that had been built, to a courageous Alderaanian princess, her mother watching from behind and her trusty droid companion by her side.

They stood in silence to start with, then raised their arms in salute to the inspiration the princess had provided to them and to millions.

An Alderaanian nobleman led the ceremony with consoling and inspiring words. @SivWysan

If thereís anything that the world of Alderaan can teach us, itís that life is at times both fleeting and beautiful, but hope springs eternal. We gather here, in this place, to offer special tribute to a woman who embodied hope, empowerment and courage across generations. Whose life faced both Light and Darkness but who turned that struggle into inspiration for so many.

Princess Leia was a defining game changer, a Princess from a world of pacifism and natural harmony, who faced the loss of everything, and taught everyone else Ė including the boys! Ė how to stand up to the evil Empires of every age. Carrie Fisher embodied her with creativity, humor and grace and, despite her lifeís ups and downs, saw that role as a calling, something always a part of her and a hope to pass onto future generations Ė especially to some many young women rebels who followed in her footsteps.

Her battles did not end with Return of the Jedi, but continued as she came to terms with more personal struggles, of her own challenges growing up in a celebrity family, with addiction, and with many kinds of shaming. She did not surrender to the Dark Side, however, not only overcame her struggles but used her humor and conviction to empower others. And she spoke powerfully of family, not as something perfect but something that shaped who she was and how she loved. A family that included a beloved brother and daughter, and, tragically, a mother who followed her into the Force. Itís hard to comprehend such grief, but we can hope and pray that her loved ones take some solace from the Light Resplendent which comes from the grief and love of so many, the ultimate testament of the life that she lived, in which there are stories and many gifts to us which will continue to impact many generations. So let us gather, not to see death but to share light and life, and let her memory live on through any memories or prayers we now share. May the Force be with you all.

Another shared a prayer. @ThyssenKrupp

The death of someone we love and care about is like the death of part of us. No one else will ever call out from within us quite the same responses, the same feelings or actions or ideas. Their death is an ending of one part of a story. Lord, as we look back over the lives of Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, we ask what we have received, what we can appropriate and continue on in our own lives and what must be laid to rest. Our love for them reminds us that our sharing in one anotherís lives brings both support and pain. Our being parted from them reminds us of our own mortality and that your love is enduring. We thank you that our love for Carrie and Debbie draws us together and gives us a new appreciation of one another and of the beauty and fragility of relationships which mirror your grace and goodness to us. Lord, timeís tide may wash their footprints from the shore but not our love for them nor the influence of their life upon our own nor the ways in which they will ever be a sign for us of those things which really matter Ė which are eternal. Hear this prayer for your loveís sake. Amen.

Another shared her personal experience and inspiration. @Zmaj

I was tiny when I saw Star Wars. I pulled out the tape for a New Hope while I was wearing my bit 90ís glasses and asked my old man ďwhatís thisĒ? And after a little deliberation, he put in the VHS and I sat back for two hours of an incredible new world. Suddenly, the world of princesses wasnít one of only dances and songs. It occurred to me that I could wear the dress and save the day. Itís such a tiny thing, but 7-year-old me never forgot how Leia brandished a gun and shot straight at the storm troopers during her own rescue. Carrie Fisher became more than Leia Organa to me as the years went by, but that was how she came to me, and itís how she goes. Iím glad to have had her to look up to. Thank you for your inadvertent support, Carrie. You are now one with the Force. We love you, space mom.

And one final participant shared his personal experience. @LarhrNaor

Many, many, many years ago, my grandmother, God bless her heart, showed me Star wars for the first time. I was only 3. When I watched it, to say I was hooked by the end would be a major understatement. I was drawn to Star wars, with the help of my crazy Star Wars fan Grandmother. 4 years ago in August, my Grandmother passed away, and Iíll always remember how she showed me the Clone Wars and Master Yoda, and I kid you not, stayed up until midnight to bid on E-Bay for a mini statue of R2-D2. Fast forward 2 years after her passing I finally got back into Star Wars roleplay and gaming with SWTOR. And instantly I remembered why I loved it. My Grandmother, Carrie Fisher was one of her favourite people. And Iím glad to say that Carrie Fisher is probably getting mobbed by my Grandmother in Heaven. Thank you.

A holotree was placed, as a gift, before the memorial, by one participant. @Sebrik

Then all knelt in a silent moment of personal prayer and recollection.

Finally, the group made their way to a cliffside, overlooking the lush greenery of equatorial Alderaan, as the sun lowered in the sky.

As the sun set, in a final tribute to the courage of one who would tell all of us not to worry at the setting sun, for it will rise again, weapons were raised once again, by those to whom this torch of courage has been passed.

Outside Realm / The good of 2016
« on: 12/30/16, 01:50:03 AM »
I know there's been a lot of sorrow, grief and fear to 2016. The world feels a lot different from this time a year ago, and we've lost a lot of really amazing people in that time. However, there was good in this year too, and I don't want the good forgotten behind the bad! So, I decided to share some of the good of 2016 for me, and it's all pretty amazing good!

- My youngest daughter had suffered a continuous (never went away) headache after a concussion. Almost exactly two years after the initial injury, in May 2016, the headache finally disappeared. She's only had one migraine since then too!

- I started rp'ing with @Sebrik and we decided to pair up Min and Seb. Through this past year, we have become very close real life friends as well, and this friendship has greatly enriched my life, even beyond all the awesome rp and game time we get together!

- My daughters and I got to visit @Kezie and his family again!

- My daughters and I got to visit @SivWysan in real life for the first time and had awesome lightsaber battles with him!

- I taught a middle years math class multiplication and division unit (for almost four months) as a Jedi Master. I've never tried roleplay in my teaching before, but it was such an amazing success that I'll be starting this year's roleplay after the Christmas break!

- My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and every surprise my brother and I planned for the celebration went perfectly!

I know there was more good stuff to 2016 than that, but I'll keep my list to that, unless I edit my post later.  :grin:

So, if you want to show that the good outweighs the bad, because good always triumphs over evil, go ahead and list your beauties from 2016!

All sentients in the galaxy are invited to celebrate Life Day festivities at Dancer's Palace!

Dancer's Palace has been all decked out for Life Day! Bring warm clothes, as there is now snow in the ballroom! The security system has been programmed to recognise flying snow or snowballs as NOT a threat (unless, of course, it detects an object within the snowball). All patrons are welcome to enjoy the snow in the ballroom and then warm up in front of any of the fireplaces in the ballroom, on the ballroom balconies and on the main balcony.

On ((Friday December 23rd, at 7pm server time)) two hours before the start of the usual hosted Dancer's Palace event, all patrons past and current are invited to gather in the ballroom for a snowball fight! Bring your mitts and your snowball canons! Bring a friend! Bring an enemy to pelt snowballs at!

A reminder that all violence, other than throwing snowballs, will lead to the perpetrator being immediately frozen in the security system's stasis field and escorted out by security droids once released by the staff.

The Trading Floor / Looking for solar panels
« on: 11/11/16, 11:51:43 AM »
If anyone got the solar panel decoration and is willing to sell it for a -reasonable- price (I can pay a few mil, but please don't bother if you're hoping for 20, 50, 100 mil for it), please pm me! I can't decide if I want the solar panels at Stell and Anaris' place, or Min and Seb's place, so the solution is to have one for each. :grin: If I can get a second one, of course.

The mighty Nem'ro the Hutt, ruler of Jiguuna, invites all interested parties to witness and profit from his cunning and might. After a successful raid of a warehouse compound belonging to his enemy, Fa'athra, the most generous Nem'ro has decided, rather than keeping all the acquired riches for himself, to put them up for auction. The auction will take place at the city gates to Jiguuna. Twenty-four lots will be up for auction, including scrap materials, relics, artifacts and treasures, speeders, live animals, weapons and munition, and artworks. Bring your credits and profit from Nem'ro's might and generosity!


This event is set at the start of the SWTOR storyline timeline, during the Cold War.

No sign up is needed, but you can express interest or plans to attend in this thread.

The event will be open world, on Hutta, by the Nem'ro's Bazzar speeder point!

No OOC in game credits will be required for the purchases, but gifts will be given to represent the purchased lots! :grin:

My character Wapun will be acting as the servant running the auction, and many thanks to @Sebrik who's accepted to bring a character who will be the enforcer who also delivers the purchased lots to the successful buyers. Consider the Garmorean guard NPCs there to be IC. Disorder during the auction will not be tolerated by Nem'ro, however, once buyers leave the auction with their goods, they are no longer Nem'ro's concern.

Events and Occasions / Back To Square One - Tython (9pm PDT)
« on: 09/27/16, 09:45:34 PM »
In the midst of the Cold War, after the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, the Jedi work at rebuilding their order on the planet to which they've only recently returned, their original home, Tython. The Jedi Temple on Tython is a bustling place where younglings are first introduced to the Force, padawans find their masters, knights return before going out to continue their work in the galaxy, masters impart their wisdom on the young and the Jedi Council determines the course of the Jedi Order and its members.

Jedi Knight Zurshufis, a shadow and a veteran of the war, is offering a class in Introductory Interspecies Diplomacy. This class is primarily aimed at younglings and padawans, though knights and masters may find some interesting discussion topics within, and may have the opportunity at the end of the class to share some of their own related experiences. There is no prerequisite for this class and no preregistration is required.


OOCly: The first of my four Back to Square One events!

This will be an open rp, at a location at the Jedi Temple on Tython, which I will confirm once I've picked it.

I will be announcing the event in GenChat before it begins to welcome anyone who wants to rp, discover rp, watch rp, learn what rp is!

This event is set at the beginning of the SWTOR class storylines, during the Cold War era.

The first roughly half hour of this event will be an OOC discussion of the basics of how to rp and how to create a character for rp, for those who may be new to rp.

Anyone can join in! Bring a new character and go back to where we started, or bring a 65 as a stand in for a one off character, or bring one of your characters and rp them 12 years in their past!

The goal of this rp is to give new players a chance to rp in the timeline they know, so that, hopefully, eventually, they can catch up with the rest of our rp community and join us for our weekly events and other rp.

No need to sign up, but you're welcome to indicate your planned participation in this thread!

Events and Occasions / Back to Square One
« on: 09/25/16, 09:41:47 PM »
I'm putting this here because, while it isn't a linked-to-the-calendar event yet, it will become a series of such events.

I've been thinking a lot in the last few days about our rp community. My reflections have been led by various threads talking about our loss of a Monday night community rp, about lack of open world rp, about having a hard time rping post KotFE, and conversations about declining server populations. We've lost a lot of the old guard in this community. We've had some wonderful new rpers, even rp leaders, join and get involved, but I think we need more new blood. Thinking about the open world vs stronghold rp debate, I started thinking that strongholds are not our only barrier to bringing in new rpers. The timeline of the game has become a significant barrier.

If I were to start playing SWTOR today, like I did four and a half years ago, with no idea of what rp was, even if I met people rping in the open world, I'm not sure I'd know how to join in. There is a roughly 12 year gap between the start of each class story, in the Cold War era, and the time our community is currently rping in, post KotFE. I know for some returning players even the five year gap was daunting. If I had just created a character, just learned what rp was, just created a background for my character, unless I've played through the entire class story, all of SoR and all of KotFE, I would have no idea how to create a character in the current community timeline.

So, here's what I want to try, and I'm hoping others will be interested in joining me with the experiment. I'm going to try to run a few, very simple (well, as simple as rp can be planned as, of course we all know what it can turn into), open rp events, on the starter planets, set in the Cold War era, at the beginning of the SWTOR storylines. I'm going to advertise them on the SWTOR forums and then announce them in GenChat when I run them. I will give two start times for the events, with a half hour between the two (hopefully that will be enough). I'll start each with a basic introduction to rp and how it works, then, half an hour later, proceed with my event.

The events will start at 9pm server time on Mondays. I know this is late for anyone East, but, sorry, that's the time I can commit to. Mom duties come first. I won't start this Monday (tomorrow), but on the following Monday, on the 3rd, so I have some time to set up. Here's my current idea for the four Mondays in October, order still to be determinned:

- Korriban, a search for a relic
- Hutta, an auction
- Tython, a lecture - Interspecies Diplomacy 101
- Ord Mantell, shutting down a slave op

So, for those of you already playing post KotFE, but interested in joining, how can you join?

- Create a new character set in that time period (crazy, I know, but I now have one, more may yet be to come)
- Play one of your characters in that past
- Bring any of your characters as some other character, even just as a one-off character, for that time period and that particular rp

Interested in joining? Let me know!
Suggestions? Love to hear them!
Reasons why this won't work or why it failed every previous time? Sorry, don't want to hear them here. If I can, through these events, even find a few new players, help them get established in rp, and eventually be able to catch up to and join the community, it will be worth it. If no one shows up? Well, it was worth a shot.

At the moment, I'm only committing to these four events, because I don't know if I'm up to maintaining something like this weekly on top of my weekly committment to Dancer's Palace. But if it works, I'm hoping maybe some others will be interested in helping with more.

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