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Introductions / Character Intros: The Null Legacy
« on: 05/27/14, 03:50:32 PM »
The Null Legacy:
Generations of lies and deceit coming to a head in the midst of a war…

Hello, the name’s Art and the Null Clan was first begun by my sister, Evalyn a year ago during her period of play on SW:TOR.  Though it has gone under many changes, updates and retcons, the basic story of the Legacy has barely changed.  I myself am slowly learning more of the Mandalorian tongue and hope to add it into the RP story of the Null once I get enough down.

The Null Clan was once a proud clan of Mandalorians under the leadership of Mandalore the Preserver, reunited by his call to arms.  For a time, the Null prospered…

Then came the death of the Preserver and the scattering of the clans.  The Null took a great many losses in their attempts to crown their own leader, Antaius Null as Mandalore and their failures caused them to be nearly wiped out by their opponents; barely escaping with their lives.

300 years later came the rise of a new leader, Mandalore the Lesser and once again, the remnants of the Null rose to support the gladiator.  His daring plan, the Hydian Blockade and its failure caused their decline once again.
The rise of Mandalore the Vindicated led to their scattering as they had supported their ally, Jicoln Cadera.  Though ‘scattering’ is a kind description of the slaughter Mandalore the Vindicated ordered.  Only a few of the Null Clan survive…

Syre’lynn Null – Subject 997B-3
Of the living members, only Subject 997B-3 has achieved anything notable to Intelligence; she became a Captain in the Republic Army, leading a dozen injured squads to safety after a failed assault in Operation [Redacted] on Hoth.  She later was recruited by an organization only known by their heraldry, a black raven shedding a single drop of blood on a field of bone-white.
[Attempts to find more on this organization has been denied by Republic Command.]
The subject’s public record was a litany of crimes, assault and murder until her sudden recruitment on Coruscant.  Appearing garbed in a battered set of Mandalorian armor, she walked right into a small recruitment office and signed on.  Due to the high volume of bureaucratic backlogging, her entrance into the military was not noted until her heroic rescue of a dozen squads on Balmorra.  After that, arresting her was not possible due to the sheer uproar it would cause.
She specializes in direct assaults and guerilla warfare; typical of her Mandalorian heritage.  She has been noted to receive bursts of ‘intuition’ that has allowed her to survive against all odds; this is an indicator of possible Force Sesnitivity or a Force-using parent.
Subject 998B-3 can easily be identified by the three pale scars running parallel down over her left eye; a trophy from her Coming of Age Hunt, given to her by the claws of a juvenile rancor.  997B-3 also suffers from a debilitating illness of some sort that is being investigated.
Subject 997B-3 is NOT to be approached under any circumstance!  If spotted, do not attempt to apprehend her!  All attempts have been thrwarted either by her, her political allies in the Senate or mysterious persons bearing the blood-stained raven on their clothing/armor.

Dakon’vic [No Surname] – Subject 997B-5
Though not a member of Clan Null, it is impossible to not mention this man when speaking of the Null’s tragic tale.
First appearing during in BTC 13 at the Battle of Bothawui, 997B-5 was found amidst the slaughtered corpses of dozens of Republic soldiers.  Though there was no direct evidence at the time, Intelligence is sure that he was the perpetrator.
[There are faint records of his presence during BTC 311, but such evidence is considered inconclusive and impossible.]
The subject is considered highly dangerous despite his aged appearance and lecherous tendencies.  He has been seen wielding a pale yellow lightsaber on many occasions, though the Jedi Order claims that he is not one of their number and have set out emissaries time and again to bring him into the fold.
Do Not Approach or Attempt to Apprehend Him!  All attempts have failed and as such, all future endeavors have been put on hold until more information can be found on his skills/abilities/history.
Foot Note:  There is speculation that this man is related to a surviving member of Clan Null and agents have been dispatched to prove or disprove this theory.  Currently, a sith acolyte, Subject 997B-4 is the most likely descendent of Subject 997B-5.

Nime’tam Null – Subject 997B-4
The younger of the two confirmed members of Clan Null, the subject is believed to be either the daughter/direct descendent of 997B-5 [See Datapad 087: Subject 997B-5] or the younger sister of 99&B-3 [See Datapad 087: Subject 997B-3].
Blessed with a respectable degree of Force Manipulation, 997B-4 was discovered during her childhood by the Empire and taken to the Sith Academy on [Redacted].  Later, Subject 997B-3 attempted to retrieve 997B-4 and failed.
[997B-3 was spotted on Coruscant a month later.]
Little is known about 997B-4 due to her lack of accomplishment before her entry into the Sith Academy.  All information on her has been gleaned by covert conversations with 997B-3.
997B-4 can be identified by her blonde hair and regal facial structure; another more difficult identifier is a mandalorian clan mark on her back; the encircled skull of Clan Null.
[An identical mark can be found on 997B-3’s left bicep.]

Sgt. Alphar’kell
Sgt. Alphar’kell is known factor in the Null Situation.  A mentally-disabled individual burdened by DPD [Dependent Personality Disorder], Kell has surpassed all expectations and reached the rank of Sergeant in the Republic Army.
Sgt. Kell has one notable skill, an almost prodigal ability to disseminate and apply medical knowledge at a moment’s notice.  Any attempt to apply this ability to other fields has failed.
Sgt. Kell’s relationship with Clan Null is directly linked to Subject 997B-3.  Alphar appeared in Republic Space…and high security mainframes a year after 997B-3’s Captaincy.  Kell was taken into Fort Garnik’s infirmary by 997B-3, suffering from near-fatal exhaustion and mental fatigue.  Jedi Knight Janos’s examination of Kell indicated an ‘aching void in the Force’ originating from Kell.
Further investigation by Jedi healers indicate that Kell once had some talent in Force Manipulation; possibly an undiscovered prodigious skill.  But now, Kell suffers from DPD, likely from the savage loss of his untrained Force talent.
The sergeant currently meets regularly with Subject 997B-3; going on outings and similar family-like activities.  As such, the sergeant considers 997B-3 his maternal figure – ‘Mama’.
There are questions on his loyalty; whether he is loyal to the Republic or to 997B-3.  Further observation of Sgt. Kell is required to ascertain such facts.

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