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Sons and Daughters of Ord Mantell - - The Bloodhawks are recruiting!

Named after the hunting hawks that were tamed by the original Corellian colonists who arrived on Ord Mantell, the Bloodhawks are a group of Mantellian militiamen, patriots, adventurers, do-gooders, and guns for hire who hate the Empire and are willing to work with the Republic for the duration of the war; once this is over, we would seek to keep Ord Mantell out of the Republic's corrupt politics. 

We're proud of our planet's rugged history and sovereignty, and seek to stamp out tyranny where ever we find it (think Robin Hood and his men). We scoff at politics, bullies, dumb rules and laws, and anything used to keep people down. Slavers? Hate 'em. Imperials? They're the worst! Hutts? Don't even get me started. If our guild had an old fashioned D&D alignment, we would rate strongly in the Chaotic Good department; we do the right thing, no matter what the law says.

This is a new guild and I'm looking for players who want to help me build this guild from the ground up; helping to find other people who are mature, articulate, and kind. I'm not trying to build some hardcore ops guild or PVP guild or anything like that - - just a casual, laid back environment for people who want to get into RP, run some weekly flashpoints (and eventually ops, as we grow), and socialize. I was never much of a PVP hound, but I really enjoy Starfighter, and at some point, I would love to get into guild runs in GSF, our own flagship, and guildhall (on Ord Mantell, of course!).

If this sounds like a guild you'd be interested in, contact me ingame under the name Jhett or my officer, Teleura. I'm currently looking for people who would like to help with recruiting, too. I have no intention of making a giant guild; more a smaller, tight knit community of friends.

See you in game!

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