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I look forward to being there! :D

Media Gallery / Re: Dassalya's Thread of Artsy Things
« on: 03/12/18, 12:24:37 AM »
References, @Hawking. Lots and lots of references. References up the wazoo. And thank you all for the kind words! They are so very much appreciated.  :aww:

@Athreon has kindly allowed me to share with you all my latest piece. It's his commission, so please do not share it or use it without his permission! I struggled with this baby for about two and a half months on and off while travelling. Feet. I swear. They are my bane. Remember those references I mentioned? Remind me never to try to turn someone in high heels into someone in flats ever again.

However, without further ado, I present to you all Athreon's Kjel'kia!

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 03/10/18, 10:10:43 PM »
Thank you @Auryn for hosting the most excellent Masquerade event this evening! I had so much fun (even if things were a little wobbly for Adeliey), and look forward to all the RP that has been spawned by it. To everyone who attended (there are many of you), thanks for making the night as entertaining as it was.

Media Gallery / Re: Dassalya's Thread of Artsy Things
« on: 03/10/18, 05:04:12 PM »
I was excited about the renewal of the Jedi Custodum council and cranked these out in a couple hours. Here we have Doz Jalth as a young Jedi Knight before the Great Galactic war.

And here we see Doz after over 70 years of service to the Order and as a Master serving on the Custodum Council, present day.

Media Gallery / Re: Dassalya's Thread of Artsy Things
« on: 03/10/18, 04:53:41 PM »
Because it is the masquerade tonight, let me start things off with a picture of my masquerade attendee, Adeliey Innesaud, Mandalorian Zeltron Extraordinaire! Don't worry, she has about six different weapons hidden on her... somewhere.

Media Gallery / Dassalya's Thread of Artsy Things
« on: 03/10/18, 04:50:54 PM »
Hey, folks!

So, some of you may know I like to dabble around with art, and I've been told a few times now that I should put mine up for others to see. Therefore, I present to you Dassalya's Thread of Artsy Things! I'll mostly limit myself to SWTOR-related content. I hope you enjoy!

I will be there on Adeliey!  :grin:

Events and Occasions / Re: Who Watches the Watch?
« on: 02/19/18, 01:51:10 PM »
<Cue wishing it was possible to be online with two avatars at once>

I will be available that evening as a Doz Jalth for the purposes of listening and discussing suggestions put forth. I might write up something that can be shared on behalf of Dass, since she certainly does have opinions on the Watch and its use. I'll slot myself in, but if we're short on time I'm fine with being set aside.

Cantina / Re: in which iaera posts about the force
« on: 02/09/18, 10:39:49 AM »

Now I just have to figure out a way to get Iaera out of her introspective shell and actually communicate some of this stuff IC...

I feel like Iaera, Niarra, and Doz brushed against an interesting discussion last time they were in the council chamber together. Perhaps actually getting the masters into a room and letting them speak freely without the worry of appearances and controversial messaging in front of more impressionable Jedi would allow for this kind of investigation and sharing?

/end derail

In RPing The Star Wars as long as I have, however, I've found that the "Grey" concept of a Force-fence-sitter who is neither light nor dark is a very common and stubborn idea, often complete with an extremely frustrating (and weird) claim to moral superiority via neutrality. This video addresses that brainbug in articulate detail. It deals with what I view as a serious misunderstanding of the Force, and I thought it might help people see why I think that. :)

Agreed on all points. The video actually helped me articulate feelings and thoughts I've had that, previously, I struggled to explain.

Cantina / Re: The Outfit Designer WIP Advice Thread
« on: 02/03/18, 09:03:37 PM »
I'm personally a fan of the centre option, but I think if the uniform for the unit is red, you can get away with it. The red looks nice, too.

Eeeee so many fancy Jedi in one place!  :whee:

Cantina / Re: The Outfit Designer WIP Advice Thread
« on: 02/01/18, 10:43:08 PM »
I said when we chatted the other day, I'm a fan of the orange/orange, too!

Cantina / Re: Can one resign from a Mandalorian Clan?
« on: 01/31/18, 10:55:53 AM »
Another couple points to remember:

1) Mandalorians may be a warrior culture, but they still have farmers, craftspeople, artists, and merchants. You have to be ready to put down your tools and pick up your weapon and armour to follow the call of Mand'alor or defend the clan, but running around getting into fights all the time is not a requirement of Mandalorian culture. Similar to the Sith, Mandalorians believe that conflict is vital to growth (although the Mandalorians view this as growth of the physical, self, and spiritual rather than the accumulation of power), and thus the reason for their warmongering and many individual's aggressive attitudes. But! As stated, not a requirement, and I'm certain there are clans who take a more philosophical approach to the idea of conflict (perhaps the seeds of the pacifism Mandalore embraces millennia later).

2) Mandalorians have spiritual beliefs. Those who die Mandalorian go to Manda, the afterlife, while those who do not, don't. For Mandalorians, keeping to the Resol'nare and being Mandalorian is also about preserving your soul. Think Valhalla for the Norse (ignoring that there are other places your soul can go in Norse mythology)--if you were a warrior, you wanted to die with a weapon in your hand and with glory so that you could dine with Odin and exist for the rest of eternity in a place of feasting and merrymaking. Alternatives were decidedly less appealing. The same goes for Mandos. If your clanmate wanted to leave the clan, I can imagine there would be some pretty intense fear from certain members depending on the circumstances of your departure. They'd want to ensure you were still Mando, even if you were far away. If you left on bad terms, well, you could be declared non-Mandalorian and everyone would believe that your soul wasn't going to Manda.

3) Keep in mind that most Mandalorians at this time are nomadic, or that the culture, at least, is one of being prepared to uproot at any time. I imagine that a Mandalorian going off alone forever might cause some concern--who will remember your deeds? Who will recount what happened to you if no one knows? Mandalorian ritual often involves oral history and recitation. The remembering of clan and those gone before is important to the culture. You could be forgotten, which, to a Mandalorian, is a painful possibility to consider.

So, in short, like others have said, it depends on the reasons for leaving. If you are declared dar'manda (not Mandalorian), you can expect a frosty reception wherever you come into contact with other Mandalorians. If you leave for more benign reasons, it's likely that there will be those trying to convince you not to for fear of your soul, your memory, and the general pain of losing a member in a society that is close knit regarding family and clan. If you're leaving for another clan, well, as long as you're not going to the Ordos. We've been feuding with them for years.

This plotline is definitely continuing! As Noth said, it's been a series of RL interruptions for Noth and I since about last November that have been putting a hold on it. However, we're hopeful that this time (for real) we'll be able to get the ball rolling again!

Introductions / Re: OOC Introduction
« on: 01/19/18, 04:14:03 PM »
Repeating the welcome of everyone here! I look forward to seeing you in game. :grin:

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