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5. How about a Mando-type SM FP to Czerka every quarter? Every other month? Something not longer than about an hour that we could stretch into something longer with RP?

This is an awesome idea. I was actually thinking the other day of making it a once-monthly thing for Indie Night as a whole! Pick a random FP, come up with an IC justification each time that isn't the plot of the FP, and put it on a rotating generator just like the Rishi locations. Knowing that someone wants this means I will definitely do this now!  :grin:

PS - Thank you so much for setting it up and for the survey.

You are welcome! Thank you for filling it out!

The Trading Floor / Re: Kyiore the Informant
« on: 04/03/18, 12:26:48 AM »
You should run Star Fortresses! They drop a ton of nice techy decos. Some of the regular FPs also have guarunteed techy deco drops, now, and might be worth grinding for more consoles.

Also, welcome to our little community!

Events and Occasions / Re: Return to Rishi - Indie Night V3
« on: 04/02/18, 07:02:42 PM »
Tonight's theme iiiis....

South Beach Party! Beach Party! Take off your boots, kick around in the water, and enjoy the beaches of Rishi.

Head north up the main path until you hit the Trader's Market. Turn left from Trader's Market into the Old City. Look across the way from the Blaster's Path cantina and you will see the beach. See you there!

Also if you all have not looked at this questionairre yet, please do! It will help us to give you even better Indie Nights in the future!

Media Gallery / Re: Noth's Arts!
« on: 04/01/18, 11:06:07 AM »

I drew my main Sith guy I've been RPing a lot lately. Adding actual dark blacks for his hair was daunting, so I just shaded in scribbly pencils instead.

So! We've now gotten through the full round of Mando Nights, and I have questions for people who have come to them! Too many names to tag right now, but hopefully you all will see this post and have a chance to answer.

I also am putting up some questions for Indie Night goers as well. This is because I am considering a merge of the two events in the future. Pay attention to headers to see what's what!

There is no pressure to answer these of course! However, if you would like to, it will help a lot to make the next year of these events even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

For attendees of the Mando festival events:

1. Do you like the events? Have you enjoyed them? Why?
2. Which season was your favorite and why?
3. Do you think this is an event that should continue into the future?
4. How would you feel about it being folded into Rishi/Indie Night? Is this something people are interested in, or should it be remain a separate event?
5. Are there any kinds of Mando-themed activities you would like to see in future instances of this event?
6. Is there interest in this becoming a monthly event rather than quarterly?

For current and prospective attendees of Rishi/Indie Night:

1. Which day works better for you - Monday or Wednesday?
2. What time slot (in server time) is easiest? Is the 6:30 PM start time good?
3. Would you like maps in the thread to help guide you to the RP locations?

For attendees of the current Rishi incarnation of Indie Night (must have come at least once, do not answer if you've never gone):

1. Do you enjoy the rotating schedule, or would you prefer to pick a location and stay there every week?
2. Which is your current favorite location, and why?
3. What sorts of stories and themes would you like to see at future Indie Nights?
4. Would you be all right with having a night of each month set aside for Mando-specific events?

Thank you everyone who came tonight! Keep your eyes peeled for a retrospective/poll type thing to come!

I am (predictably) going to be on a little late as well, and I am technically hosting, so... don't stress about it! The early start time was mostly to be safe and keep it open for people who can't stay really late. I will be logging in shortly!

Did you mean the 28th?

Yes, good catch, I am bad at typing.  :umm:

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 03/26/18, 11:38:01 PM »
Thanks to @Noth for hosting Indie Night tonight! I got to RP two of my faves (Biavi and Pherue) for the first time in a while. And thanks to you and everyone else there for rolling with my slow RP style! :)
Totally awesome to have you! Thank you for coming by!

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 03/26/18, 06:33:26 PM »
Suspect instead they're trying to find a solution for people complaining about the boxes and people selling armors on the GTN for 50mil per piece. They've been talking about solutions for that for a while. Doesn't mean they aren't... also... fishing. But I'd imagine there's more at work than just that.

Still, that's exciting! Having the option to direct buy is pretty welcome. Guess we'll see what the prices are like.

Events and Occasions / Re: Return to Rishi - Indie Night V3
« on: 03/26/18, 04:37:28 PM »
Pretty low-energy tonight, so we are doing an oldie but goodie tonight:

Blaster's Path Cantina! Cantina night at the classic Blaster's Path Cantina. Enjoy the music and drinks and grungy ambiance. Bar brawls encouraged!

Head north up the main path until you hit the Trader's Market, then turn left into the Old City and keep going until you hit the cantina. See you there!

See you all at 6:30 PM Server tonight!

Outside Realm / Re: Star Wars Remixes!
« on: 03/23/18, 05:04:48 PM »
Also bagpipe dubstep is officially my favourite thing now.

Right??? She has a bunch of Eluveitie covers too, plus some more movie covers. I think she's my new favorite musician.

Outside Realm / Star Wars Remixes!
« on: 03/23/18, 04:00:36 PM »
I was listening to a couple fun remixes on Youtube and thought, what the hell, I'll share them and also get other people to share their favorites as well!

Post your favorite Star Wars covers, remixes, and fan-songs here. Here's my some of my (long list of) picks:

Across the Stars

This is a gorgeous Classical-style violin and guitar duet that is hauntingly beautiful. I could listen to this for days.

Incredible pro violin solo giving it a more Baroque feeling than it already has. Feels like Vivaldi does Star Wars in places.

Galactic Empire's rock cover of Across the Stars. I'm not as big a fan of them as some fans, but this one is my favorite of their songs.

Duel of the Fates

A techno remix that is annoyingly catchy and transforms the song in a great way. I feel like this is what Dromund Kaas dance clubs play.

This is almost too close to the original to not count as a remix... but I like the addition of dramatic drumming, so it goes here.

Force Theme/Binary Sunset

The unchallenged best song on this list, at least to my mind. It's an electronic remix that is just so, so, so good.

A cool surprise find that I kind of love. It's a bagpipe dubstep cover. Yes, you read that right. Bagpipe dubstep.

I... don't know how to describe this. Simultaneously soothes and sets my teeth on edge. Also incorporates the Victory Theme, which is pretty unique!

A break from electronic music, at last. A lovely, jazzy flute and piano duet.

Rey's Theme

One of the best and prettiest 1-man-band orchestras I've heard in a while. And just a gorgeous cover in general. Also includes the Force Theme.

Rey's Theme in the style of a spaghetti western. Yes. Spaghetti western. It's so good. Please listen.

Jyn and Rey's themes mashed up together, so not strictly a remix or cover. The two fit together perfectly.

A metal cover. I don't usually like solo metal covers because... well, they aren't usually good. This one is nice though!

Mando Stuff

This is another mashup of two Republic Commando themes, not a cover or remix. Creates something very mournful and very beautiful.

A totally new fan creation! I love this song quite a bit and have it in the playlist I listen to while focusing on Mando RP.

Worldbuilding and Community / Re: Jedi Colors and Braids
« on: 03/22/18, 04:08:44 AM »
I went to look up this page again, and noticed it went down. Here is the page on the Wayback Machine if anyone was interested in the original fanon.

I also found out about this lore oddity: The Dahgee Jedi. They're another planetary sect like the Greens, who wear stripes to signify loyalty to the Republic. It's a nice little clue to some possible Jedi symbolism, where stripes might represent loyalty.

There are also the Norris Robes which I forgot about, but are a nice reminder of yet another Buddhism reference in Jedi symbolism and philosophy.

Storyboards / Re: The Rumor Mill
« on: 03/21/18, 09:47:38 PM »
A previously sealed archive wing in the Temple ruins on Coruscant seems to be seeing some activity again. Traditionally restricted to only Jedi Masters, those Masters with access will notice that the wing is being slowly restored, piece by piece, as if someone is coming in odd hours to do small amounts of work at a time. Fallen datastacks are put back in place, rubble cleared, and systems slowly come back online over time.

At the center of this archive is a medium-sized cairn made from fallen chunks of mortar and stone. Upon and around it, small candles and bowls of incense may be found, their wicks burned down and traces of fragrance still in the air. This small memorial grows even as the wing itself is restored.

In a perhaps unrelated event, Senate and Jedi records show that newly appointed Jedi Master Bren Akket has been given recent clearance to the area.

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