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Events and Occasions / Re: Allies on the Road to War
« on: 04/22/19, 04:29:17 PM »
Huh, chiss stuff. That's neat!

Events and Occasions / Re: Ossus: Legends Never Die (Part II)
« on: 02/16/19, 01:51:03 PM »
As stated in the chatbox, I have no internet :(.

Try your best to for Anera!

Events and Occasions / Re: Ossus - Legends Never Die
« on: 02/09/19, 03:23:52 PM »
Yeah, you just won't be able to hurt any of the mobs.

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Ossus Event Poll - redux
« on: 01/18/19, 01:10:27 PM »
No Thursday next week in the poll but crossing fingers, I should be back to being available for Jn next Thursday if needed be.

Events and Occasions / Re: All of Ossus
« on: 01/17/19, 05:27:25 PM »
I'd be happy to come, and I can probably make most other days. Just turned out my team had to help put out a fire this morning.

Events and Occasions / Re: All of Ossus
« on: 01/17/19, 10:53:01 AM »
Late notice, but some IRL work stuff came up for me. Sorry, y'all I was looking forward to it :(.

Events and Occasions / Re: All of Ossus
« on: 01/08/19, 09:27:00 PM »
I personally don't know much about what RP is left around this server, so I'll pick an odd most likely side character for this event. Freya's around, but I'm not sure how I want to play her post Ossus.

Cantina / Re: [SPOILERS] Jedi Under Siege
« on: 12/23/18, 01:54:03 AM »
Haven't played imp yet but for what it's worth, Malgus was the second biggest driving force both as an antagonist and a driving figure, and one of the most intelligent Sith to take the mantle. I still miss Marr, but Malgus was always compelling, even when he went rogue. Made you think; especially since the Sith warrior story was based off his cinematic. Feels kinda cheap they reduced him to "KEPHISSSSSSSS" level though.

Marr though. Malgus->SoR Marr was probably my most fondly remembered time of writing, both as extremely compelling bad guys, and an Empire that kinda sorta made sense to Imperials.

Hey, least I got my favorite comp romance option back, but unfortunately comp dialog doesn't seem to be that tightly integrated with missions anymore anyway.

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Event Poll #1
« on: 10/30/18, 04:17:42 PM »
Finally got me own dates down for the month.

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Event Poll #1
« on: 10/24/18, 04:58:54 PM »
I don't know the exact days, but I'm traveling to SF for a weekend, and I'll probably be busy thanksgiving... I'll pin down exact dates.

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 08/25/18, 10:31:45 PM »
I think @Seraphie is Sy'nacee?

Apologies if I missed anyone, but just know I appreciate everyone there, and thanks for letting me dip my toes back into RP! It was so much fun, and I feel like I got to use one of my poor underutilized characters. Really appreciate everyone!

Events and Occasions / Re: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
« on: 08/23/18, 07:53:42 PM »
Unfortunately, a group of friends had actually roped me into going to the garlic festival a few hours away on the same day. I'm assuming the time is set by now, so have fun for Silivia!

Events and Occasions / Re: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
« on: 08/15/18, 07:54:31 PM »
I'm interested! I'll let you know what time/dates work as my plans finalize.

Events and Occasions / Re: A Dread Mind
« on: 07/19/18, 06:27:44 PM »
Looks like I also won't be there until 8 so do have fun! I'll try to catch the tail end of it!

Events and Occasions / Re: A Dread Mind
« on: 07/18/18, 12:06:08 AM »
I might come, if I can possible schedule it, most likely on my usual pubside suspects.

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