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Trouble and Feedback / Creating Website
« on: 06/12/19, 03:10:55 AM »
Hello Satele Shan RPers!

It’s been awhile. I hope you’re all having some fantastic RP adventures and enjoying the new game content.

Enjin is proving to be a disappointing platform host for an RP Community website. I’m looking into creating a website for the Star Forge RP community similar to this site.

This question is directed primarily at the admin team: exactly how difficult is it to set up an RP community website using Simple Machines? Is it similar to creating websites via Enjin where they start you off with a sort of website “shell”? Are there any good guides to managing and editing sites using this platform?

Thanks so much for your assistance. May the Force be with you.

Cantina / Re: *SPOILER-ISH* 5.10 Details & Discussion
« on: 10/11/18, 09:10:33 PM »
Thanks for the shoutout, Ela.  I totally miss the naval forces of Imperial Wild Space Command engaging Song Squadron in GSF matches. :P

I'm very stoked about the upcoming Game Update and developments regarding Imperial lore.  There are two items of interest to Imperial RPers:

I. Darth Malora.  Apprentice Malora was encountered by Sith Warrior / Sith Inquisitor players on Korriban.  If player's chose to reveal to her master, Lord Renning, that she conspired to thwart his research, Renning commented that he would eventually release her from his service (presumably by death) after a period of torture and suffering for her betrayal.  Lord Renning later appeared in the Shadow of Revan expansion, and was killed on Korriban during the Revanite-conspired Republic invasion.

For years, I'd always assumed Renning got around to killing Malora at some point, but that appears to have not been the case.  I hope we will learn much more about her background from the time since we last saw her on Korriban.  Charles Boyed confirmed she now sits on the Dark Council as head of the Sphere of Biotic Science (BTW, Acina was previously head of the Sphere of Technology).

I think it is absolutely brilliant that Bioware elected to resurrect an old character like this for the update.

II. Alien Integration into the Empire.  Another Imperial lore item of interest is the continuing advancement of alien species in the Empire.  For those of you that have taken a look at the decorations in the upcoming Imperial Personnel Decorations Bundle, you'll notice there are a handful of alien species in prominent Imperial positions, the most noteworthy being a Chiss Sith Intelligence Keeper and a Zabrak Imperial Army general.  Additionally, one of the new characters appearing in 5.10 is the Twi'lek Major Anri, a Special Forces commando officer.

Clearly, since the time of Malgus' defection and the implementation of the Alien Initiatives around the time of the Makeb crisis, alien species have continued to climb the social ladder in the Sith Empire.  This will make for some interesting RP opportunities going forward.

My official position on this topic is: I encourage all remaining members of the Satele Shan RP community to transfer to the Star Forge server.

There are several reasons for this.

RPer Population.  Prior to the server merges, the Ebon Hawk server was the uncontested heart of the core of this game's RP community.  Most RPers, most RP guilds, and most RP events and other related activities occured on that server for at least the last few years.  The server merges did not change that.  The Star Forge (formerly EH) RP community continues to represent the overwhelming bulk of the game's RP population.  I don't think SS RPers who haven't been to SF to check it out appreciate the existing population disparity between the two servers.  The ratio of SS RPers to SF RPers isn't even 1:10, more like ... 0.01:10.  While you will hear concerns eminating from that server's RPers that mirror those of RPers here (e.g., decreased population, fewer guilds, less-frequent major events, etc.), the contrast between the two servers is still huge.  For an existing SS RPer, the RP presence on SF is significant.

RP Activity.  I departed SS for SF in January and I can attest that there is at least RP activity active in the fleet cantinas at nearly every hour of the day (certainly, there are still peak periods of activity).  I always see RP taking place in fleet cantinas, and the population of RPers engaged in this activity usually rivals the total population of the remaining number of active RPers on the SS server.  Community events are regularly scheduled and easily discovered on the Star Forge Roleplay Community website.

RP Variety.  When I made inquiries to former EH server members about the nature of that server's RP community, I was consistently told that it was more guild-based than community-based, like the Begeren Colony community was.  This is certainly true, and it is a testament to the server's significantly larger RP population and the pleasant variety those guilds bring to the nature of server RP.  Jedi guilds, Sith guilds, military guilds, underworld guilds, economic guilds, political guilds ... the SF server offers a wide-range of opportunities for membership in a guild that emphasizes a particular area of lore or RP you may be interested in.

Stability.  The SF server is widely regarded as the principal destination for SWTOR RP activity.  Even while that community has incurred adverse events like a reduced population and activity, it has not even nearly crippled the overall community which, regrettably, has been the case on SS.  I firmly believe that this community is where serious RPers will want to be until the eventual termination of the game.

I'd like to offer my honest and upfront opinion about the continued existence of the SS RP community.  It strikes me that many members of this community have been very nostalgic about their continued participation in and the existence of this community.  Admittedly, I stubbornly clung to the belief that I could, with more effort, time, and resources, revitalize at least a specific area of RP that interested me (Imperial and Imperial military).  As a former RP guild GM of the SS server I have to say … the population just isn't here.  It's not a matter of this server having bad RPers, or disinterested RPers, or RPers with no creativity or dedication … it's a matter of the handful of good RPers here just have … not many other people to engage in RP with.

In summary, get yerselves to SF, folks.  Right now, 1) get an Enjin profile set up and register on the SF RP community website so you can at least monitor and explore the site.  2) Create a character (not like a hardcore serious character, just a lowbie to play with) on the SF server, get it to fleet, check out the cantinas, check out the cool RP guilds, ask some SF RPers some questions about their experiences there.  Talk to @AristocraShol about his experiences there, he'll probably tell you the SF community is just waiting to accept this last group of SWTOR RP exiles into its ranks.

I do appreciate that one of the reasons some SS RPers have not moved is not necessarily because of logistical complications (e.g., character transfers), but because they do not want this community to lose its identity.  Folks, this game has been around for like seven years now.  You're transfer to the SF server doesn't characterize the closing of a book so much as the starting of a new chapter.  The members of this community absolutely have the means to stay in touch with one another and assist each other in integrating into a new environment.  Save a section of the SF RP Community website for the former members of the BC RP community.  Reserve this website for archival purposes.  Form new guilds to keep your BC/SS friends close while you start to make new ones in the heart of this game's RP community.

I trust all of you will find the quality of your RP adventures significantly enhanced by moving over.

May the Force ever serve you.

Outside Realm / Re: Editing - Everyone Needs It
« on: 05/22/18, 04:11:23 PM »
@Niarra, this is another brilliant thread of yours.  One subject I'd like to see you address is the abusive use by RPers of the word would in their writing.  This drives me crazier than anything else I see in SWTOR fan fiction writing.

Example: Nick would walk to the door and open it.

Better: Nick walked to the door and opened it.

I see this in in-game RP and short story writing all the time and it makes me want to gauge my eyeballs out of my head.

Also, is this thread your way of subtly offering to edit writers' work before publishing?  I have a short story I'll be posting to Star Forge - RP later today. :)

Cantina / SWTOR Encyclopedia - Electronic/Online Version
« on: 04/22/18, 02:22:20 AM »
The Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia is singularly the greatest resource available to SWTOR RPers. If you'd like to see this invaluable book made accessible through electronic means, head over to the forums here and voice your support.

Outside Realm / Farewell
« on: 01/12/18, 08:45:48 PM »
Fellow RPers of the Satele Shan (formerly Begeren Colony) server!  Farewell.  Effective immediately I'm transferring all my characters from the Satele Shan server to Star Forge, to join that server's RP community.  I've had tremendous fun with many of you over about the last 2-3 years.  For <Imperial Wild Space Command> members, please note that guild ownership has transferred to @Niarra who, as I understand, intends to retain the guild name and preserve the guild lore and story for all those interested.  In the future, I will likely be more easily reach at my Enjin profile.  I wish all of you the best in your RP adventures.  May the Force (and the peace of the Lord) be with you.

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 01/09/18, 03:00:52 PM »
Musco has a post teasing some details about Game Update 5.7 - Legacy of the Creators, scheduled for release on January 23rd.  Of particular interest to RPers is the following:

* 2018 Roadmap.  This is currently being built and should be released in the next few weeks.

* Returning Companions.  Risha Drayen, Corso Riggs and Andronikos Revel will all be returning in what Musco's post says will be class-specific missions (presumably, this means only Smuggler classes will get Risha and Corso and Inquisitors will get Andronikos).  Personally, I like the idea of class-specific missions for returning companions; it's more personal and interesting that way and takes us away from the "I was companion to HERO OF TYTHON/DARTH NOX/CIPHER NINE, but they disappeared, sign me up for the Eternal Alliance."

* New Cartel Market Pack.

After 5.7's release, Musco says to expect more companions to return (presumably including more class-specific missions), and a new Flashpoint (I assume this will return us to a planet we've been to before and advance the current game story).

((Original post.))

I regret that so many members of the SWTOR RP community adopted a negative outlook toward the KotFE/KotET expansion.  I consider it absolutely brilliant that we got to look at the secret activities of the Sith Emperor outside his involvement leading the Sith Empire.  For those RPers who were turned off by the latest expansion story, I’d offer to you to keep in mind that the story was not principally about the Alliance Commander (your character), or the rise of the Eternal Alliance, or the short-lived dominance of the Eternal Empire.  That expansion was entirely centered on one individual: the Sith Emperor.  It was a brilliantly written story that filled in so many gaps SWTOR story fans like myself have had for years about what the Sith Emperor has been focused on during his prolonged “silence.”  Charles Boyd did a fantastic job in a previous forum post explaining and tying in how the Fallen Empire expansion brought a lot of those story puzzle pieces together.

I’m getting pretty stoked about the upcoming release of Star Wars: Battlefront II.  Story writing is the absolute best part of any game for me, and I’m excited to explore the Imperial perspective of the events immediately following their loss at the Battle of Endor.  My excitement over Battlefront’s upcoming release, coupled with my enthusiastic participation in SWTOR gameplay and RP has struck a very exciting idea upon me.

To my mind, the SWTOR game story is at the perfect spot for Bioware to start taking us down the road of the collapse of the current Sith Empire.

In Old Republic lore, at the conclusion of the Great Hyperspace War (5,000 BBY), the Old Sith Empire is nearly totally obliterated, all the major Sith figures like Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow, and Ludo Kressh, have either passed, or are on their way out.  The Sith Emperor claims lordship over the remains of the Empire, and leads them into a long exile, eventually rediscovering Dromund Kaas and reestablishing the Empire.  From that point, the Empire-entire, including all the rival Sith lords, are bound by one thing: their total obedience to the Sith Emperor.  Loyalty to the Emperor is very much at the center of Sith and Imperial culture.

It must be that the events of Shadow of Revan and Fallen Empire had a tremendously profound impact on the Sith Empire with regard to its leadership continuity but also may have called into question things like how Imperials relate to the Sith after the Emperor’s betrayal.  If the center of an Imperial’s life is service to the Emperor, who has since betrayed the Empire, that takes Imperial culture and turns it on its head.

The events of KotFE saw not only the betrayal of the Sith Emperor to his former Empire, but the demise of the twelve-member Dark Council, and the ascension of Empress Acina (although player choices on Iokath make it possible for her to be killed as well).  There is a significant power vacuum in the Sith Empire right now, and given the tendency of Sith lords to engage in reckless infighting in the quest for more power, if a single, powerful figure (like Darth Jadus?) does not step in to take the reigns soon, I think it makes sense from a writing-perspective to start drawing up plans for the demise of the Sith Empire in its current form.

How might the collapse of the Sith Empire be written into game expansions and updates?

Certainly I’d like to see a story arc like this drawn out over a lengthy period (like KotFE/KotET was).  There’s plenty of existing lore information for several game updates to be introduced that periodically take use down the path of destruction of the Sith Empire.  A few ideas I’ve brainstormed include (but are most certainly not limited to.  Imagination on the part of the Bioware writers is the limit!):

Reappearance of the Emperor’s Hand.  The Emperor’s Hand were twelve Sith purebloods who tended to personal or important matters as directed by the Sith Emperor.  While the Dark Council oversaw the day-to-day management of the Empire, the Hand were the direct enforcers of the Emperor’s will.  Most people, including some Dark Council members, were not even aware of the Hand’s existence.  An important thing to remember about the Hand was that all members were exploited by the Emperor physically and mentally, as he fed off them for strength.  In Servant Two’s case, his mental bond to the Emperor was so strong he had lost more than one marble in his head.

I would certainly like to see the return of at least some members (Servants One and Two especially) of the Emperor’s Hand in a potential game expansion centered on the Sith Empire’s demise.  The final death of Vitiate is sure to have had a critical impact on them.  My ruling idea right now is that the members could be written back into the story as having gone mad at the loss of Vitiate and the breaking of their mental bond.  Borrowing a bit from the upcoming Battlefront II game, I’d like to see the Hand secretly return to the Empire and initiate their own version of “Operation: Cinder” to burn away what remains of Vitiate’s “failed” Empire.

Darth Vowrawn.  Bless the Bioware writers for already writing this excellent character back into the game.  I seem to recall prior to the invasion of the Eternal Empire, Darth Marr was the Dark Council’s most senior member (having been on the Council the longest), but Vowrawn was the oldest.  I think Vowrawn is a critical character in the Empire’s story right now and I’m curious to see what plans (if any) Bioware has for him.

For an Empire in chaos, I think a lot of people have overlooked Vowrawn’s importance, and what he likely represents to many Imperials, Sith in particular.  Vowrawn is a representation of the Empire’s strength, purity, tradition, and culture in the years before the emergence of Zakuul.  Vowrawn is best known to players as a sophistically-mannered, politically-savvy, self-interested Sith lord.  But I think that, story-wise, the events of KotFE could have had a profound impact on Vowrawn’s outlook and caused some reprioritization on his part.

I think one benefit of a game expansion exploring the downfall of this Sith Empire is to set the stage and connect the dots for the emergence of the next future Sith organization (which, in this case, I believe is Darth Ruin’s New Sith.  Forgive me if I have my lore wrong.)  I think Vowrawn could be an excellent puzzle piece to tie the collapse of the current Sith Empire to future Sith organization.

This is what I’m thinking.  Being the politically-savvy creature he is, I think Vowrawn is intelligent and realistic enough to accept that the Sith Empire is on its way out.  Now that it’s known that the Emperor betrayed them, and the realization that the Treaty of Coruscant really marked the beginning of their end has set in, I think Vowrawn is well positioned to start maneuvering to secure the future of the Sith.  I’d like to see him muster as many willing Sith as he can accumulate to follow his lead into a new exile.  Korriban probably would not be adequate since its location is known to the Republic but perhaps he leads them to the Malachor system, Ziost (who’d expect that), elsewhere in Sith space, or into the Unknown Regions.  This would be an excellent way to lay the groundwork for the eventual emergence of future Sith groups and entities in the far future, including those led by Darth Ruin.

Sith Infighting.  Much of an expansion about the Sith Empire’s collapse would address this subject.  I’d like to see an update that covers a lot of Sith and Imperial infighting.  Factions forming and turning against each other.  Perhaps it starts subtly as murders and ploys and evolves into open conflict between Darths and prominent lords.  In the same way Battlefront II will portray the Imperial perspective of events, I’d like to see Imperials in the Sith Empire and how they feel about being turned on their brothers and sisters by power-mad Sith lords.  This infighting would be the most significant factor in the downfall of the current Sith Empire.

Imperial Loyalists.  While many Sith would turn on one another for power, I’m sure there’d be a few Sith and many Imperials who’d struggle to maintain the current order of the Sith Empire.  I’d expect to see traditionalists rally to preserve their culture and place in the galaxy.  Even if it’s all in vain, aristocratically-minded Imperial moffs, admirals, and generals would proudly (and arrogantly) muster a token defense of the Empire. 

I’d like to see Minister of War Ilyan Regus lead the charge to preserve Imperial society, life, power, and prestige in the galaxy.  With Acina’s current status kind of up-in-the-air, I think Regus is a more-than-suitable spiritual successor as a great defender of the Empire to Darth Marr.  Inevitably, the Sith Empire will collapse, but I’d like to see the story be told of the brave Imperials that fought to hold it together.

Chiss Abandonment.  For all I know, November’s game update may touch on this.  The Chiss Ascendancy is the only real ally the Sith Empire has had in its latest conflict with the Galactic Republic.  The shock of the Zakuulan invasion, couple with a prospective increase of Sith infighting, might just be enough to convince the Ruling Families to cut their losses and retreat into isolation.  The Chiss seem to always act in accordance with what is best for their people first, and I don’t see them eagerly rushing to the aid of a declining Empire vainly struggling to retain power.  I think the time may be coming for the Chiss to respectfully tip their hats to the Sith and retreat into the isolative safety of the Unknown Regions, not to be seen again until the rise of Thrawn.

What are your thoughts on a potential game expansion focused on the fall of the Sith Empire?

Is that something you’d like to see?

What sort of things do you think we’d see in a story for this?

For Imperial RPers, do you think it’d kill your Imp-side RP?  Do you think it’d be fun to RP?  Can you write it into your own characters’ stories?

The Trading Floor / Flagship Plans: Frameworks Needed
« on: 12/11/17, 06:03:50 PM »
All, I'm seeking to acquire more flagship frameworks (purple) in anticipation of possibly needing to fully unlock another guild flagship in the future.  I will pay up to 10,000,000 for a single framework if you have any.  Thank you.

The Battle of Abregado-Rae thread was some of the best RP this community has ever compiled. Very cool.

Cantina / Re: Datamining
« on: 12/05/17, 09:15:52 PM »
If you realign the galaxy map Theron Shan is viewing at the end of the 'A Traitor Among the Chiss' FP to match your galaxy map and look at where the highlighted planetary system sits on the map ... the closest planet we've been to near that location is ... Oricon.

Media Gallery / Re: SPACELING: Art of Li Didkovsky
« on: 11/30/17, 09:06:27 PM »
The model Chiss family right there.

Roleplay Workshop / Crafting RP
« on: 11/30/17, 08:25:07 PM »
So my new job makes it nearly impossible for me to know when I'll be available to attend or host RP events.  This is particularly frustrating as a GM, in which capacity I'm the principal authority for planning such occasions to advance guild lore.  I was struck by a neat idea today for an 'event' I'd like feedback on.

In current game lore, the Galaxy is suffering from a resource crisis, affecting both the Empire and the Republic profoundly.  In real life, the Christmas season is upon us.  I think it would be fun to host a crafting RP 'event' that uses the game's current resource war as a backdrop.

The rough idea I have is that Impside, Moff Herrmann and Governor Heermann (( @Elym )) will sponsor a new public program to encourage Imperial citizens to become proactively engaged in contributing their time and resources to help mitigate the impact of the materials shortage.  What I'd like to see is players craft items to exchange with other players, except all this would be done IC.  We could perhaps make a sort of 'Wish List' of items players would like to receive (mounts, decorations, stims, armor, etc.).

Is this something anyone would be interested in?  I suppose it could be like a 'Secret Santa' where people craft the items they'll exchange and it'll all be done IC.

The Trading Floor / Re: WTB Scorpion TK Short-Blade
« on: 11/30/17, 06:45:40 PM »
I have extras.

The Trading Floor / Re: WTB Beskad
« on: 11/29/17, 05:13:56 PM »
The False Emperor drops [Statue of the Emperor] and Korriban Incursion drops [Statue of the Ancient Slave].

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