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Cantina / Under Seige!
« on: 12/09/18, 06:45:20 PM »
Happy Sunday Lovelies,

Since the next story chapter is going to attack us on Tuesday, if anyone needs any help preparing or just gathering random giggles tomorrow I would be more than happy to help with anything you need :) And if that goofy "reorganizing data" monster doesn't melt my computer (which I honestly worry about) I'll be one of the first few on Ossus in the morning on Tuesday, so just holler in /republicooc /imperialooc if you need anything.

Questing and Leveling / How to Super-Level Your Imps!
« on: 12/05/18, 06:22:03 AM »
Hi lovelies,

If any of you have Impsies that aren't level 70/CL 300, there's a super quick (and actually fun) way to get them there coming up. And it's perfectly legal according to BW :)

The next double-XP/CXP event starts up on December 20, so here's what you do...

  • Pop an XP or CXP consumable boost
  • Head to Alderaan
  • Grab the Imperial heroic mission "Into the Kilik Warrens"
  • Listen in the planet general chat for people calling out for "Bug Hunt"
  • JOIN!
  • Warp to the heroic location, meet up with your new ops friends, and enjoy the carnage :)

Basically, you stand in a room with all of your new friends and slaughter wave after wave of super-quick-respawning bugs. To give you an idea of how quick and effective this is, I leveled Maladous, Julan, and Aubrey Anna from like level 30ish all the way up to like CL 50 in a single weekend. With maybe three hours bug hunting on each. It's NUTS!

A few points of etiquette to watch out for to keep your new ops friends from getting frosty and kicking you from the fun...

  • Don't AFK; if you need a bathroom break, or to grab a snack or drink, make sure to let everyone know. They're actually super vigilant about booting people who don't help.
  • About attention to how and from where your friends pull the bugs, and once you get the pattern join in!
  • Helping part 2...if you're a healer, please heal people :) And if you have the character perk for field repairs and/or field trainers, pop them as often as you can and make sure to let everyone know so that they can use them.
  • And of course, be nice :)

Sadly, there's no Republic equivalent.

Enjoy :evil:

Cantina / Re: State of the Galaxy
« on: 12/01/18, 09:22:04 AM »
The first that jumps out at me is that I *love* that they actually put the time and effort into writing this. Too much has been completely frizzy over the past couple of years, and it's nice to finally have some clarity.

Otherwise, I plan to continue doing my very best Ostrich impression, which I've become very good at, and basically not even acknowledge any "outlander" until the story people bring that chapter to a final close. I'd like to wish and believe that'll happen in 6.0, and I actually think 5.10 is a super big step into unifying all of the stray cats into a single super funky cat. I can hope, right?

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Event plots and thoughts.
« on: 11/08/18, 07:32:28 AM »
I like early :nuu:

Count Song Squadron in!

Cantina / Re: Make a (fashion) statement
« on: 10/25/18, 12:19:15 PM »
I *love* the thought you've put into your outfits Squiggly!

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Event Poll #2
« on: 10/23/18, 11:45:41 AM »
If everyone decides to do it in a stronghold, and you need any deco mats, I have buckets of MK 1-4 prefabs and tons of war supplies that I'd be happy to donate for deco buying.

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Event Poll #1
« on: 10/21/18, 05:05:49 AM »
I can make any Saturday work :whee:

Cantina / Random Free CM Stuff!
« on: 10/19/18, 06:10:03 AM »
Time to clean out the cargo hold...just some random CM stuff, all free, as always. I can send whatever you'd like to either Pub or Impsie characters:

  • Antique Socorro Saberstaff Dorn (x2)
  • Vengeance's Unsealed Saberstaff
  • Energized Conqueror's Saberstaff
  • Over-Tuned Conqueror's Lightsaber

  • MR-39 Sniper Rifle
  • YV-23 Starforged Blaster Rifle
  • CD-34 Blaster Rifle
  • Mantellian Peacemaker Aurek
  • CD-33 Blaster Rifle
  • Interstellar Regulator's Blaster Rifle Aurek
  • DS-9 Starforged Sniper Rifle
  • Balmorran Hand Canon Aurek (x2)
  • Corellian K5 Blaster

Companion Customizations
  • Scorpio Customization 2
  • Akaavi Spar Customization 9
  • Nadia Grell Customization 9
  • C2-N2 Customization - Crimson

  • Pale Rakling
  • Skull-Faced Lobel (x2)
  • Model B-5 Decimus
  • War Hound
  • Micro-Aggressor Droid
  • Grand Varactyl
  • Painted Akk Dog

  • Air Drums
  • Punt

  • Light Blue and Medium Blue (x2)
  • Pale Orange and Dark Orange (x2)
  • Dark Orange and Medium Orange

Colour Crystals
  • Advanced Gold Core Hawkeye Crystal
  • Advanced Blue-Cyan-Indigo Indestructible Crystal
  • Advanced Pink Magenta War Hero's Crystal

  • Noxious Boma
  • Walkhar Auspice
  • Korrealis Countess
  • Onyx Orobird
  • Longspur Pacer

  • Balmorran Arms Corporate Shirt
  • Commemorative Statue of Theron Shan
  • Dueling Banner
  • Chance Cube

Cantina / Re: *SPOILER-ISH* 5.10 Details & Discussion
« on: 10/12/18, 05:01:13 AM »
Thanks for the shoutout, Ela.  I totally miss the naval forces of Imperial Wild Space Command engaging Song Squadron in GSF matches. :P

I miss it too :/ I was flying with and against @Elaeis last night (the former is *much* less anxiety-inducing), as well as yapping with "It" on Fleet chat ( @Niarra should remember who "It" is....ehehehe Jan...), and I do miss the BC days when us RPers pretty much dominated space!

I'm very stoked about the upcoming Game Update and developments regarding Imperial lore.  There are two items of interest to Imperial RPers:

I. Darth Malora.  Apprentice Malora was encountered by Sith Warrior / Sith Inquisitor players on Korriban.  If player's chose to reveal to her master, Lord Renning, that she conspired to thwart his research, Renning commented that he would eventually release her from his service (presumably by death) after a period of torture and suffering for her betrayal.  Lord Renning later appeared in the Shadow of Revan expansion, and was killed on Korriban during the Revanite-conspired Republic invasion.

For years, I'd always assumed Renning got around to killing Malora at some point, but that appears to have not been the case.  I hope we will learn much more about her background from the time since we last saw her on Korriban.  Charles Boyed confirmed she now sits on the Dark Council as head of the Sphere of Biotic Science (BTW, Acina was previously head of the Sphere of Technology).

See? No one can properly fill in for you. Which means come back. :rage: (Corrected in original post...)

I think it is absolutely brilliant that Bioware elected to resurrect an old character like this for the update.

So agreed. It makes the overall galaxy feel so much more integrated and whole when characters we met waaaaaay back in the day are brought back into the story. I have to say I much prefer it to the introduction of new characters, though I realize that there are issues with VO talent that might make old story characters unavailable.

Cantina / *SPOILER-ISH* 5.10 Details & Discussion
« on: 10/11/18, 04:57:28 PM »
(While not really true spoilers, this and links below have some "-ish", so those who don't want to know anything about 5.10 turn away now...)

Spoiler: show
Dulfy's Wrap-Up on the Reddits:

Not going to get into the mechanics of new gear and other stuff, but some observations from a story perspective:

  • MAYBE Negative: The Ossus colony has been around for five or so years, and it's where many Jedi retreated to hide away, reflect, and rebuild the order; Shrodinger's Cat is, apparently alive and well: what about Tython? Is this Ossus a separate Jedi faction or is Tython to be considered "BTEE" (Before the Eternal Empire)?
  • SUPER Positive: If, like me, you had Republic characters side with the Empire (or vice versa, if that was your thing), you're going to be given the option to either become a LOYALIST with your original faction (turning back from your choice on Iokath) or...become a SABOTEUR! You won't be able to completely switch factions, but the choice you make (which happens near the beginning of the story) will have DRAMATIC impact not only on 5.10, but also on 6.0 once it's released. This sounds like so much fun...
  • NEUTRALish: Regarding Alliance Alerts and romances, I've only finished all of them on Medley because tedious. BUT, you're going to be given the option, when you start the Ossus storyline, to autocomplete all previous content. The mechanics are basically, if you're Republic the game assumes you make predominantly light-side choices, and for Empire opposite. With that said, if you haven't completed alerts for characters with some of the more fun stories (Gus), you'll need to do so prior to launching Ossus.
  • AWESOME: You will now be able to have same-sex relationships with companions! No specifics were given, but Charles said that Nadia and Jaesa (both dark and light-side) will all be romance-able for all players. No male same-sex relationships will be available at the start.
  • NOT AS FUN: With the three above, as well as Khem, you will only be able to have them as companions if you are from their original companion class (in the case of the above, Knight, Warrior, Consular). This is different from Quinn, Dorne, etc.
  • TBD: Musco described 5.10 as the "spark" that will set off a renewed war between the Republic and Empire, which will erupt in 6.0. But he didn't mention what would happen to the Alliance. Does it fold? There's not much reason for it to exist, aside from ideology.
  • IN HONOUR...of @TrickyNick87, who used to be our resident expert and keeper of all things Imperial lore, Darth Malora, who is leading the Imperial assault on Ossus, is confirmed as a member of the Dark Council and the new Minister of Science (a position that Darth Acina used to hold) head of the Sphere of Biotic Science.

I have to say, I'm actually super excited about all of this :)


Cantina / If You Need the Fleet Datacron
« on: 10/02/18, 10:28:20 AM »
Just in case anyone (or their guildies) need the Fleet datacron, I have Libretta camping out at the door on the Republic Fleet and can summon to make it quick and easy for you :) Just let me know and we can figure out a time and day to get it for ya.

Cantina / Re: Indie Night Revival?
« on: 09/24/18, 06:15:10 AM »
Sooooo Saturday night was a bit of a bust. And by "a bit", I mean quite a lot...

I hung around for over an hour, but the biggest problem I found was that there were three different instances of Nar Shaddaa :rage:. I kept hopping among them, but didn't see anyone. (Now I know why you smart-pantses use SH for these events...)

Sorry to anyone who wandered over and saw nothing but an empty Cantina :umm:.

Cantina / Re: Indie Night Revival?
« on: 09/20/18, 12:00:55 PM »
Done :) Event is in the calendar except...I can't figure out how to set a time or make it recurring?

Events and Occasions / Indie Night...REVIVED! - 7:00 PM PST
« on: 09/20/18, 11:49:21 AM »
Set aside Saturday nights...for Indie Night Revival!

Indie Night is intended for all RPers, whether dedicated, idle, or even those who just want a chance to dip their digital toes into the community story waters, to meet, greet, and enjoy an evening with community members. It's also intended to provide a fertile ground to spark and develop plots, conflicts, allies and enemies. Quite simply, it's a common day and time during which you can simply show up, and RP to your heart's content.

Details of our inaugural event:

  • DATE: Saturday, September 22, 2018
  • TIME: 7:00 PM Server (PST)
  • PLACE: Slippery Slopes Cantina, Nar Shaddaa

While this inaugural event will be free-form RP, we would love if any community members would like to plan a plot or a theme for the evening for any future Indie Nights. I will help with absolutely anything you need, be it prizes, planning assistance, or even random characters with which to populate your stories.

Also, the location may change based on community plots, or just to mix things up every once in awhile. So stay tuned for updates!

Hope to see all of you there...

Cantina / Re: First Fall Giveaway! Free Stuff!
« on: 09/18/18, 04:20:31 PM »
Sent - I had two :)

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