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"Wake up, Sergeant." It was the familiar voice of Darth Fulcros, just as calm and unfeeling as when they had met. It had a tinny sound to it which suggested to the trooper that the Darth was speaking through a com-link. Holvas' eyes shot open, his vision blurry from being woken up so abruptly and to a blinding white light no less. How long had it been since he had fainted to the sight of those lurid yellow eyes? Minutes? Hours? Days? Holvas couldn't fathom how much time had passed. He also found he couldn't move his arms or his legs, though it wasn't because his muscles were failing him. He felt restraints around his wrists and ankles which prevented him from escaping the metal slab he had been fastened to.

The voice rang out again as Holvas scoped out the room, which turned out to be little more than an unnaturally sterile metal box with a door at the end. It was lit from above by a harsh light. "You will face a series of tests, Holvas Belanian. They will determine whether or not you are worthy." It was at this point that Holvas began realizing that things were more amiss than he had initially thought. The hapless trooper found himself clad only in his sub-armor body glove, even his shoes and socks were gone. He was completely unprotected and on top of that his cybernetic eye was either offline or missing. His restraints opened abruptly and Holvas fell unceremoniously to the ground. He immediately reached up to try and reactivate his artificial eye.

It was missing. Holvas cursed under his breath. "The first test will be one of survival. You are outmatched in every way. Your opponent physically outclasses you. He is armed. Prove your superiority. Failure means death." Holvas had hardly caught his breath when the door on the other end of the room opened. From out of its dark depths stepped a scaly beast wielding a pole arm which could skewer him like a womp rat. A fully-grown adult trandoshan. The alien wasted no time. It started charging straight towards him. All Holvas could do was wait to be killed, but the deathblow he anticipated never came. He slowly opened his eye to find the would-be instrument of his demise waiting inches away from his face.

The alien stood frozen in contemplation before him. Holvas could imagine what a pathetic sight he must've been to this creature. A one-eyed, scarred, derelict of a man clad only in his bare essentials. That's when Holvas remembered something he learned in the academy. The trandoshans only killed for points to offer up to some deity of theirs. Holvas probably wasn't worth the time it would take to kill him. The trandoshan hesitated, the weapon wavering before it was withdrawn from him. The beast turned towards a corner in the room where a camera and speaker looked on at the scene. The creature began angrily intoning in it's alien tongue.

Sergeant Belanian frantically began thinking about how best to escape his current predicament. He looked at the weapon his opponent held. Its grip had loosened on the pole arm now that it was busy ranting at whoever was observing them. Holvas began stepping carefully and quietly towards the trandoshan, each footfall taking him perilously closer to whatever end he would face in Darth Fulcros' prison. His arm extended out towards the overgrown lizard's blade and Holvas knew that one wrong move would spell out his doom. The blunt end of the weapon was now within the trooper's reach. Holvas saw his chance and took it.

Adrenaline pumped through the Sergeant's veins as he finally grabbed a hold of the weapon, yanking it downwards out of the trandoshan's grip and tugging it back into his eager hands. He held it at the ready as his opponent spun around in surprise at this betrayal of its mercy. Holvas made a few feint thrusts towards the creature to intimidate it, but it knew it had been defeated. The alien knelt down and closed its eyes as though it was waiting for Holvas to finish it off. Then Holvas remembered something else about trandoshans and what Fulcros had said when all of this started. Prove your superiority. The words rang in his ears still. Holvas brought the blade up to the Trandoshan's neck, but he did not strike.

"My lord." Holvas began "I believe I have more than proven my superiority by besting my opponent and by capturing him alive. In this alien's religion, it is said that there is no greater humiliation than that. All of his 'points' are now forfeit, should you feel inclined to release him after this." There was a long pause as Holvas held the blade pointed at his enemy's neck. After a while, the sergeant's opponent began to stir nervously in a way which made him seem equally as pathetic as he was when their fight had just begun. The trooper quickly realized why. The unpleasant sensation that Holvas had felt in his camp's yurt returned to him in force. The darkness behind the open door on the other end of the room began to flood in as the black shape of Darth Fulcros came into sight.

The Darth approached the trandoshan, placing a caressing hand atop its head and looking it square in the eyes as it fell limp, drool pooling beneath where its head had come to rest. Fulcros then looked to Holvas. The unbearable aura that surrounded the Darth was quickly dulled by the sound of his voice, just as before in the tent "You have done well, Holvas Belanian." Fulcros paused as Holvas looked up in awe of his presence "The next tests will not be so mundane. Follow."

Holvas obeyed, allowing his weapon to clatter to the ground.

The Trading Floor / Re: CM Give Away - Armor and Weapons
« on: 07/14/17, 05:51:20 PM »
I'll take the following off your hands:

Nightlife Operative's Lower Body
Outlander Fixer's Supplementary
Outlander Fixer's Upper Body
Zakuulan Inquisitor's Supplementary

You can send everything to Fulcros in game.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 07/12/17, 03:14:03 AM »
@Darth_Fulcros   But what happened neeeeeext?

Stay tuned. :shifty:

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Faces and Masks; Names and Titles
« on: 07/10/17, 11:30:08 PM »
The soldier tossed and turned uncomfortably in his cot. His sleep was plagued by nightmares, visions of a horrific sort which felt too vivid to be simple phantasms of his slumber. He awoke with a start, cold sweat beading his scarred form. He was fortunate enough to have the bottom bunk at the very end of the lineup in the barracks where he took his rest. This meant that he had easy access to his footlocker from which he could retrieve his cybernetic eye. He opened the old beaten thing and took up the mechanism from its place in the container which held his meager possessions. The soldier pressed his cybernetic augmentation into its place; the place where an organic eye ought to have been, but wasn't.

He peered about the room, his inorganic eye granting him sight where his remaining natural one perceived only blackness. To his surprise, a shape was moving towards him from the entrance of the barracks. As it came closer, the shape resolved itself into the familiar form of the soldier's commanding officer. The man had no words for the one-eyed soldier. Only a jerk of the thumb which indicated he had someplace to be other than in the relative comfort of his spartan cot. The cybernetic warrior dressed himself in a hurry, just as he was taught to, emerging form the barracks in his freshly polished armor. He wore a mask that made him but one among millions.

As the soldier stepped out into the close humid air of the jungles of Dromund Kaas, he found a protocol droid waiting outside of the barracks for him. It escorted him to a large yurt on the other side of the Imperial camp. The soldier expected some sort of reprisal from the camp's overseer. For what exactly, the soldier had no idea. Unauthorized weapon discharge? Straying too far off of his patrol route? Taking one too many rations? There were so many rules. So many regulations. The soldier removed his helmet as he began to understand and headed inside only to find that he understood nothing.

Inside the unmasked soldier was greeted by a sight which made him drop his helmet. He stood frozen in horror as he looked into the faceless visage of something which took the shape of a man but which the soldier understood to be something else entirely. Cloaked completely in black and with a lightsaber hilt attached to his belt, stood a Sith. The camp overseer was lying headless at his feet. The thing's mask was unlike anything the one-eyed soldier had seen, being a trooper of little worldly experience and with few ties to anyone other than his comrades.

The soldier's skin was fraught with an unpleasant sensation, as though the Sith's presence aroused a primordial revulsion from the deepest recesses of his subconscious mind. His heart beat quickened in tune to a painful thumping in his skull. He could not speak, so instead the Sith uttered the first words in their exchange. "Do you know why I have come?" the Sith's tone was level, pleasant, and free of any discernible emotion. It was a stark contrast to the unnatural thing that gave it voice, like an unknowable eldritch fiend speaking with the transcendent cadence of an angel. The speech of the being seemed to diminish the harmful effect it was having on the poor soldier's body.

"No... No my lord I do not." the soldier finally managed. The pain he was experiencing began to ebb away from him as the Dark Lord continued "I am here to acquire you. You are to become my instrument." the Sith reached up to his helmet, removing it in short order and holding it at his side. Once unmasked, it was revealed that the thing not only possessed the form of a man, but also wore the skin of one too, though foreboding tattoos and eyes spoke to the creature's true nature and the corruption inside of it.

"I am Darth Fulcros. You have my name and my face. These things mean nothing to me. They are for your use." the Sith paused "You are Sergeant Holvas Belanian. Do you know why I have chosen you?" Sergeant Belanian, now named and disarmed by the Sith's intimate knowledge of him replied "Again my lord, I must admit..." Holvas looked at the exit of the yurt for a moment. He wanted very much to leave that tent, but he was anchored in place, by both fear and something less apparent to him. "I haven't the slightest idea why some one as insignificant as me has merited your attention."

The silence that followed penetrated Holvas to the core and as he stared into the eyes of the Sith he felt himself becoming light as a cloud, his consciousness threatening to float away from him. His remaining organic eye began to flutter and his cybernetic one had long since failed him. In his final waking moments before collapsing, Holvas heard the Darth's final words to him "That is precisely why you have been chosen." and with that Holvas dropped to the ground, plunging back into nightmare-infested sleep.

Cantina / SWTOR: Canon or Legends?
« on: 07/07/17, 05:31:02 AM »
The title really says it all. I tried googling this question and came up with mixed answers. I'm fairly sure I'll get the same here but I was just wondering if anyone had a definitive answer that I don't have. If I had to guess I'd say that SWTOR is legends but for all I know it could very well be canon. So? Thoughts? Opinions? Facts? I got really excited about making a Rattataki character until I found out that they got hugely retconned into giant-brain-head-people (Siniteen, I guess) in the canon.

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 06/16/17, 11:59:17 PM »
Thanks to Iaera Farworlder, for that breathtaking scene with Fulcros at the Dancer's Palace. I hope we can develop that good guy/bad guy relationship further!

Introductions / New to the Game, Server, and Forum
« on: 06/14/17, 04:06:55 AM »
Hello all,

I'm new here and I wanted to introduce myself. I love roleplaying and have been doing it for somewhere around nine years now. I haven't roleplayed on SWTOR before but I thought that I'd give it (and the game) a try. It seems fun so far but I haven't had any in-character encounters as of yet. I found this site through googling SWTOR roleplaying communities. You guys seem to be the most active bunch so I chose Begeren Colony as my server and created my first character: "Fulcros", a Sith Juggernaut with the Immortal specialty so that he can tank. I have some things planned out for him as a character but I'm still working on him. I think I'm reasonably familiar with the game and the universe's lore so you don't need to coach me on the basics there. As of right now everything on this profile is under construction so give me a little while to finish it up if you're interested.

I hope to see you all in game soon!

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