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Cantina / Talon Company
« on: 04/05/19, 06:22:22 PM »
The Second Episode is up, I forgot to post it here, sorry  :umm:
I had fun working on this, hope you guys enjoy.

Cantina / Submissions
« on: 03/24/19, 08:34:13 PM »
Great news Guys :D Update Video
tldw; Submissions are Open and the next, Episode of Lost Archives is in Production
Here is the Submissions Link:

Outside Realm / Re: Video Game OST Appreciation Thread
« on: 03/22/19, 05:41:02 PM »
Love this song it is pure gold when you are playing the game and it has become one of my favorite Videogame OST tracks
SoulCalibur VI - Moon of Oblivion

Cantina / Premiere
« on: 03/16/19, 09:37:25 PM »
Its Finally here, I said Saturday...its technically Saturday Still  :grin:

The first Episode of Lost Archives is on my own character Darth Sestriss (layla versalla)

Next time Ill be covering my first submissions. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have an application for submissions.

In Advanced thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoy the first epidoe

Cantina / Update: 1
« on: 03/12/19, 06:03:18 PM »

I want to thank everyone for their support and voicing there opinions and questions, and the few submission requests Ive had. Despite a submission system to being in place I have had some very positive feed back, and requests, and Id like to thank everyone for it, I just hope eventually ill be able to get to your characters,

I have decided on a tentative release schedule. Right now Im going to attempt to do twice a month. Once in the middle of the month and one at the end. This will give me time to review, write, voice, and edit and edit for the episode without feeling pressured (hopefully  :umm: ) But I'm going to try my best.

Again thank you everyone

Cantina / 'Lost Archives' Discussion
« on: 03/02/19, 05:47:16 PM »
Hello and Welcome to the discussion thread for Lost Archives. With this show I wanted to give back to the community that gave me such good time...while also getting back at Disney for deleting half of the universe we all love.  But mostly the first part. Here is a video and a Preview of the First Episode of Lost Archive.

So far for submissions all I have is my Email and am working on a more detailed system for submitting, characters, groups, organizations. But for now enjoy the show, and share it around other communities.
Please subscribe to the channel and leave a comment under the video, and ask me questions in this thread.
Thank you everyone.

Episode Zero | Lost Archives

Events and Occasions / Re: Masquerade Ball The Second
« on: 02/14/18, 01:18:24 PM »
Layla is so In.
An Elegant party for an Elegant lady

Media Gallery / Sky's Screenshot/Art thread
« on: 02/10/18, 10:30:56 PM »
Hey I just wanted to Post some on my Screenshot edits and stuff for my characters and a few other peoples. If you want me to do one for you. Just let me know. Please Enjoy

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 02/09/18, 10:54:23 PM »
Glad I could make connection at Dancers Palace again. Happy to see everyone again. Thanks @Karmic and @Seraphie and plenty of others that made me feel welcome again

Outside Realm / Re: Video Game OST Appreciation Thread
« on: 01/21/18, 11:10:00 AM »
This makes me wanna freaking Cry but I love it so much!
Destiny 2 OST -Journey (featuring Kronos Quartet)

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Session #2
« on: 04/01/17, 08:33:09 PM »
     Psychological Report     

Name: Excella
Age: 30 years
Date(s) of Examination: 8/3630
Examiner: Jace Frotal Ph.D   
Drug treatment for Excella is npt working. I have concluded that her problems can not be solved by drug therapy. Perhaps it will be solved by social interactions. Before our second session, I decided to talk to a few of the staff and other inmates that have interacted with Excella since her arrival. Most of the staff has limited interactions with her. A few of the nurses bring her food and drink but are otherwise to go near her. They refuse to even approach her at most of the time. I did ask if she had spoken to anyone since her arrival. One Nurse said "Excella doesn't talk she usually stares off into nothing."

I have received similar responses from other patients. Except for one, a woman who seems oddly interested in her. I check on the patient. Name Tressi, manic depressive with suicidal tendencies. Admitted by her parents. Her mother believed she was on spice but she only wanted a drink. So they sent her here to get the help that she needed. Tressi sits for hours talking to Excella without getting a word back. Tressi has not interacted with anyone else on this level since the start of her time in Purgatory.

Second Session
Once again I requested a full detachment of armed guards for her session. The session continued as it did the previous time. The silence, the following with the eyes and also the scratching. Until I mentioned her new ‘friend’ in response Excella just smirked at me. I am inclined to believe that this is a positive  response to the external stimulus. Perhaps a socialized setting might be of some help to her.

Her behavior is improving very very slightly. In response to  her outward reaction to me about Tressi. I am scheduling her for group therapy sessions twice a week. Hopefully then we will star tto see more improvements.
Jace Frotal Ph.D
Doctor of Psychology, Purgatory Prison Facility
Date: 8/3630

Outside Realm / Re: Who are our SWG veterans here?
« on: 03/21/17, 05:13:29 PM »
Starsider FTW!!!!!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Sessions with a Psycho
« on: 03/19/17, 07:47:13 PM »
OOC// this is a follow up to a Arc that I attempted to start but had to cancel because of personal/guild issues. But now that things are better i thought id get this started again but letting everyone get to know the baddie a little indirectly.
     Psychological Report     

Name: Excella
Age: 30 years
Date(s) of Examination: 8/3630
Examiner: Jace Frotal Ph.D
Reason for referral
Excella was referred for a psychological evaluation by the warden of Purgatory Supermax Republic Prison 2 days ago. Excella had escaped from Fenrick Asylum for the insane, preceded by a series of crimes, including murder, acts of terrorism, and burglary. Most of this was preceded by events in her military service records. Her recent incarceration is the result of an assassination attempt on the queen of Shu-Torun, and her subsequent capture by Alis Aegis. The warden insisted on psychological evaluation and treatment for the prisoner after her attack and murder of 2 inmates. 
I have obtained her files from the late doctor Wernikey and the doctors that treated her before. It wasn’t very well kept but I was able to  determine her psychological status. All the reports from the doctors and from other inmates confirms my thoughts on her. She is definitely suffering from Psychopathy, and is highly dangerous.

First Session
I requested a full detachment of armed guards for my first session with Excella. They were stationed inside and outside the room. Though she did not seem to even notice them. Excella was presented as a medium height and attractive lethan twi'lek were this the empire she would no doubt be a sith. Our first one on one session didn’t go well but it didn’t go bad either. She sat in the chair at the end of the desk and stared at me. While I talked to her. The Girl seemed dead but breathing. I explained the reason why she was here, though I assumed she knew. I spent most of the time talking her trying to get her to open up. But as I thought it was futile. All she did was follow me around the room with her eyes. It was reminiscent of being locked in a cage with a dangerous predator. 

I presented her with multiple stimulus, none of which she responded to in any way. Nearly at the end I noticed that she had started to scratch at the armrest of the chair, curious.

Excella seems to either be ignoring everyone, or she has lost connection with the reality. Probably by means of a deep psychosis. I am recommending the standard dose of medication for patients, along with the medication for her condition. Our next session will be in one week.
Jace Frotal Ph.D
Doctor of Psychology, Purgatory Facility
Date: 8/3630

Cantina / Star Wars Rebels [Spoilers]
« on: 03/18/17, 02:46:59 PM »
Once again spoilers from her down WARNING!

Spoiler: show

So...just watched tonights episode... I feel kind of betrayed. There was like a half season of lead up to that moment between Maul and Obiwan... then its over in 3 seconds. There was even like 5 minuets of them staring at each other until the moennt was right. I was like "WHAT THE FUCK! Is this an episode of DBZ!?"  But i do have to say that even in that brief moment it was oh so satisfying to see. Not to mention the emotional weight of it.

Rebels hasn't really disappointed me yet in any capacity. Especially with all the KOTOR and other EU references they keep pulling out. I've had a few annoyances but the show is shattering my expectations. Despite it being on DisneyXD. I cant wait for the next season.

Cantina / Re: Rogue One Spoiler Thread
« on: 12/23/16, 10:56:42 PM »
Saw it twice barely any notes But also...plenty of rouge one stuff. General Sendula Referring to Hera and the Ghost was in the final Battle and Chopper was in the movie AHHH SO awesome!

ALso over the intercom at the end they called for Captain Sendula AKA. Hera

AH I am so excited Rouge one was so good destpite maybe the 3 things I didnt like. Tenticle things...WTF was that for..useless. Casian was just unlikable until the very end, and Saul Gerara under used...

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