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Events and Occasions / Re: Allies on the Road to War
« on: 05/08/19, 09:26:59 PM »
I am very behind in the current SWTOR story, and haven't found the motivation to play it yet, to be honest, but I've attended previous Port of Call events and I will try to make this one. Saturdays generally work well for me at the moment, though there are exceptions. Not sure who I'll bring, but I'll try to be there!

Introductions / Re: I am back and WTF
« on: 05/02/19, 12:29:22 AM »
A lot of people got busy with real life. A few transferred to the other server. Some just wandered away. There were many for whom the direction the in game story took, especially with the inconsistent universe it created depending upon your choices, just put them off for rp. There was some community drama that pushed a number of people away about a year ago. I shut down Dancer's Palace (OOCly, not ICly) almost a year ago, in large part because of that drama. I think there are quite a few who still lurk here, some who still lurk in game more or less frequently, most less than more, but I think most have found other places to play and/or rp.

Events and Occasions / Re: All of Ossus
« on: 01/17/19, 04:59:13 PM »
Sorry it's taken me a while to reply. I've been thinking about it.

I appreciate the direct invitation @recoveringgeek, and I do miss you guys, but I haven't played any of the new stuff yet, nor am I managing to find the motivation to do so. So I think for the moment I just need to step back a bit. Don't count me out for good though, and don't worry, I am still here.

Hope you all have fun!

Introductions / Re: Anyone home?
« on: 01/02/19, 03:16:05 PM »
There are still some people actively on this website, like me, but there is not a lot of actively organised community rp anymore, other than some occasional Jedi kNights. I think many, like me, have mostly stepped away from SWTOR, but not shut the door on it completely.

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 11/18/18, 05:16:49 PM »
Thank you for running the event @recoveringgeek!

I believe @LVT and @SquigglyV were the other players there!

Events and Occasions / Re: The Cron Adrift No More
« on: 11/11/18, 08:35:32 AM »
I plan on coming! Just have to figure out characters!

Cantina / Re: The Next Time I'm In Town
« on: 09/27/18, 04:27:08 PM »
*hugs* Cyone

I understand.

Cantina / Re: Indie Night Revival?
« on: 09/20/18, 05:59:48 PM »
Done :) Event is in the calendar except...I can't figure out how to set a time or make it recurring?

You can't set a time, usually people put it in the title, and you can't make anything recurring, you have to enter it manually each time.

Events and Occasions / Re: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
« on: 08/23/18, 01:16:20 PM »
I'm a very definite maybe...

I'd love to come! I loved the last couple. Just, real life stuff means I'm not sure whether or not it will work out. If I don't make it, please know that it isn't for lack of interest!

Would Jaade have kept a memento that he might still have after all these years, from the barge he flew into a building? >.>

Cantina / Polling interest
« on: 07/29/18, 08:31:09 PM »
So...I have some rp ideas. Yay!

WARNING! I do have a limit to the time I'm willing and able to commit to leading rp though, so these ideas may stretch out over many months.

None of them are a lot of fun alone though.

So, I'm putting up a poll to gauge interest in each of these ideas, with a bit of a description below.

I've given permission for each user to vote up to 8 times, so you can hopefully indicate everything that interests you. I didn't allow 9 votes because I assume that if you're selecting one of the first 8, you aren't selecting the last one and if you're selecting the last one you aren't selecting one of the first 8.

Feel free to add more specific comments in this thread!

Slaver operation arc:
Spoiler: show
More details will come if there is interest, but this would stretch over many months, could stretch over the next year, depending upon who's interest in what and what choices the characters make in the events. I have ideas for a number of events, some that could be held in open world, most if not all that could be held in strongholds. Any of the events could also possibly be held in the chatroom. It would also be possible to run some portions of the story through play by post threads on the forums. My ideas for this arc provide hooks for any class.

Keys of Iokath:
Spoiler: show
This is an arc I started more than a year ago and haven't touched in more than a year, but I'd be willing to finish it off if there's interest.

The premise is that the original Iokathians, when they created all their machines and networks created it with a distributed net - each piece of information, energy, anything travelling around Iokath can follow multiple paths between any point A and point B, no two consecutive pieces of information follow the same path and there is no discernible pattern to the selection of paths - and they created a key, a program that started it all off and determined the pattern of paths, like the seed of a random number generator. Having this key would allow a person or organisation to calculate the pattern of those paths, thereby making it much easier to potentially hack the Iokath systems and take control of at least some of them. He who controls the key controls the information. However, seeing their own end coming at the hands of the machines they had themselves created, they broke the key-program into five pieces and hid them, usually with traps and puzzles that only flesh and blood would be able to get through, in order to keep them out of the hands of the machines, in the hope that one day one of their descendants would be able to use it to regain control of Iokath.

So far, the Empire has gained control of one of these pieces and the Republic has gained control of one of these pieces (previous events: , ). Three pieces remain to be found.

I also have a spin-off of the original Keys of Iokath arc which I gave to a specific group and if they're game, others may potentially be brought into that spin-off arc as well.

My original plan was to run three more events in game, usually in my strongholds, for the remaining three key pieces and then possibly one more event to finish resolving who has what and does what with it. I could also run a thread of related missions on the forums similar to a previous format used for Jedi missions - I would post a list of avenues of pursuit, anyone wanting to claim one would pm me with information about their character related to the mission they want to claim, I would pm them back what they would get out of their mission and they would then post to that thread either a description of the mission as rp, or a mission report.

Introductions / Re: (( OOC )) Hello there! This feels odd...
« on: 07/22/18, 01:16:13 PM »

Thanks for starting this discussion @Ash. I'll be honest, when it first went up, it was a discussion I didn't want to see. BC has been my home for a very long time, as has this community, and I don't do so well with change that involves leaving things behind.

But I am feeling a hole, yeah. I miss being able to log in and at least see chatter going on, see that some roleplay is going on somewhere between some people on any given night. I'm not in SWTOR very often anymore. I'm very much enjoying playing ESO and rping there with @Sebrik, but I haven't reached out to the rp community there as of yet. I don't enjoy playing SWTOR anymore, and the story has lost my interest finally. But the universe hasn't. I still want my rp community to be here. At least I've figured that out. (Yay for summer holidays and time to actually think!)

As I read through the posts I had a similar reaction to many here. I don't have the money to transfer.. so many characters... and I don't want to lose my guilds, the guild strongholds, the one guild where I have use of a guild ship for rp... And then, this morning, I watched the tour of the upcoming Rishi stronghold. That kind of killed my attachment to my guild ship to be honest. That ship looks fantastic. It's extraordinarily cheaper than a guild ship. It will be easy to decorate. It doesn't need a guild. It won't be faction limited!

As I look through my characters, there aren't actually a whole lot of them I'd want to transfer. At the moment, I don't think there are any I want to transfer, because I want to keep them here for the bit of rp that's still going on here. But I may look at making a new character on SF, just to see. And if things look promising, then I might make a character here to transfer there, to unlock all my strongholds and decorations there.

I'm open to the idea of bits of rp in both places. I don't want to leave behind those for whom a move isn't possible.

If, collectively, we decide that that's where we want to be, I don't think we should worry about losing our community in such a move. (Yes, this is me, who hates change that involves leaving things behind, talking.) We know how to find each other in all sorts of ways. And we will find others to connect to, they will join us, we will join them, and in the end, we will still have an rp community.

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 07/21/18, 02:03:38 PM »
I want to echo the thanks to @recoveringgeek . I needed a SWTOR boost as I struggle to find myself in here again. It was a very interesting and fun event!

Events and Occasions / Re: A Dread Mind
« on: 07/17/18, 12:55:42 PM »
I think my real life schedule is going to allow me to make this, but things changed again today, so... I may only know for sure a bit before the event. I'm not quite sure who I'm bringing yet, but I'm leaning towards a new sith character.

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