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Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 09/19/18, 05:43:12 PM »
Guys, I am the absolute worst.  :umm: I keep dropping the ball on the last few things I need to get lined up in order to run Mahara Kesh. So I'm afraid I have to push it out yet again, BUT!

I will run some open world RP on Tython for tomorrow's Jedi Night, and I specified that on the calendar. We'll start with some combat lessons for learners at the training grounds behind the Temple speeder station (down by the waterfall), if we get learners attending. If we don't have learners, but we have any exotic weapon specialists (or form experts) among Knights or Masters who want to teach a combat lesson around their specialty please come on down!

If combat lessons aren't practical based on the makeup of our attendees, we'll have a more philosophical lecture and discussion, still in the same location (the training grounds by the waterfall). If the flow of the night's RP leads us to moving locations, we will. Nothing over-structured here, just some open world Jedi-ness. Come join us with your Jedi types or other Tython-appropriate denizens.

Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 09/12/18, 04:10:20 PM »
Urgh! With apologies, I'm afraid I need to push the Mahara Kesh event out again.  :sigh: This has been a terrible week and I've been prevented from doing prep work. Additionally, we've got some folks who have mentioned interest in the past who wouldn't be able to make it this week.

For tomorrow night, instead I can try to lead some Jedi-themed lesson RP on either Tython (open world) or in the museum stronghold. Does anyone have a preference?

Cantina / Re: RP Terminal Announcement
« on: 09/08/18, 12:04:13 AM »
Thank you, Zaximus, for bringing this to everyone's attention! It's very rare the devs overtly do anything geared for the RP community, so this is nice to hear. I went ahead and watched the livestream and below is a direct quote on the subject:

"We've got cool new decorations, I believe we're calling them Holo Disguise decorations, or Disguise Terminals. They essentially let you change the overall appearance of your character to look like something completely different. I don't think I can talk about what kinds of things those definitely are, but that can include fairly straight forward stuff like Republic Soldier, Imperial Agent kind of looks, to much more outlandish stuff like making yourself look like a Hutt or astromech droid or those kinds of things. We'll have more specifics on that when that actually comes out, but it's aiming for 5.9.3 I believe. <snip> That would be limited to your stronghold, but intended for RPers to use to broaden their options."

Additionally, there are some changes coming to guild management that I think will be nice for RP guilds too. There's the heraldry of course, but more significantly there's some changes about "guild inspection" where guild leaders can set up info that will be viewable by other people "inspecting" your guild. I'm assuming that would happen by inspecting individual players. They didn't give many details, but it sounds like at minimum it would be a way to tag yourself as part of an RP guild. This might be especially nice for people stumbling across open world RP (and incentivize us to do more of that), because they wouldn't have to interrupt things in order to inspect and get more info. I'm definitely looking forward to that tool.

Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 09/03/18, 05:25:00 PM »
@Dassalya, @Lolermelon, @SquigglyV - Does this Thursday (the 6th) work for you guys for the Mahara Kesh adventure? (And anyone else who was thinking of going feel free to chime in too.) I'm flexible about this date, so if a different Thursday would work for the folks interested I am fine with moving it.

And as a heads up to other Jedi Night folks: As soon as I put in a new date for the Mahara Kesh adventure, I'm also going to put a couple other less adventure-y Jedi Nights on the calendar (a couple things planned for Tython, some alternative strongholds, and etc), so I'll mentioned those here and also on the calendar when timing is clearer. Alternating home turf with open world occasionally seems like a good thing for catching fresh RP fish in the bigger pond.

Events and Occasions / Re: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
« on: 09/02/18, 08:15:45 PM » it horrible for me to say that I'm kinda glad I missed this, given what happened last time?


Alternatively: Isn't genuine in character drama (that led to story posts no less) based on RP events exactly what we're all here to RP for?  :write:

Also, I totally need to make a post-event thread about the special item that got sold at the auction. It's coming! I want to get the next events in the series lined up so I can tease those when I do.

Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 08/30/18, 02:43:53 PM »
Belated sound off! I'm pretty sure @Lolermelon plans to be there, too.

Copy that! Dassalya and Taelios (or Althos?) are a go!

I should clarify that I will run the adventure anyway, no matter the attendance number (heck I'll even run it as a solo if need be, with whomever ends up being unlucky enough to have to deal with an entire ancient temple by themselves), but the attendance check here helps me determine whether or not I should hustle to keep it on the books for tonight.

At this point, I think I am going to push it out, though, for a variety of reasons that aren't worth rambling about. Probably next week! (Though if anyone had plans for next week feel free to say so and I can happily push out one week after that.) I am not 100% on whether or not I'll be at JN tonight, but if the stars align I'll certainly be there.

Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 08/29/18, 05:19:59 PM »
Ok, Jedi-lings!

I've been a bit more strapped for time than I was expecting, which leaves me questioning tomorrow's planned Mahara Kesh adventure. Now, I'm still willing to run it tomorrow (might be improvising a bit more than I normally like to, but that's okay). But to decide for sure whether or not to go forward with it tomorrow, or later, I'd like to try to get a headcount of folks who think they might attend tomorrow.

For the last month or so we've had a spate of folks expressing interest in events and then not showing, so if I'm going to go forward with the Mahara Kesh adventure tomorrow I'd like to make sure that there will actually be people there to participate (not to mention that headcount estimate always helps in planning). If participation looks guaranteed to be low, I might bump it to next week and give myself a little more time to tweak. Sooo... sound off?

Events and Occasions / Re: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
« on: 08/25/18, 11:03:51 PM »
Thanks to all who came out tonight! The auction went especially great. In the next couple days I'll make a post about any particularly important items that ended up being sold at the auction.

Thanks to @Dassalya for showing up for a while on Nulaa despite being sick and helping to bring the Phalanx NPC crowd to life as she always does, and thanks to @Elaeis for always being willing to run Creature Keeper in the arena (not to mention all the other addicts and bottom-feeders)... especially given the unintended trauma Keeper suffered in tonight's bouts...

Events and Occasions / Re: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
« on: 08/25/18, 05:52:37 PM »
That makes three sellers, excellent! That technically fills the one hour time for player lots, presuming everyone uses their full 20 minutes. If they don't, there could still be room for other sellers (and if we have more interest we can certainly go long, since the arena is just background filler), so if you are still interested in selling please show up and chime in here!

If you're not selling, just send a character down to the station to do some bidding!  :grin: There's guaranteed to be at least one item that might be of interest to characters of any stripe - scoundrels looking for profit, Jedi looking after their interests, and Imperials looking for advantage (who are willing to grit their teeth through the station's vague Republic leanings).

Opening social hour starts in under an hour. Call out in RepublicOOC if you need an invite, but there's a possibility there will only be one host on tonight so if you don't get a reply to your invite request please note that the stronghold will be publicly listed on the Flagship directory on Republic Fleet (as Phalanx Station), and you can get there on your own time via that means.

Events and Occasions / Re: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
« on: 08/25/18, 01:48:09 PM »
I plan to be a seller. Do I need to provide more information than that?

Nope! Just wanted to have an estimate of how many people would be selling, for time management purposes. I'm trusting people not to be totally insane (at least OOCly speaking).

Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 08/21/18, 10:19:32 PM »
After assessing some RL impacts, I'm going to need to reschedule the Mahara Kesh iteration/adventure of Jedi Night for the 30th (moving it back from the 23rd this week). The premise remains unchanged from what I posted earlier in the thread, and I'll re-post it as the event comes up. If this reschedule will cause a conflict for anyone who was planning to attend just let me know, and I'll see about shifting it to accommodate.

In the meantime, for this week's Jedi Night, if we're doing a quiet moseying/debating/gossiping night in, I can offer the museum as a location for some non-adventure RP, just for a change of venue. After the Custodum's (and "friend") help taking care of the "haunting" problem last week, the Museum Director would certainly have comped the enclave some tickets, and there's plenty of opportunity for members to give lectures if anyone would like to do so. While many of the exhibits are very specific, there's a bunch on the Rooftop Garden that are deliberately nebulous and could be used to represent any variety of things of players' imaginings. Got a mysterious homeworld you want to lecture on? (Nudge @Hawking.) Or even a not-so-mysterious one that still has a prominent Force-tradition (Mirial, I'm looking at you). Plenty of opportunity for little lecture-ettes as folks wander around.

So unless anyone has an alternate proposal for this coming Thursday's Jedi Night (the 23rd), I can offer the above museum excursion and I'll have at least one lecture ready for our Jedi and Jedi-friends tour group.

I love this kind of stuff. I ran a Saga Edition campaign (two groups in parallel story content, for a total of 10 players and 12 PCs) that lasted... oh geez, something like four years? Five? There was a truly enormous amount of game canon that got laid down there. It was set approximately 2000 BBY, and I've reverse-engineered a lot of it into my SWTOR RP, so I am definitely a proponent of blending RP worlds if it means you end up with a richer GM hoard to mine from. That quintessential sense of "timelessness" that is fairly unique to SW means that it never feels weird to be bridging "thousands of years" and still making things feasible or relevant. (All thanks to Obi-Wan's "for over a thousand generations" line.  :aww:)

Here are a couple things I can imagine Kettur left behind that might make for interesting nuggets:

 :lightside: A datapad, datachip, or buried computer/terminal entry in which a sophisticated translation and decryption program is stored, or at minimum the beginnings of one that could be further fleshed out by an able techie. He started writing this to decrypt/translate Iokathi ciphers, but the program itself wouldn't need to reference anything Iokath related (if you didn't want to get that specific); it could just be an all-purpose universal translation/decryption program that could be used for slicing or vocoder-programming purposes.

 :lightside: Kettur used a lot of drones. For the most part in public he treated them with a tinkerer's idle sort of affection, but in private that affection was more sincere. (Get your minds out of the gutter!!) Though the drones were fairly simple in his time, with limited heuristics, and the relationship certainly wasn't at the level of a beloved R2 style astromech, he was nonetheless fond of his little creations, and they were upgraded far beyond normal drones. One of these could certainly have survived aboard the ship in a powered down mode. If you wanted to take that a step further... limited heuristics is still some heuristics, and it could be that after a couple thousand years with no one to reprogram, wipe, or command it, one of these little drones has evolved as much personality, purpose, or quirks as you would like it to. For sure any drone of Kettur's would have been programmed to be particularly good at surveillance, and some ability to create distractions for its owner (all the better to slip into some area undetected).

 :lightside: If you are looking to gift the party with any pieces of gear, the most unique/remarkable of Kettur's that might have been left behind are: a stealth field generator, a nice array of slicing spikes, armor with whatever stealth upgrades your rules system allows/uses, and a variety of explosives. Blasters too, of course, but there were more interesting blasters to be had (Rath's or Jaade's, for example).

 :lightside: In the event you ever want to point to any long-lost SIS safe houses whose ruins might yet be found in future adventures, you could always say something in Kettur's gear includes data on the locations of the safe houses he still knew about after leaving the service. (Character verisimilitude can be bent for plot hooks. Sure, realistically he would have kept that stuff just in his head and not written down, but the compromise could always be he encrypted that datapad so you'd have to slice it first.)

And if you ever want the extra mile of some long-ago adventurer's personal logs for the players to find and read, I'd be happy to whip some of those up if time allows.

Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 08/16/18, 02:46:09 PM »
If anyone is going to need keys on an Imp-side character for tonight's Jedi Night (A Night at the Museum), try to let me know before event start time. I know it's not very likely, but just covering all the bases!

Otherwise I'll keep an eye on Republicooc for any requests, and the stronghold will also be publicly listed so if I am not responding to invite requests you can always get there on your own that way. It is a Manaan stronghold and will be listed as "Galactic Museum's Stronghold." Normally I'd say it should be right at or near the very top of the public listing, but since I deliberately left this SH at less than 100% I can't say where it will fall. It will be somewhere on the list at any rate.

Event primer/reminder below!

Scenario #1: A Night At the Museum

A new museum has opened on Manaan, with a focus on the galactic history of the last century. The museum has received high praise for its extensive and well-curated exhibits, and some have praised it for its willingness to explore controversial subjects even while others have criticized it for the same. In addition to its exhibits on worlds that have featured in recent galactic events (such as Voss, Ansion, Ilum, Oricon, and others) there is also a natural history wing, and two highlight exhibits on the galaxy's most prominent Force-using religions: the Jedi and the Sith.

A couple members of the Custodum enclave already visited the museum and reported that among its many replicas in the Force-traditions wing the museum had come into possession of some genuine artifacts which it was unknowingly displaying in the belief that they were harmless recreations - in particular a Jedi holocron, and a sarcophagus in the Sith exhibit, with the latter faulted for having caused a great deal of unease in staff and guests both. It was arranged for both of these artifacts to be removed and replaced with recreations, and that was thought to be the end of the issue - until recently.

Museum personnel have reached out to the Custodum enclave (and any other Jedi enclaves known to them) with a request for the enclave to send Jedi scholars to come and review the museum after some exhibits were updated upon receipt of new artifact shipments. A rumor has started to spread like wildfire through the museum staff that the whole place has become haunted, and anxious curators would like some Jedi authority figures to show up, investigate, and put the rumor to rest once and for all.

OOC Event Details: A Night At the Museum will take place in a personal stronghold, so cross-faction access is possible if arranged ahead of time so that I can get you a key, but keep in mind the premise of the adventure is that Jedi folks have been called in to assist. If you want to play someone who was randomly visiting the museum at the time and gets swept up in events you can certainly do so, but please keep in mind that the focus of the adventure (and thus the GM's attention) will be on taking the Jedi team through their mission, so there won't be much wiggle room to accommodate wild-cards that would run counter to that storyline (though they're more than welcome to participate in it).

Start Time and Rules: There will be no rules or rolls for this mini-adventure, just bring your characters and your imagination and your sense of team play. We'll start a little early at 7:00 PM PST, and the first half of the night will be free-form, allowing time for characters to ICly wander the museum in whatever manner they choose, as a group or otherwise. Once everyone has had the opportunity to settle into the scene, the team can begin to take steps toward investigating exhibits and artifacts of their choosing, or engaging in any other method desired to get to the bottom of the mystery.

As with most investigation stories, reveals don't happen until the end, so in the interest of time the investigation phase will begin exactly by the clock at 8:30 PM PST. Not everyone has to actively participate in the investigation phase; you can just keep RPing around the museum if you wish. But those who do want to investigate will coordinate via the Ops group channel.

Events and Occasions / Re: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
« on: 08/15/18, 07:42:10 PM »
Just adding here to say: If this date does not work for anyone who might have an interest in attending, please speak up. It will likely need to be on a Saturday no matter what, but we might be able to move it to a different Saturday if need be.

Events and Occasions / Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
« on: 08/13/18, 11:08:59 PM »
Event: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
a.k.a. Third in the Port of Call series of events
When: Saturday, August 25th at 6:30 PM server time, with event milestones scheduled to last until 10:30 PM server time.
Where: In-game, in a Republic side guild flagship stronghold, name of Phalanx Station
Requirements: There are no IC requirements, and no rules sets needed. The event can ICly be cross-faction, but with the location being a Republic side guild SH you will unfortunately need to have a Pub side alt version of an Imp character if you want to attend as an Imp. Wish it weren't so, but them's the game limitations...
Hosts: Myself and @Dassalya are the hosts, with some NPC contributions from friendly faces. We will keep an eye on Republicooc for anyone calling for invites, but please note that the stronghold will be publicly listed on the Flagship directory on Republic Fleet (as Phalanx Station), and the directory may be the easiest way to get there on your own time.

Going once... going twice...!

Anyone who has been to Phalanx Station knows that while its bazaar is a bargain hunter's dream, it's the auction where the real deals are to be found. Canny spacers, black market collectors, and undercover agents alike have all learned that you never know when some highly profitable, questionably acquired, often deadly secret, and frequently dangerously unexpected gem is going to appear for auction on any given day - whether that's scavenged armor, stolen artifacts, valuable salvage, or exotic wildlife, there's always something. And this time the auction promises to be more interesting than usual, because the station is opening up the auction floor to YOU. So if you have something you want to sell (whether you're just looking for a profit or looking to get something dangerous off your hands), tonight is the night!

See the bottom of the post for the events of the evening, including detail on how the auction will work!

Port of Call
Another night of scum, mild villainy, Huttball, blood sport, bargain shopping, drinking, socializing, bounty hunting, war story swapping, and still pretending to be above board...

Setting: (Same as the times before! You can skip down to the Events section if you already know all this stuff.)

Independent operators braving the hyperlanes on "delivery" runs through all those sectors along the Treaty line know very well how lawless such stars can be. At the edges of Republic and Imperial power, finding safe harbor to refuel, trade, make connections, or just buy a decent drink can be difficult to manage. But those enterprising freelancers who usually find themselves operating more deeply on the Republic side of the line have been hearing, for the last few years, about Phalanx Station - a good port of call for those who want to stay under the radar, but not find themselves running afoul of the Hutts or the authorities. 

Located in the Mytaranor sector, a few systems deep into Republic space, Phalanx Station has developed a reputation as a solid port, adequately defended against pirates, and generally provisioned well enough to meet a spacer's restocking needs. The station's Republic roots go beyond just its physical location, if rumors are to be believed; it's said Phalanx Station was founded by a group of Republic commandos who turned their backs on the Republic during Saresh's rule, and mercenary and bounty hunting types especially have been spreading the word that old war hands looking for a place to lay down their heads and their kit while they forge a new life out of uniform should head to Phalanx. Imperials, on the other hand, are advised to watch their backs, but not even these rumors or the station's location can fully stop independent operators who like to keep friends on both sides of the Treaty line; all savvy spacers know that strategically irrelevant border systems don't get a lot of bureaucratic attention, and that an Imperial-minded visitor is likely to be able to conduct their business on Phalanx just fine so long as they don't go waving the flag.

But despite the station's reputation as a stable haven where the owners are known to enforce some rule of law, those who make it their business to know what the galactic underworld is up to have heard rumors of their own - rumors that behind Phalanx Station's gruff ex-military owners there might be shadowy figures with their hands on the pulse - and finances - of the station's operations. The most consistent of these rumors implicate the Exchange as the station's shadow operators, and more than a few smugglers can confirm that on visits to Phalanx they've brokered jobs to move everything from food stuffs to luxury items to weapons. The only prohibited merchandise on the station seems to be slaves (and many have speculated as to why, given the Exchange's history otherwise).

But despite this supposed Exchange presence on the station, everyone seems to agree there's considerably more security to be found aboard Phalanx than one might expect in Hutt space these days. And in the aftermath of Zakuul's withdrawal, a stable port of call is a welcome thing indeed for the weary freelancer looking for a patch job on their ship, their blasters, or even their limbs.

Phalanx Station is known to boast the following amenities:
  • A bustling bazaar, including some of the liveliest auctions to be found in this or any neighboring sector
  • The greasiest and most fortifying foodstuffs a hungry spacer could ask for, served up on the promenade
  • Public HoloNet terminal and kiosk access
  • The Acid Pit cantina, where Huttball fans can watch the match broadcasts while pounding their toxic sludge of choice
  • A flophouse and storage facilities for the itinerant blaster-for-hire or disillusioned veteran
  • A BBA chapterhouse, for delivery of acquisitions and stocking up on the latest in seeker droid technologies
  • A medical clinic, known for its modest fees and modest services (but sometimes modest is all you need to stave off the Void)
  • Rumors speak to an exclusive gambling circuit that is attracting some high roller attention, although supposedly participation is by invitation only
  • The Proving Grounds. Arguably the station's main attraction, where some of the most exciting prize fights in the quadrant can be found. Whether you're looking to see man, droid, or beast in action, you're likely to find a good match to wager on here.

Events of the Event that may prove Eventful:

Folks are welcome to wander around the station and strike up their RP wherever they'd like! No one is obligated to move with the timeline of the events, they are just there for those who find the subjects intriguing.

Rubbing Shoulders and Pounding Drinks: From 6:30 to 7:30 server time, while people trickle in, most activity will be centered in the market bazaar and the promenade food court (though of course people can ultimately go wherever they'd like). Socialize, grab some drinks, and prepare for shady dealings, bargain hunting, and bloodsport to come later... (i.e., this is an early hour for those who just want to free form RP for a while before the events get started)

AUCTION!: From 7:30 to 9:00 server time, the auction will be held in the bazaar. The auction will begin with the station's Auctioneer auctioning off a selection of items being sold through the station's usual services. Depending on how intense the bidding wars get, the Auctioneer should be concluded by around 8:00 PM. At this point, any characters - that means you guys! - who want to sell something can take the auction floor and try to sell their items to the crowd. Just remember to observe the following rules if you want to auction something off:
  • All bids are IC only. No actual in-game credits will be exchanged.
  • You do not have to be providing an actual in-game item for sale, the item itself can be purely IC if you wish it to be.
  • Each player can auction a limit of three items, or take up to a maximum of 20 minutes, whichever comes first. If you go a little over 20 that's fine (RP is not an exact science), and if we get very few sellers then people can take more time, but three items or 20 minutes will be our starting point.
  • ICly, your character can have acquired the item via any means you'd like, have any motivation you'd like for selling it, and deliver either exactly what they promised or something less-than provided they are willing to engage with the RP consequences of either. Just remember the usual golden rules about godmodding and we should be fine.
  • Signing up as a seller here in the thread prior to the event would be very helpful to the organizers, but it's not required. However, if you express your interest in selling only at the event itself, slots will be assign first-come first-served and may be limited.

Bets and Blood: From 9:00 to 10:00 server time, stop by the Proving Grounds arena to watch men, beasts, and machines battle for your entertainment. The Creature Keeper and the Iron Ghost will be pitting their teams against each other once again. The Proving Grounds is also open to dueling applicants if you and a nemesis/friend/frenemy have a score you want to settle with each other - just remember, no fatalities allowed (except by willing agreement of the soon-to-be-deceased). In other words: If you want to duel, you need to bring your own partner, and have worked out the rules you're going to use with your partner ahead of time. Otherwise, Creature Keeper's creatures and Iron Ghost's droids will be providing the background bloodshed for the RP you want to engage in as arena spectators.

... and if you've made it all the way to the bottom here, and you're considering attending, we hope you do! These Port of Call events have always proved lively, and we hope this one will too. Additionally, I can tease that something might come up at this event that will kick off of a very long series of events which should give scoundrels, soldiers, Sith, and Jedi alike something to be interested in... after all, you never know what might come up for auction!

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