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Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 03/15/18, 09:04:00 PM »
Been a rough couple weeks with illness and weather making my work schedule nuts.  Just letting folks know I haven't dropped off face of earth, but trying to pace myself. 

be there soon.  I may be a bit more limited in combat/more for RP.  Dealing with some tax stuff as work ran late.  Though if a WB happens I'll try. 

Computer forced a reboot, just trying to get back in

@Karmic Know you might join us midway, hit me pubside if you have trouble finding us.  We'll mostly be shuttling near that meeting point and back in the Mando camp (IC a different tribe's camp in the story)

Meeting by Mando Hanger door on Fleet.  Hopping back now

Just finishing Imp invites, almost ready to start.  Meeting location is

Main Plateau/Darvanis Map -135,180 (a moisture vaporator just outside the entry to the Mando Camp zone)

in the normal PVE instance

Working from road w/spotty battery, final post will have a few edits til its done and a pic

Once off the street, she had removed her helmet beneath her hood- enough to show hints of her Cathar features but keep her exact markings vague.  She did a quick scan of the room via a suit-HUD linked eyepiece, and confirmed the security features they had agreed were in place.

Sounds good.  Really be nice to get you for some- though I'll also PM you about some 1:1 Hutt stuff later in week. 

Malhra has ecology and hunting.

Is the item an actual in game item? Or something you can describe?

Drat the time deleted itself. 6 pm Server/9EDT. Its a work night for me so can only do 2 hour block this week. 

Uhh, what time does this start?

Your earlier Sunday night start times hit right as I start to eat dinner, (also why I so often forget-dinner!) so for me the later the better I'm able to participate.  As Karmic very much wants to know what those Hutts are up to ....  in concern for her own properties (imperial as they may be, its still the Rim and they are still "alone".)

We can also scheduled some Karmic-Hutt contact meetings if you think it would be useful for info gathering (obviously not before Sunday but just sayin... hehe).

Would be great to have @Karmic stop by.  And I'll PM you some Hutt stuff. I'm planning an Imp-allied Hutt follow up on Nar Shaddaa, something I some of your allies may be trying to figure out a way to get info on. 

Oh cool! So to make sure I'm understanding this right...

Mandos and Coalition folks come separately. Meet up at the start of event. Have a "Why are you here?" "Why are you here?" exchange. Then the official event starts?

Yeah, @Noth have a plan to weave those threads together pretty quick, based on what's happening on the ground when we arrive. 

I will mostly be there on Caben using Shae as Malhra,  but will bring her to the meeting point ahead of time for any Imperial invites needed or if we decide to do any Mando wrap up later.

 there are also certain Imperial actors actively tracking the wraiths as well as working with the hutts so several other options for cross faction involvement, if you post here I can share some Intel from the other side.

A&B) Malhra  was planning a small Recon team herself though she has not been directly in touch with the Wraiths the missions would intersect as everyone arrives.   she would probably warn your Clan Chieftain,  reminding him to keep certain details they discussed about Hutt property
 Secret but that she has a lead on paid escort work from some locals looking to Escape and he is free to share the job in those terms.

C)  the location I chose is free of enemies, it's an area of Backstreets just outside the Mando camp start  area and we will mostly shuffle between those two safe zones

6pm Server/9EDT

Public start to a plot I'm brewing on the Rim, open to all factions, hosted by the Wraiths and my Mando Clan jointly OOC.  This event will be a follow up to THIS news of a Hutt lockdown of a minor border world Hesparan (Darvanis OOC). 

Start Location will be Main Plateau/Darvanis Map -135,180 (a moisture vaporator just outside the entry to the Mando Camp zone)  Most characters should be transportable to Darvanis even if not there in game yet if own expansions, whisper Caben Pubside or post here if Imp so I can get you there a little before. 

Event should run about 2 hours. 

A few weeks back, the Wraiths and some former compatriots made a hasty escape from the fringe planet Hesparian with some refugees as a Hutt Cartel force unexpectedly landed and began mowing down local gangs with civilians in the crossfire, and impounding ships.  The planet is still heavily guarded, but Admiral Wysan has decided to organize a recon team in disguise to sneak back in to get some sense of what the Hutts are doing.  Drawing on former Grey Coalition contacts, its possible he attracts a number of folks in from across factions... or other forces catch wind and decide to try and investigate the Hutt incursion too. 

Unbeknowst to most, Major Cher Vue'Dange of the Wraiths had a chance encounter with a mysterious Weequay old merchant woman as we fled- and was given a cryptic map-like stone.  She's been having strange dreams since, and secretly proposed seeking out this local as a possible contact to the Wraith's leadership. 

Roleplay Workshop / Re: Dealing with the Alliance
« on: 02/16/18, 10:38:20 AM »
 it's harder for my guild the Wraiths because we are forced to part ways with Republic and help the early fight with Proto Alliance elements because of our threat to corrupt elements in the government. we are still technically Alliance but more as independent privateers who don't deal with the Outlander anymore than we have to. we also have contacts with elements of all three government's trying to prevent the rise of super weapons. it's likely we'll eventually drift back to some work with the Republic but always maintaining our independence and internal military chain of command

Going to try and post an outline of spoiler-free rough events to give people some more clarity tomorrow. 

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