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let your darker side give in
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Current Plot:    Stories of War and Survival
Plot Summary:
The Ogasawaras serve the Empire, offering their skills as warriors. Mei'li Bluedark, the trustworthy Sith Lord. Ke'rii, the owner of the
Oasis Lounge, entrepreneur, turned Imperial loyalist. Currently deployed to Iokath, serving with the IWSC. Keiko'li, Ke's rebelling daughter.

The Koshkovs are a creative family of performers, musicians, artists, who have brought entertainment to the galaxy without bias. Sergei, the Artistic Director of the Imperial Theatre. His daughter, Ekaterina, the rising star and the face everyone recognises. Elisabeta, mother and novelist. They are recently transitioning to a new life in the Empire.

Meanwhile, in the Republic...
Alara Slate is a die-hard Republic loyalist, former military turned smuggler.
OOC Notes:
Availability: M, T, Th 6-8pm PST. No Wednesdays. Fri/Sat/Sun 50% chance. Always around in Discord: Mei'li#3559 and PM here in the forum. Though I am primarily in the Empire, I do have Republic clones of my main characters. I love to RP, pretty much open to anything, so long as I'm around.

Read: stories by Mei'li
See: artwork by Mei'li
Imperial Personal Guild: <The Imperial Theatre>
Republic Personal Guild: <Oasis Industries> (Independent affiliation)
Imperial Guild: <Imperial Wild Space Command> (member)
Sometimes I get creative: Story Collection || Artwork Collection

Availability: M, T, Th 6-8pm PST. No Wed. Fri/Sat/Sun 50% chance.
Contact me on Discord: Mei'li#3559 or PM