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Current Plot:    War of the Twins
Plot Summary:
Jyara is a Mandalorian battle commander and Neo-Crusader, holding the rank of Field Marshal. She leads her own regiment known as the Bloodstorm Legion. She is widely known in the military world on all sides, Mandalorian, Imperial, or Republic, though, lesser known to many Sith or Jedi (the non militaristic types, anyway). Her twin, Livara, is a Major in the Republic Military. She knows of her sister, but her superiors will not allow her to face her, believing the it to be "too personal" for her to make responsible and rational decisions. Jyara is unaware of her twin, as the last she ever saw or heard of her was when they were six years old. That was 33 years ago. Will they ever meet again? And if so, will they reunite as siblings, or as warriors, fighting for conflicting ideals?