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Ritot, Ritot!
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05/26/15, 11:37:40 PM
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Current Plot:    Multiple plots, multiple characters
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If you want to get involved, or are searching for one of my characters; PM me! I'll get around to making a holonet wiki sometime, but holonet searches for basic backstories can always be PM'ed!
Turari (29, Major, jr. grade CEDF)     Silivia Fenir (21, Freighter Captain)
Lashila Sellara (25, Grey Sith)         Harkasone Milan (29, Philanthropist)
Reill Farr(31, Silent Mandalorian)     Mystenin Felsa (26, 'Green' Jedi)
Touko Saizar(19, Turari's underling) Temple Guard #124(35, Pro Spook)
                                                    Freya Merril (?, ???)