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"Jedi Business, I'll handle it."
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05/28/15, 01:28:54 PM
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09/18/19, 03:06:05 PM
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Current Plot:    Maryck Vos
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-Jedi Master
-Jedi CO of the 119th
-Acting Leader of Vibro Squadron
-"Kartas Vel"
-Ex-Master of Padawan Armeria
-Ex-Jedi-General of the Suriam Battlegroup and Ex-Grandmaster of the New Ossus Enclave (Ossus Rising)
OOC Notes:
EST Time Zone, Avid Star Wars nerd, talk to me about the EU please? Just throw me a PM or mail if you want to organize an RP or something!
Maryck Vos - 28, Jedi Master, Ace Pilot, Warrior, Emancipator

Harenn Vos - 46, Ex-Kiffar Guardian, Alpha Predator, Proud Father