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Current Plot:    Shepards of the Force:
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Nygora: Getting close to mid life, Nygora comes from a history of being a young confident bounty hunter known for his eagerness to take on Sith. Originally in it for profit Nygora returned to his home of Tatooine to be a law enforcer. He now travels on a more global scale thanks to a benefactor who contracts his work. Once rivals the now allies fight side by side against a mysterious group bent of obtaining galaxy destructive power, but it appears Nygora is seeking something more than just peace.

Perallis:  Young Aristocratic Sith from Alderran. Once a ruthless warlord Perallis was changed after the encounters of certain Jedi and Sith in his life and actively pursues a calling to embrace and accept both light and dark sides of the force, what he believes to be true balance. Actively is in a quest to seek out seven artifacts before an organization he knows little about gets to them first in an effort to advance his power and protect
OOC Notes:
Hey! I'm big into social and action oriented RP scenarios, usually revolving around small character space adventures amongst large overarching character plots open for others to drop in and drop out. I also very much enjoy playing a supporting role in others characters stories. I have both an Imp (grey sith) and a Pub (Contracted Law Enforcer) for both sides!