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Get Paid, Get Made, Gatorade
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08/04/15, 03:30:42 AM
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07/20/19, 11:07:29 AM
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Current Plot:    Unbroken Silence
Plot Summary:
Paranoid, lawless, and looking for work. The Bounty Hunter returns from a long contract in order to begin pushing forward several aggressive plans involving the Empire and his old comrades. On the run from the Sith and with a growing Bounty amongst the Republic, who will he turn to in his time of need?
OOC Notes:
EST RPer, I'm available for RP generally anywhere from 8pm-12am EST on any night I'm on.

I enjoy all types of RP (Social, Personal, Combat, Psychological, Event based) and will gladly work with you on any sort of faction based RP (provided it doesn't further the Empire or Republic agenda in a large way).

For any hunters seeking to collect Malk's somewhat impressive Republic Bounty, please ping me first and we can hash it out. Any Sith Intelligence agents seeking to tangle with Malk, talk to me so we can confirm our backstories match up for locating him <3

Holonet Page - ''Updated Pre Time Skip''

Act I: Unbroken Silence

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