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General Austianand of the Spartans of the Republic
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08/18/15, 09:14:57 PM
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Current Plot:    General Austianand Kelborn
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Spartans Of The Republic
Background for General Austianand Kelborn:
-    General Austianand Year 3649
1.   The General Austianand was born and raised on the jungle moon of Dxun, which orbits the planet of Onderon in what was once a great Mandalorian fortress, now a remnant left over from the war with the Republic and the Jedi. This base was more recently used as a base of operations for clan Ordo and other clans such as, Kelborn and Lok that banned together in an effort to bring back at least some of the former glory of a once great people. This was where the young Austianand was baptized in the art and lifestyle of war, which is the Mandalorian way. He began training at only the young age of 5 by his mother and father, the leaders of clan Kelborn in the skills of war. When he reached the age of 13 his parents sent him on his way into the harsh and unforgiving jungles of Dxun, full of deadly wildlife and other even more deadly things that go bump in the night to face the Verd'goten the Mandalorian rite of passage into adulthood. If he made it back he would earn his position as future leader of his clan and Mandalorian society as a whole.
OOC Notes:
I am the Guild Master of the Spartans of the Republic and would love for us to be involved in other guilds RP.
Mandalorians are the Spartans of Star Wars!