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Cantina / Re: Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event - Ultimate Guide!
« on: 06/13/17, 10:47:02 AM »
I'm very happy to see this event return, especially with all the great prizes they added in this time around.  I am especially digging the awesome new decos.  I wonder if this was something that has always been intended by the dev team or if it was something that was spurned on by the new Director, Keith.  If it's the latter then I'm loving this guy more and more compared to his predecessor.

I sincerely hope this is the start of a positive trend for in-game events. It would be great for them to start adding new items to the Gree, Rakghoul and Bounty Hunter events as well, not to mention bringing back the Grand Acquisitions Race.  Never did understand why that became a one-time occurrence. 


My guess is 355

I've known about Dancer's Palace for a long time but have never attended. It's great to get a brief history of all its past incarnations.  I couldn't help but be reminded of this classic scene:

I know it's challenging trying to lock down a schedule with 8 people for a few hours on any given night.  I'm sure most of us would like to begin this endeavor sooner than later but I'm willing to be flexible and patient until the stars are in proper alignment for everyone. 

That said, if the experiment really does look like it's going to bleed into August I must state that Niarra and I will be unavailable Saturday August 12th.  While it may have already slipped her mind, we're heading out of town to go see a concert that evening!  Any other weekend should be good.

I'm sure we'll be encountering some more scheduling hurdles along the way.  If it feels like it's getting hard to manage, perhaps we can look into setting up some kind of availability worksheet that everyone can fill in?



Thanks for devoting your time and energy into organizing this fundraiser, Niarra, and also to everyone for donating prizes for the raffle.  I made a donation to the cause and hope others will do the same.    :lightside:

We are going to be running this Operation with Republic characters.

I will be good to go for the 24th.

I'm looking forward to diving in to this with everyone.  Saturday June 17th @ 8PM works fine for me.  I am also open to start earlier in the evening as well.  I'm generally pretty flexible most evenings as long I have some advance notice.  Zax, I'm still planning on tanking so I'll be sure to ask you for some additional tips and advice between now and then.  I'm also going to get some practice in by running my tank through the Eternal Championship.  I think those arena fights serve as a great stepping stone for the kind of mechanics that are found in Operations.



Thank you for your support, Imazi.  I am very interested in reading your ideas.  Can you post a link? 

Howdy gang, 

I recently posted a thread on the SWTOR forums regarding some suggestions I had for Galactic Strongholds.  If you're a stronghold designer I would appreciate if you visit the following link:

   Please give it a read and if it's something you agree with, I'd greatly appreciate if people comment on the thread in hopes that it'll gain some traction. 

Many thanks!

Introductions / 5 Years Overdue
« on: 05/05/17, 12:09:54 AM »
Greetings, fellow colonists.

   Have you ever been in a situation where you had an opportunity to introduce yourself to someone, but you don't, and from that moment on every time you see them you politely wave and smile and quietly curse yourself for never bothering to learn their name, wondering how to dispel the underlying awkwardness without feeling… awkward? 

Well, after 5+ years of residency on Begeren Colony I'd like to commemorate this May the 4th week by properly introducing myself.
   I've been playing regularly on Begeren Colony since SWTOR's launch back in December 2011 but most of my time has been spent flying starfighters, decorating strongholds, learning how to run operations with a guild, and roleplaying with my longtime partner and collaborator, Niarra, who has since become an active member of the community.  In recent months she has recruited me to participate in a few of the community events, usually under the guise of some quirky supporting characters--something I'm all too happy to do.
   I also recently had the privilege and pleasure of game mastering an adventure for Niarra and Dassalya that ended up spanning several months, and it was the first time I had an opportunity to RP in depth with another member from the community.  All of this has inspired me to start frequenting this website more.
   Like many, I'm a passionate Star Wars fan and love the unique, collaborative story-telling that role playing has to offer, so I hope I'll have the opportunity to participate in more events in the future.  Begeren Colony may not be as large as other servers, but it is my home and I would like to help encourage and support the great little community that exists here.  Based on many of the posts I've read, there are many talented, imaginative and friendly people here and that makes me happy.   

   Outside of RP, my main source of enjoyment in the game is Galactic Starfighter.  I'm a passionate starfighter junkie and an avid supporter of GSF.  As a veteran pilot, I try my best to advocate fair play and good sportsmanship whenever possible.  I'm also a dedicated outfit designer and stronghold enthusiast and get a lot of enjoyment out of creating and designing things, especially when it involves fun and intriguing RP.  Outside of SWTOR I'm an old school table top role-player and am familiar with D&D, Palladium Books, and especially Star Wars Saga Edition, which still remains my favorite RPG system.

   I look forward to participating in future events and getting better acquainted with everyone.  Thanks for reading!


~Elaeis~  :lightside:

Events and Occasions / Re: Tournament Gold - A Gambling Event
« on: 04/02/17, 12:47:36 AM »
Thanks for putting all this together for us, Niarra.  I had a lot of fun exploring your Under 100 rules system and test driving the gambling rules.  The system moves fast and fluid with a nice balance of simplicity and depth.  Also, I think the surprise dance contest was great!  And thanks to all you brave souls who subjected yourselves to Tenjoh's scrutiny!  :facepalm: I don't often get an opportunity to participate in RP events but it was really nice to mingle with everyone and it was especially nice to see quality RP on display from mature and imaginative players!  Looking forward to the next event!

Events and Occasions / Re: Tournament Gold - A Gambling Event
« on: 04/01/17, 01:09:02 PM »
My character sheet:

NAME:  Tenjoh

FACTION:  Republic

PARTICIPATING GAMES:  Chance, Skill, Final Showdown

CHARACTER STATS:  (Specialist)

Melee Agile:   20
Melee Brawn: 30
Perception:    90
Social:           70
Gadgetry:      30
Underworld:   90
Historian:       60
Technical:       50
Artistry:          20

GAMBLING SCORE:  83  (Perception, Underworld, Social)

Events and Occasions / Re: Tournament Gold - A Gambling Event
« on: 04/01/17, 10:13:50 AM »
I will be attending with an alt. Very much looking forward to this! Niarra always delivers qualtiy events.

Some people have been inquiring about a few things regarding my contest, so I'll provide some details here:

1) The Golden and Platinum Starfighter characters were created specifically for this contest. They do not fly unless the contest is live and underway. That said, whenever you spot these characters promoting the contest on Fleet, or the Capital Worlds, or elsewhere in the game, it means that the event is active and that they are queued. This means that if you want a shot at winning, you should queue up as well!

Here's a helpful hint: If you add these characters to your Friends list it will serve as convenient way for knowing when to queue up!

2) This contest is not a scam. Far from it! It is independently run by me and a very small force of dedicated GSF fans who simply wish to do more for our beleaguered community. Each prize has been generously donated in hopes of providing more incentive for the general player population. The spirit behind the contest is to help grow the GSF community by offering a little motivation to casual players. For those who remain skeptical, we did provide an amusing transcript of the prize drawing from the last contest in June. You can find it in the gallery section at

3) I have gotten some criticism for the contest requiring "too much work" for players to enter the drawing. I do welcome some constructive feedback on this, and would appreciate anyone who has the time to review the structure of the contest to offer any recommendations on how to improve the format. Just keep in mind that this is all entirely elective and I'm simply doing the best that I can with the time and resources available to me. When I started this back in late May I originally planned to host the Contest thread on the official Forums, but when I learned that only subscribers were allowed to post here I decided to use an independent website instead (Enjin). The reason was to allow for F2P members to participate since I wanted to reach as large of a player base as possible.

GSF has a lot stacked against it, so I am aware that an idea like this is an uphill battle, but for now I'm tenacious enough to see it through.

Your support is appreciated.

Hey Everyone,

"Prize in the Skies" GSF contest is back for another round at Begeren Colony from July 25th through July 31st.  Please join us in helping to generate interest and enthusiasm for GSF and be eligible to win this month's Grand Prize, an Unstable Arbiter Lightsaber, along with some other goodies.

For a complete list of prizes and contest rules, visit

With the Dark vs. Light event currently underway the resurgence of queues on many servers clearly demonstrates the fact that players from general population will participate when given proper incentive.  I encourage experienced and skilled veterans to continue reaching out and mentoring new players, promoting GSF chat channel, and exercising discretion when flying against rookie opposition.  Everything helps. 

Most of all, keep posting your desire for more GSF on the forums!


Contest winners for "Prize in the Skies" @ Begeren Colony June 2016


   Thank you to all who participated in Campaign4GSF's inaugural "Prize in the Skies" contest! The winners are as follows:

Grand Prize:  Vector-srw

2nd Prize: Ladyof'thelords

3rd Prize: Kurnos

Bonus Prize: Zaximus

   To ensure that this contest remain fair, impartial and 100% legitimate we posted a transcript of the prize drawing in our Gallery section at  We will be holding this contest once again in July with much bigger and better quality prizes so stay tuned and please continue to voice your support for GSF.  Queue up! Post on the forums! Reach out to new players!  Thank you for your participation and I hope you join us again for our next round of "Prize in the Skies" in July!

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