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Current Plot:    Teshin the Merciful
Plot Summary:
Teshin the Merciful. His work has taken him from settling clan rivalries on Mandalore, all the way to Coruscant, and even on some of the accessible planets in the Unknown Regions.
His most notable feat was defeating a sith lord, name unknown. Unlike most of the Mandalorians anyone would encounter, Teshin was adopted by a Gray Jedi by the name of Zenran, son of Ikhia and Gaffyn.
His father told him that there must be balance in your life, you can't have more good than bad, and vice versa. His father did not approve, but could not stop him from becoming a Bounty Hunter, and eventually a Mandalorian in his own right.
Teshin the Merciful's calling card is a pair of Rangehunter blaster pistols. Deadly at close range, and extremely fatal at long range. Do not think of Teshin as a pushover of a Mandalorian. If provoked enough, he will kill you in any way he sees fit.