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The Shadows Betray you, because they Serve Me.
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You look around and eye the Pureblood female across the way from you - her skin so red it shimmers almost purple.  You've noticed the ease of her smile as she speaks to others; the warmth of the tone of her voice, as if every person she saw was a dear, old, friend.  You know only from her reputation that she's Sith, of Darth rank no less - because you wouldn't know it from the way she acts, or the way she dresses.  No matter what her garb, the soft jingle of the golden slave chains on her hands and wrists is ever present, as are the two double-bladed saberhilts on her hips.  One almost twice as large as the other.  Her carriage always straight and confident.  Her movements purposeful but supple, with a dancer's grace.  Even the way she lays a small hand on the arm of her companion seems intentional and seductive.  Her dark red eyes glance your way and she winks before looking back to her group.  You realize suddenly you aren't the only one doing the watching.
OOC Notes:
Open to any and all RP ideas; so come chat if you have an idea! 

Karmic currently resides in the timey-wimey ness around the recent newest story patch release and everyone catching up from the expansion to the Zakulian plotline resolution.  So depending on the day I could be playing in the *now* or the more recent past (pre latest patch timeline).  Karmic continues to divide her time between Krayt Industries on the Outer Rim and helping 'The Coalition', a small subset of The Alliance , fight as they can against Zakulian Occupation.  As the years have worn on, things haven't gotten easier for anyone in the galaxy - KI being no exception.  But they have no choice other than to keep fighting to survive.  As the galaxy prepares for what could be the final showdown against Zakul, how will you fight for what's yours?

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