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I'm curious, how are we doing this? Chat room, play-by-post...?

Installments so far have been in the game. We will probably keep doing it as such with chat rooms used as needed.

So what if we are not able to be in game due to work schedules?

The Valefor split early on into the Zakuul xpac before any of that lore was established, when it looked like Acina was an usurper. So players moving faster that plot. The other points I can touch on when not limited to my phone.

Edit: When Dorian took over it was an ic response to our gm stepping down. Think of it ic as Alexander uniting the Greek city states under a single banner. That is what took place. The reason the Empire doesn't just crush them is they have undead, plague, and ship yards that they use to make them useful allies for the Empire. Also because we are a guild (an inactive one though).

This is also why Veddy took over. I was unable to play due to work, so we came up with the best ic way to explain this. Plot holes are due to players really since this was our guild doing something different.

Okay I am done writing on a phone. XD

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
« on: 10/20/17, 06:32:34 AM »
It had been weeks since Dorian had awaken from his slumber. He had spent his time making amends with his wife for his selfish behavior. Something troubled him though. He had not heard from his wife in some time. She went off a mission to further show the Sith Empire that we view them as allies, not enemies. It was normal not hearing from her for long periods of time, but this time it was unusual.

The undead monarch had planned to remain in the shadows, allowing Veddy to rule as he aided her in secret. Though something about this mission troubled him. Marching to the barracks he singled out two members of the royal guard. “Get a hold of my admirals. I wish for Death’s Fist to be in orbit in three solar days. Contact the queen’s furries. Their king demands to know everything about this mission she went on.”

This unease he felt troubled him. Now was not the time for him to be hidden away. Turning from the guards, he went straight to the command center. “Prepare a press conference. It is time for my people and the Galaxy to know that King Dorian the Undying has returned.” His eyes blazed with an unnatural blue glow. He reached out through his connection with the undead he had created. Awaken! He commanded those undead that hibernated alongside to rise and walk the land of the living once more.

Part of felt that he might be overreacting, but it was better to be safe than sorry. “Where are you Veddy…” He muttered to himself.


"Impside version of the call for aide" - you might want our help, but you also realize it may not actually BE help the way you want it... or help at all...

 :aww: :evil: :darkside: 4EVER

It would be a twist we would happily entertain!

What has been going on while I have been away....

Oh, psh. You've only been gone for the last three bullet points. :P

Mhm. Well seems like a good time to pop back in eh?

What has been going on while I have been away....

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Do the Dead Dream?
« on: 07/04/17, 08:18:31 PM »
Months passed in dream time since Dorian found himself once more awake in the land of the living. At first things seemed slightly off. Having three children instead of two, his wife being openly hostile with him, and the fact that he was alive and not dead. The distraction of living a lie with his dead daughter had blinded him to the fact that this was not real.
He now tired of the lie. He recalled this was all in his head and that right now his body was asleep on his throne. How much time had passed since he went to sleep? What changes were being made to his kingdom? Did he even have a kingdom left? These questions started to weigh heavily upon his mind.
“Enough of this charade.” After he spoke the dreamscape vanished leaving him floating in a void of his own mind. In the real world, his body would start to twitch. It was time for him to be scolded by his queen. It was time for him to return to the waking world.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Do the Dead Dream?
« on: 05/03/17, 08:43:54 AM »
Days. Months. Years. It felt like he had been stuck in his nightmare for an eternity. For his tormentor nothing was off limits. He was forced to witness the deaths of his mother and father in cruelest ways he could have imagined. His flesh was crudely flayed from his body as the demon forced his sister to torture him. She too fell victim to a terrible fate. This would repeat over and over. Dorian couldn’t see the end of the loop.

Salurulas though had grown bored with the reactions she was getting from Dorian. The king had been reduced to nothing more than a skeleton that was chained to a cheap imitation of the throne he slept upon in the waking world. The empty sockets that once housed his eyes were filled with a glowing blue light.

His attention was caught on two small bags that the demon carried in her arms. She had a smile on her face as she set them down upon the ground before the throne. “We have grown tired with the screams of your parents and siblings. This time, we will let you experience the horror of knowing your failure as a parent."

“No..” His voice seemed to echo throughout the room even though he was no longer physically capable of speaking. “Even you wouldn’t…” He thought seeing those he long believed to be lost to him suffer was the worst of it. A sadistic smile spread across his jailer’s face as she squated down besides the bags. “You think this is the prince and princess?” She opened up the bags to reveal that one contained a mallet and the other a lightsaber. “No, that would rob us of the joy of watching you break oh mighty king of the dead.”

Footsteps from behind the throne drew his attention to the source. A young girl was holding the twins and carrying them towards the throne. She looked so much like Vedriat. “It can’t be…” She looked to be around the age his daughter would have been if she had lived. He opened his mouth to speak her name, but found he was unable to. Fear gripped him as her very name seemed to be robbed from his mind. How could I forget!? His thoughts raged within that empty skull..

“Ah our little princess is here. Doesn’t she look so pretty for a corpse?” The demon mocked as she took several steps towards the children. “Look child, he can’t even remember your name. You have been replaced by your brother and sister.” She feigned sadness as she reached out and stroked the girl’s cheek.

“Lies!” He roared out as he struggled against the chains that held him. “Father… why didn’t you bring me back?” She asked in a small voice. A single tear ran down her cheek as she quickly brushed it away. “Salurulas says I can come back, but I need to get rid of the ones that replaced me.” The demon stared at Dorian as she took the twins from the girl. “But you don’t need to kill both. Which one does your father love most? That is the one we have to get rid of in order for you to take your rightful place.”

The twins started to cry as they were bounced up and down within the demonic entities arms. “Come now Dorian. Pick which one dies so your daughter can live again.”

The two babies cried as Dorian struggled to free himself. “Father. Pick one. I want to return to be with you and mother.” How could he? He loved all of his children, but if he could bring his daughter back he would have already. “I..” He started to speak but was cut off by a cracking sound. His attention turned toward the source. His jaw dropped at what he saw.

“NOO!” He jolted forward as he woke up in his bed. He could see his wife beside him. He heard her voice as she shifted a little beside him. “Go back to sleep, it was only a dream. If the twins wake up you will have to get them back to sleep.” Dorian looked around as he saw he was back in his room. “Sorry… that was a horrible dream…”

He laid back down and wrapped his arms around the thing he thought was his wife and just held it. Salurulas smiled as she felt Dorian relax. “Yes, just a dream. Go back to sleep.”

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Do the Dead Dream?
« on: 05/02/17, 05:07:01 PM »
The corpse of the undead king remained for the time being seated upon his throne. How much time has passed since he left the waking world? Minutes? Hours? Days even? Time held little meaning while he traveled among the living, it held even less now. One had to wonder, if the dead could dream?

“Captain.” He felt someone shake up. “Captain, we are here.” Again another annoying shake. “What?” He grumbled out as the lids of his eyes barely opened up. “We are now nearing the anomaly. We are waiting for your orders captain. Our readings are saying that it will not remain stable for long.” A surge of energy filled him all of a sudden as he got off of his bunk.

“If this theory pans out, we will be the first to enter a new dimension.” Dorian couldn’t contain his grin as he patted the man upon the shoulder as he walked passed him. Hitting the comm button upon the panel in his room, it was time to address the crew.

“This your captain. As you know our mission is to explore this hole in the Galaxy. If we manage to make it through it and back we will be able to spread the glory of our empire to other dimensions, perhaps other universes! Now, before we make to enter you are free to use this time to say your final goodbyes. Let your loved ones know that your thoughts are of them.”

“Lucas. Once you speak to your wife. Get the rest of the crew ready. I want us traveling through that hole before it disappears.” Lucas nodded his head some. “Yes sir. You going to try and get hold of your wife?” Dorian looked at his XO and smiled. “You know she will just ignore my call. She likely thinks that I have abandoned her and the kids.” Lucas forced a smile. “That sounds like Veddy. Excuse me sir.”

He watched his second in command leave and the door shut behind him. His thoughts turned to his wife and children. Was she finally threw with all of his dren? After all he never seemed to do anything right in her eyes and the icing to the cake was his going off to verify the existence of gateways to other dimensions or universes. He left them alone as he went to seek fame and glory.

Sitting himself in front of the video comm in his cabin, he figured he’d at least send her a message. He flip on the com and started to speak. “Hey honey. If you don’t hear from me in the coming months I am liking dead…” He paused as a thought entered his head. I am already dead, aren’t I? “Anyways. I just wanted you to know that you and the kids are the best things in my life. I just wanted you and the kids to be proud of me.” He sighed. “If…. no when I return, I shall bring your treasures that have never graced our Galaxy before. I love you Veddy.”

As he reached out to shut off the com, his hand passed through the hull of the ship. “How touching." A cruel voice rang out through his head. "You thought you could hide from us Dorian?” An icy hand grasped hold of his wrist and started to pull him. A specter appeared before and seemed to want to drag him away. It was a woman with solid black eyes. “We might have died out there… but in your dreams we can still play with you.” Salurulas, the unconscious creation of Korok smirked as she pulled the sleeping king through the hull of the ship.

Dorian struggled in vain as he tried to free himself from the grasp of the demon. “Foolish prince. Daring to call yourself a king, then locking yourself away within your own mind.” She laughed as she stared into his eyes, savoring the panic in his eyes. “There is no escape from us." A wolfish grin appeared on her face as she dragged Dorian into a dark void. "Let's see if your beloved queen saves you from the hell you created.”

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 05/02/17, 03:11:25 PM »
@Dassalya I liked you news post. You get two sleeping undead thumbs up. Wait... I guess I'm redead? Deader? Double dead?  :umm:

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
« on: 03/28/17, 03:23:28 PM »
Dorian sat upon his throne as he shut off the holoprojector. Life within the Galaxy seemed to carry on as normal. Dorian kept tabs on the realm of the living as he withdrew himself back to Shadren V. It did not take long for them to find something new to fear or hate. Such was the way of the living, being scared of something or trying to wipe out the thing that they hate.

The living were a blight. A cancer. It took his liberation from the mortal coil to see this. His subjects were free to do what they please. They had no fear, for what was there left to fear after embracing death? There was no need to hate either. Death was the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter if you were Human or Wookiee in life. In death, they were both just corpses. In some way or another, all the living would join him and his people.

There was no longer a point for him to take an active part in the Galaxy. Let the living bring about their own suffering. Dorian no longer cared to partake. Slowly his eyes started to close. Sleep. That was what called to him. He would wake when needed, but until such a time, he planned to sleep through this decade. A datapad rested upon his lap. A letter to his wife was contained within it. Letting her know what he was up to and how to wake him. If she or his people needed him, he would wake early from his slumber.

Without a fuss, King Dorian Numair, the undying lord of the Shadren Hegemony, checked out.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
« on: 01/11/17, 11:15:58 AM »
Lightning flashed outside, seconds later the crash of thunder sent vibrations throughout the palace. Zaria and Trestin didn’t seem to be phased from the storm, sleeping soundly. Dorian stood there, leaning his back against the wall as he watched his children sleep. A small smile crept across his face as he watched his daughter snuggle up against tiny Republic model droid. The smile did not last long as his mind turned towards the thoughts that troubled him.

It would be centuries before his scouts returned with a report on a chart to reach the Rishi Maze. Even longer to establish a hyperlane there. His plans to dominate the dwarf Galaxy would take time, meaning he would have to make due with surviving within this Galaxy. To that, he would need to make peace with the Sith Empire. He would not bend his knee to the Empress and give up the sovereignty of his reign.

Dorian turned away from his children and looked out the window. Lightning streaked across the sky. The sight reminded him of Kaas. “I will not submit to the Sith Empire. I will not lower myself to being there vassal..” An idea suddenly struck him. “...but as an allied state we can provide a buffer between them and the Republic.”

Placing his hands upon the windowsill he leaned forward. We can still trade with the Sith and provide them with goods and services but also act as a barrier between them and the Republic. At least for this part of the Galaxy. Granted either side could go around this sector, but if they did attempt to cross his domain he could turn them away.

“I’ll have to run this by Vedriat,” Dorian spoke in a soft whisper as he turned his head to look back at his children. “Before I leave, I need to carve out a chunk of this Galaxy to leave to you two.” He stepped back from the window. The lich made his way over to a chair next to Trestin’s bed. Sitting himself down, he would settle in to watch over his children as they slept. He would remain forever, but he would have to watch these two grow. If they do not wish to embrace undeath, he would have to watch them die. He wanted to spend as much time with his children as he could before they were gone.

This was the curse he placed upon himself. To live forever in a state of undeath, but having to watch those that he loved grow old and eventually die. He reached out a hand to brush it across his son’s head. He worried that once they were gone, his last ties to his Humanity would die with them.

Part of him looked forward to being freed of the shackles of his Humanity and yet another part of of him was scared at what he might become. A frown appeared upon his face as he withdrew his hand. He could puzzle out these thoughts later. For now he would focus on the present and being here with his family. Withdrawing his hand from his son’s brow, he settled into his chair. It would be a few hours before they would be ready to wake. He would use this time to meditate and center himself. For in the morning he would have to go back to ruling a sector.

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 12/23/16, 04:17:54 PM »
~ Shadren News Network ~ The Royal Armada has departed to bring order to the troubled Demetras Sector ~ Trade deal with the Tion Hegemony has been finalized ~ Undead Legions swell after recent invasion ~

An explosion was detected some time ago in the New Bornalex system. After some investigation there was confirmation of the destruction of New Bornalex. As of now the Shadren Hegemony is now the uncontested rulers of the Belsmuth Sector. The voice of the king is stated in saying that the king and queen are saddened at destruction of the system, they would not wish such a fate upon any one. Living or dead.

The king's voice went on to say that that the loss of the hyperlanes is a set back, it is not a giant loss. New hyperlanes will be charted and shared with our Imperial allies. He hopes no further acts of terrorism will come of this tragedy. Weapons of mass destruction in the hands of crazed zealots can only lead to more destruction.

As we report this, the defense fleets are already tightening security along the borders of the realm. It is advised to report anyone or anything that seems out of place to your local Order Chapter House.

In other news. Skeleton dye jobs are in right now. How can your improve your dead loved ones?

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
« on: 12/19/16, 03:18:04 PM »
The once vibrant world was gone. Whatever its surface would look like in the future would remain a mystery. A cocoon surrounded the planet, hiding the surface in a thick layer of ash and dust. The undead monarch’s gaze lingered on the dead world as he stood before the viewport of his ship.

At least I managed to save the prettiest flowers of each world to bring back home to Vedriat. They shall be added to the gardens, to act as grave markers for these lost worlds. The smile that formed upon his face was hidden behind the silk cloth he wore as a mask.

There was a tingling sensation at the back of his mind as he sensed one of his creations, one of his children, approach him. “I have a task for you.” He spoke as soon as the abomination stood directly behind him. “Take a squad of your lesser brethren. You are to go to Taris and bring back to me several Rakghouls,” Dorian finally turned his gaze from the ruined world to the skeleton behind him. The Wight was one of those skeletons who regained their sense of self. Yet. Were still connected to that telepathic bond that most had with the king.

As the skeleton tilted its head to the right, it stared at its king with those empty sockets. Empty, yet a blazing blue light glowed within them. "Your will be done, my king." Its voice echoed within the Lich’s mind. “Take one of the Imperial ships. I will know when you have returned. Now go. Do not fail me.”

With a bow, the unliving minion of the king departed. It was time for him to return home. The fact that when he last saw his queen she was wearing his soul around her neck spoke volumes to him. Whatever plots she had gotten herself involved with, put him in danger if she failed. It is time to return home, he thought.

“Captain. Send word to my Master of Ships. My invasion fleet is to resume the conquest of this sector,” Dorian’s voice was projected out with the Force, causing all crew present to hear his command. “Also. Send word to the queen. We make for the capital.”

"Yes, your majesty!" The Captain called out. Dorian blocked out the sounds coming from the bridge as his gaze returned to the tomb world that was born from his actions. I should feel something. I brought about the deaths of many. Yet. I feel nothing. Just as I did when I crushed an insect under my heel in my youth. Are the living now nothing more than insects to me?

These thoughts caused a frown to appear upon the Lich's face. When then would he view his mortal children with the same level of disinterest? Or his wife? The disconnect from the mortals of the Galaxy was troubling. He would speak with his wife about such things. Perhaps she could help remedy these thoughts of his.   

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 12/16/16, 04:17:58 PM »
Shadren News Network - Live Special Announcement

Standing on the deck of a battleship, the camera focuses on the king of the Shadren Hegemony. In the background there was a clear view of the three worlds that had just suffered a massive purge. A stream of ships could be see leaving the closest planet, leading to various transports within the fleet. The king was dressed in black silks with armor overtop of his silk clothing. A skull shaped mask covered the majority of his face, leaving only his lower jaw visible.

“Behind me are three worlds that rejected my offer to join my kingdom. The warlords that took power in the chaos that has enveloped this system did not wish to give up their petty holdings to join something greater.”

Dorian waved for something to step forward. In shambled the corpse of a Rattataki in a fine suit of armor. “This is the fate of those that defy me. The fate of those that would threaten the sovereignty of my rule. The fate to any would be invader.”

Moving towards the the closest planet appeared to be a comet. The system’s star made the tail sparkle like a million diamonds. It was an oddly beautiful sight that didn’t fit the horror show that was on the deck of this ship.

The corpse cocked its head too far to the right and a sickening crack could be heard. With the wave of his hand the zombie shuffled out of camera view. “My fleet came to this system six days ago. In six days my forces have killed and converted a majority of the population in all the major cities on these worlds. I say this to paint a picture. Imagine what I would be able to do in a month. In a year.”

He pointed to the view port behind him. “The Shadren Hegemony will no longer be cowed into submission. We will no longer put up with the aggression of neighbors. Provoke us at your own risk.”

On the furthest planet a bright light could be seen visibly from the distance. Then another bright light on the middle world. The comet crashed into the surface of closest planet and there was a blinding fireball that mushroomed out into space.

“For when my forces leave a system, we will be leaving tomb worlds in our wake. The living have been warned. Best let the dead rest in peace.”

The fireball started to slowly recede back to the surface. Anyone left alive on these worlds likely would not be alive after this. The king walked out of the view of the camera, letting the viewers watch these planets burn. Finally the image cuts out.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
« on: 12/15/16, 04:56:45 PM »
Death’s Fist. This was the name of the his personal fleet. It was one of two fleets that could effectively sneak into enemy territory. Each ship had radar blocking material along the hull and to help reduce visibility the hulls were painted black with a star pattern painted. This way if anyone were to look out the view ports they would only see distant stars. Without a life support system, it was possible for them to drift through space and blend in with the void. Until it was too late.

Currently every ship was running full power as they made their way towards chaotic Demetras sector. It would not be long before the Empire sweeps in to restore order and bring this sector back into the fold. All thanks to Zakuul finally starting to lose grasp of Galaxy. Before that could happen, he needed to annex as much of it as possible.

His time table would have to be accelerated further thanks to those within the Sith Empire that insisted on meddling with his affairs. These gnats were growing to be a bothersome annoyance. Was this how the former Sith Emperor felt before he abandoned his empire for another?

Dorian would not make the same mistakes as that man. For starters a large chunk of his military was bound to his will. It also helped that those that worked in the mines and fields could be used in battle as well. As for those that are retained their free will, they would slowly become more hedonistic. As the pleasures of the flesh decayed, they would have to seek such thrills in other ways.

Combat. War. These will be supplement their need to feel something. While immortal, they could still be destroyed. Risking themselves in battle to see if they can meet someone worthy enough to grant them the true death. This is the path he would steer his warriors on.

The Lich ran his hand through his hair as he sat back in his chair as looked out the view port of his ship. All these thoughts on the future will be pointless if the Sith Empire or any of the other powers decide to crush him. Numbers. That is what he needed.

With the wave of his hand, he used the Force to active the holocam. His image was projected to the bridge of every ship within his fleet. His voice would broadcast throughout each ship so all could hear what he had decided upon.

“Each and every one of you knows that we have but one rule within our kingdom when it comes to the gift of undeath. You must accept it of your own free will. From the lowly Skeletons and Zombies all the way up to likes of you all. My Revenants. All who have joined the ranks of the unliving have done so because they wished to serve for eternity.”

Dorian stood up from his chair as he spoke. He paced back and forth as he pointed to something.

“But. Once the Sith Empire and the Republic are finished with Zakuul, there will be nothing to keep them distracted. We do not have the numbers to beat them in an open war. There is a way to remedy this. When we arrive in the Todirium system, we make this system into a graveyard. For they have spat upon the offer to join us peacefully. The living will be pressed into service in death and their dead will pay for their descendants folly. They had the chance to serve me in life. Now. They will slave for me in death. Prepare yourselves. We have planets to kill.”

The holoprojector cut off as the king returned to his seat. He knew that Vedriat was not going to be pleased with his choice, but she was busy trying to deal with the Imperials through diplomatic channels. It was time to remind these pests why the living should fear the dead. Dorian sat back down in his chair as his gaze focused on the view port once more.

He closed his eyes. When he returned, it was time to see the Chiss.

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