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I'm here at the Red Roof Inn in Loudon, New Hampshire, up the road a ways from New Hampshire Motor Speedway, where tomorrow the vroom-vrooms will begin in earnest, heh heh...we actually got here yesterday for a chance to do some sightseeing, as our 14th President, Franklin Pierce, is buried with his family at the Old North Cemetery in Concord - and his house is practically right around the corner from the cemetery. (Which I did not realize until we went again today.)

So grandfather and I are going up North State Street, the street that Old North is on. Trouble is, we went the wrong way on North State Street, and saw a somewhat different (not to mention a hell of a lot bigger) cemetery, which I later learn is called Blossom Hill. Pulling a U-turn, as we missed the entrances, my grandfather drives us a little ways up the curb, and it's something of a hard rise-and-fall. Then all of a sudden, I hear hissing, and say to him, "Do you hear that?" We pull into the cemetery itself, and he looks - the right front tire's gone flat.

He spends about 45 minutes working the spare free from under the car and messing with the lug nuts - only to find they're not budging, so he calls AAA. By that period, I had wandered across the cemetery (no small hike - as I said, the place is bloody huge) and was sitting on a bench outside the office, when the AAA truck pulls in (to which I'm all "he's over there!" and pointed him in the direction I'd come from). Another 30-45 minutes goes by...which I'm guessing involved getting the tire off, putting the spare on, and then my grandfather looking for me, when he pulls up. He says that the tire was basically slashed on the sharp edge of the curb. We got the replacement and what not all sorted and checked in to the hotel, looking at a map of Concord to see where we went wrong. Turns out when we had stopped in front of the Pierce Manse to get a few pictures, we had gone right instead of left, and basically gone right by it without realizing.

Not exactly an auspicious beginning to our weekend, heh heh....


(And yes, I took the liberty of adding one of these banners to the first post in the first thread, too.)

Office of the Warden, Belsavis
Transcript 8.24.13 10 ATC
First Questioning Session with Prisoner #1801868: Darth Malagant
Sith Lord, Captured Reydovan Prime 8.09.13 10 ATC
Charges: Murder, Jedi Knight Huldref, Alderaan, 7.12.13 10 ATC; Incitement of Civil Insurrection, Reydovan Prime, 4.11.13 10 ATC; Kidnapping and Brainwashing, Jedi Knight Kieran Devaneaux (alias Lord Cyanoculus), 4.11.13 10 ATC; Crimes Against Sentients; Violations of the Treaty of Coruscant
Sentence: Life Imprisonment Without Parole
Questioner: Master Saxtus Fayhan, Jedi Custodum

[Master Fayhan inputs security code to deactivate stasis and seats himself in front of cell. Darth Malagant regains consciousness, but remains immobilized by restraints.]

Master Fayhan: Good day, Lord Malagant. I trust you have had a good sleep?

Darth Malagant: As if you particularly care, Saxtus...what do you want?

F: Your voice sounds a little hoarse. Do you require water?

M: I will not beg you like a dying man for a drink...though if you must know, yes. This damn stasis effect dries out my throat.

[Fayhan approaches Malagant with a canteen of water, which Malagant proceeds to sip from...and then spit in Fayhan's face.]

M: Feeling the chill now, Saxtus? It should be preferable to the one that goes up your spine whenever you're in the same room with me.

[Fayhan does not react, sits back down.]

F: You seem to know so much about me, Lord Malagant. How about you tell me about yourself? You're proud of what you've accomplished as a Sith, I can tell. So how did you rise so far?

M: [laughs] You want to know about me, do you? Hmm. Very well...see, you Jedi seem to think that we Sith are born out of some infernal pit. But we were born with families, just as you were. And more often than not, we leave our families behind when we become Sith, just as you Jedi do. In my case, my father was a soldier in the Imperial Army, a sergeant leading a squad in the great Imperial war machine until he met his end on Alderaan. He expected his sons to be officers someday, the first in our line to do so. I was destined for something...a bit higher than that.

F: When did it awaken within you?

M: Seven. I lashed out and killed an abusive housesitter - my mother died after Andav was born, and my father was often away at the front. We were born during the war, after all. But this witch...liked to lock us up while she watched her holodramas, and beat us if we made any noise. She hit me once too many, and I burned her from the inside out with the Force. They had to recall my father from the front to meet with my soon-to-be Master.

F: Inquisitor Jaeden'laek.

M: Very good. You've been researching.

F: Only bits and pieces. But please, go on.

M: Jaeden'laek took me to the Academy in Kaas City - we hadn't moved everything fully to Korriban just yet. That came a little bit later.

F: Forgive me for asking, but you do not seem like the kind of man who would do well traipsing about in tombs. How did you...?

M: [laughs] Part of my arsenal, my dear Saxtus. You see, if people see a fat man who can't possibly be as good with a lightsaber or the Force as his appearance would suggest, they don't face me with their guard up. And I tear them apart as a result. You should have seen the look on Defileris' face when I took his head. He was utterly shocked.

F: That was a few months ago, when you were anointed Darth?

M: That's right.

F: Quick climb.

M: No quicker than your boss, Saxtus. Not even thirty and she runs a prominent Jedi enclave. And her inner circle - not the Custodum Council, I mean her direct associates, friends, so on - all seem to be about that age.

F: Your point?

M: My point is, excellence knows no age. We have Darths as young as twenty. On the flip side, we have people in "middle age" who are still apprentices - some even still acolytes at the Academy. For instance, how long have you been a Master? [Fayhan is silent] Oh, come on. I've blabbed about myself enough already. Humor me.

F: About a year.

M: And how long were you a Knight before that? The duration of the war plus the period up to your Mastery - some forty years or so, yes?

F: Something like that.

M: Ever wonder if it was you? I mean, look at your colleagues, most of them think you're a step away from joining me. They've started to whisper about you in the halls of your Temple on Tython. Ever stop to think that maybe that's what left you stuck as a mere Knight for forty years?

F: The Force grants us our duties as it wills. I was determined to be ready a year ago, and not before - that is the will of the Force.

M: Or the will of a capricious Council, Saxtus. Admit it: Your Order has its own divisive politics just as much as ours does. Some are hell-bent on going over and invading you again, the rest uphold this ridiculous treaty. On that, you and I can agree, hmm? The treaty is a mistake. War is inevitable.

F: ...Yes.

M: Ah, see? We're not so much different, you and I. Cut from the same cloth. We're both schemers. We're both dedicated to destroying our opposite numbers by any means necessary. And we both think we're right about it.

F: There is one difference between us.

M: And that is?

F: You're insane.

M: One man's lunatic is another man's oracle, Saxtus.

F: Thank you for that insight. Goodbye, Lord Malagant.

M: Already? We were just getting start--

[Fayhan administers a sedative to Malagant, who is then placed back in stasis. Session ends.]


Darth Malagant felt consciousness return to his body as the stasis field deactivated. He had been stripped down to his lower robe, and his shoes had been taken from him; the Force binders were still tight around his neck and wrists, and he could feel the constriction in his generously-fleshed limbs. That was the one thing with stasis didn't change at all, no wasting away or starvation. Just sensory blackout. Not long after he arrived, he had been moved to a block of ancient cells...cells that were now open. The mysterious race that was imprisoned here by the Rakata roamed this part of Belsavis freely...though not without some conflicts with the Republic garrison and the Imperial troops trying to discover the place's secrets.

Blinking to clear his blurry vision and shivering in the chill, the Sith sorcerer looked up to see who had deactivated the cell, and was not surprised to see the white-haired, white-robed, white-armored figure of Saxtus Fayhan. ", Saxtus?" he croaked, his mouth dryer than the Dune Sea. Actually, that was one drawback - being in stasis for prolonged periods made you terribly thirsty.

"Another chat, Malagant," the Jedi Master replied as he handed his prisoner a small canteen of water, which the Sith Lord drank gratefully. He had been sent from Tython three days earlier by Iaera Farworlder, and had arrived with the Direwolf - with first mate Jeremiah August acting as captain while the ship's master, Eidan Zherron, recovered from his "ordeal" of the day before Fayhan left, exploring one of Taelios' vaults with a team of fellow "scoundrels" and soldiers. "Your apprentice attempted to dictate terms to Master Farworlder on Kwenn almost a week ago. The day after that, he broke into the Custodum Council's secure holo-net and mocked us. Did you scar his face for being cheeky?"

Malagant merely smiled; inwardly, he was surprised that Veerak would show his face. He always wore the dark hooded robes, the mask he had given him... "Not at all, Saxtus. Korriban leaves its mark on some people." His own body bore signs of scarring - along his right arm, his left hand, above his right nipple, and on his right shoulder, among others - though none on his face. "Sith acolytes are very competitive. They have to be. Those who don't measure up, die. Survival of the fittest. What do you do with your failures? Make them librarians, paper-pushers. We kill ours. Often during the trials themselves."

"You would do away with those who still have a purpose?"

"Purpose?" Malagant snorted. "Now that I think on it, Saxtus, you Jedi essentially enslave your failures, don't you? You can't possibly have untrained Force users running amok to be picked off by the Sith, can you? So what do you do? You lock them away in your dusty Archives. You keep tabs on them, keep them where you can see them. To allow such people to run amok in public? Lunacy! So you make them go through your precious histories, catalog your artifacts. You make it sound like a noble duty to them, so that the pill they have to swallow for failing to become Jedi is not so bitter. 'You're helping preserve the history of our Order,' you might say to them."

"You make that sound as if it's a death sentence."

"Isn't it? Most of these poor kids you pick up have families, Saxtus - not all Jedi prospects are orphans of war, like your Miraluka children. Some are the children of failures who will never amount to anything. You give total screw-ups a false sense of hope by taking their kids for Jedi training - and when they fail, the kids rot in the galaxy's most boring library for the rest of their days, and their family never hears from them again. I always knew you Jedi were secretly sadistic...but even to someone like me, that's cold."

"Who would Veerak go to in order to bail you out?" Fayhan asked, uncomfortable with the questioning.

"Ah; the man on business returneth. Pity." Malagant's smile widened. "You don't really think I'd just tell you, do you? So you can make plans? You're a smart man, Saxtus. Guess."

"Veerak himself would come, most likely...that's partly why I'm here..." Fayhan thought it over. "Kieran wouldn't, he's the one who sent you here." At the mention of Kieran, Malagant's smile faded, and he let out a snarl. "Your pet bounty hunter, possibly. Veerak might also be able to convince his brother to fight for the 'right side'." Fayhan did not mention Andav, and Malagant - though blocked to the Force - noticed.

"And my brother as well," he said aloud. "Unless you have him here too?"

Fayhan was hesitant, and now he couldn't hide it. "No," he said finally.

Malagant's eyes suddenly widened as he realized... "You killed him," he whispered. "You sniveling Jedi pig, you killed him, didn't you?"

"No, I did not." That much, at least, was true.

"Lying bastard," Malagant hissed, his voice filled with hate and rage. "Liar! Kidnapper! MURDERER!"

"And what does that make you, Malagant?" Fayhan replied, anger tinging his voice. "You, who unleashed an insane man to destroy a city! Who murders and tortures to get what he wants! You're a stain on the Force...and if I did not uphold our code when it came to prisoners, you would be dead right now!"

"Yes, Saxtus, because the current situation is so much better, isn't it?!" Malagant shouted back. "Oh, you'll say 'I didn't do it, I wasn't there', but it was your plan that led to this - and it was likely your plan that led to Andav's murder! Who was it, Saxtus? Was it that cowardly swine Zherron? Or that scar-faced green bitch? Or perhaps one of your Miraluka pets? How will it feel when I wring the life out of your friends?!"

Fayhan swiftly injected a sedative into the raging Sith Lord. "Back to sleep, Lord Malagant," he said evenly. "I think we've spoken enough today." He gently placed the unconscious man back into the stasis cell and activated the field, and Malagant was again floating in air and energy.

Leaving the cell block - careful to avoid any of the "restless natives" - he met with August back at the small Republic outpost. "Well?"

"Keep an eye on this cell block, Mister August...I will return to the MaxSec sector. If there is any change or sign of an incursion, I will alert you at once."


Holocrons and Info Nodes / Shadowfall: To Capture a Sith Lord
« on: 08/08/13, 05:40:51 AM »
((I have decided to do a bit of a rewrite, in light of "recent events"...))

Darth recent days, he has become a variety of things.

To some within the ranks of the Empire, he is a feared, powerful figure, a respected historian and a powerful sorcerer, a fervent defender of the Imperial way of life. To others, an egotistical joke, a blinkered zealot who clings to increasingly obsolete ways of thinking, a xenophobe, an outspoken opponent of allowing aliens or slaves to be Sith. To the Jedi, he is a silver-tongued corruptor and an unrepentant murderer. To those who attend the neutral parties on Kwenn and Nar Shaddaa, he is a blustering nuisance.

To the Sith who calls himself "Cyanoculus", and to the Jedi Master Saxtus Fayhan, he is a bitter enemy.

For the last two decades, Malagant has made a name for himself both in a scholarly fashion and in far less flattering ways, culminating in his climactic battle against his nemesis, Darth Defileris, which elevated him to become a Darth in his own right. Now, his power base has started to erode. His enforcer, Lord Velenkayn, is dead, slain on Reydovan Prime in a duel with Master Fayhan. Lord Cyanoculus - formerly the Jedi Knight Kieran Devaneaux, Fayhan's first student - and the Chiss sniper Torv'ara'nerasi have both sought new masters. His apprentice, Torv'eer'aknari - Commander Varan's younger brother - is on the cusp of his Lordship as well, but no one is sure if Veerak will remain loyal to his master, or seek his own path.

Making a devil's bargain, Master Fayhan has looked within the Empire itself to find those who would benefit from Malagant's downfall. The Master's plan - perhaps foolishly optimistic, but keeping in the mindset that Jedi do not tend to execute their prisoners - is to capture the Sith Lord and imprison him within the Republic prison-fortress of Belsavis, despite the fact that the planet has become a war zone of late, with the Republic garrison fighting both the Empire and the assorted scum of the universe held within its cell blocks. He believes that imprisonment, being left powerless, will humble the arrogant Sith and end him as a threat.

But Malagant is aware that Fayhan now seeks his capture. He is also aware that his servants have begun to find new masters, though ultimately he continues to hold them in his grip - whether they realize it or not. Cyanoculus has begun to break through the prison of self-loathing and despair that Malagant has placed around him, and has made significant progress...inspired by the Jedi-turned-Sith hearing his old Master show concern over his welfare and accept that his destiny has made them foes. Perhaps against a common enemy, the renegade and his former teacher may become allies.

The stage is set, and the players are arriving to take their positions.

The play is soon to begin.


Saxtus Fayhan stepped off the shuttle at the Jedi Temple on Tython, bracing himself. Right now, he was on his way to speak to the Council; after that, later tonight, he would meet with Iaera and the Masters of the Custodum. And he had a confession to make to them all...

"Master Fayhan," said a Jedi Knight who spotted him coming off the shuttle, "we've received a priority transmission for you from Coruscant. General Linavil requested that you make contact with her when you arrived."

"Thank you, I'll see to it at once." Heading into the Temple's communication room, he asked for privacy as he conducted his business. He knew what this call was about...duty-bound as he was, Eidan had probably told her. Likely preparing evidence for my trial if this doesn't work, he thought.

The appearance of a burly-looking Cathar appeared on the holo. Fayhan recognized him as Kirtallah Thekal, the general's chief of staff; his son Shirvallah served in Sithbane Squad under the general's daughter, Melena. "General Linavil's office. Colonel Thekal here."

"Hello, Colonel. This is Saxtus Fayhan calling from Tython."

"Ah, hello there. The general is expecting you, Master Fayhan - one moment, please." He faded from the projector, and was replaced by the slender, battle-scarred form of General Ketana Netalis-Linavil. "Have you lost your goddamn mind?!" she shouted.

Fayhan merely smiled. "Nice to see you too, General."

"Don't play coy with me, Saxtus! Zherron told me of your little stunt - are you insane?"

"Not according to the Jedi Council, though I suppose sanity is in the eye of the beholder. I acted as I felt necessary - I am already on my way to speak with the Council, and tonight I will also have to explain it to Iaera and the Custodum."

"I know you feel strongly about nabbing this scumsucker, Saxtus, and Melena and Eidan both agree...but why do it like this? Why go to Imperials to do the Republic's job?"

"Because he is a very powerful and protected man, and could potentially be of use - if we can crack the veneer of sadistic malevolence. And the only way we can lure him into the trap is to rely on assistance from the other side. Force knows he's angered enough people in the Empire with his traditionalist rhetoric - for all that they're tainted by the dark side, they've started to become a bit" Fayhan met the Mirialan general's gaze. "If I could think of a better way to do this, Ketana, I would. But he knows that we're onto him now. That Chiss sniper who follows him, the one called Varan - he saw everything."

General Linavil was silent for a moment. Finally, she asked. "What about Kieran?"

Fayhan bowed his head. "He...may be able to provide one last service to the Republic. His hatred is a strong motivator for him to assist us."

"He could easily turn on you and murder you."

"Possibly. It's a risk, I know - and my hopes for its outcome may be foolishly hopeful. But we cannot help but try. Malagant is a scourge, Ketana - most of the Sith I fought were people who fought in the defense of their Empire and its ideals, no matter how misguided we find them. He's a sadistic lunatic; he inflicts pain for pleasure. And he's already killed two of our own, directly or otherwise."

"Two? I was only aware of the soldier you suspect was murdered by the Inquisition on Kwenn. Unless..." Realization dawned on the general. "I take it Knight Huldref did not return alive."

"No, General, he didn't," Fayhan confirmed grimly. "He was sent to us in a crate with markings from House Organa, but Eidan confirmed that he duelled with Malagant; it was in the Glarus Valley near the Elysium, east of Castle Panteer."

"Damn it. I should have sent more men..." She sighed. "How do you want to run this, Saxtus?"

"I have made the offer. The seed is planted. Let's see if my...contacts are willing to help it grow." Fayhan smiled sadly. "For now, we wait. The ball is in their hands now; let's see if they can pass it to us in the endzone."

"I never took you for a fan of Huttball."

"The things we watch on Nar Shaddaa." Fayhan smiled a little and shrugged. "A little too brutal for my tastes, but it's rather...competitive."

"It is that." The general sighed. "Very well, Saxtus. Keep me appraised."

"I will. Thank you, Ketana."

"'Thank you'?" General Linavil snorted. "If the entire operation ends up going to Hell, Saxtus, I'll be on the chopping block right next to you. Just don't screw this up." The channel cut.

Fayhan shook his head with a smile. "That went well..."

Holocrons and Info Nodes / The War in the Shadows
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Of all the planets in the galaxy to become a crossroads, this had to be one of the most unlikely, in Andav Undjo's considered opinion. This was his first trip here, though he understood that Cyanoculus had been here several times - as had Master Fayhan and his smuggler lackey, Zherron. Landing his Phantom, the Flamestrike, in a hangar on Kwenn Orbital, he looked over the ship and the hangar with careful precision, ensuring that there were no surprises left for him; his pistol was in one hand, his vibroknife in the other, and his rifle was secured over one shoulder.

There had been rumors for the last week of several incidents involving ships exploding in orbit - sabotage, firefights, no one was sure. Since no one had shot at him, he decided to be wary for sabotage...and so he had a trio of retractable anti-personnel laser cannons installed, one under the nose and the other two on the wings, intended to fire on anyone who conducted any sort of "modifications" or attempted to enter the ship without his access code, a code that he changed frequently to avoid interception. Years of dealing with crafty rebels on Balmorra had taught him quite a few lessons. He was indeed thankful, when General Krysiak called him on the Absolution, that he was not being sent back to that cesspit.

Yes, Nar Shaddaa and this backwater are great improvements, he mused to himself with a smile. You still have an eye for picking shitty planets, Bassel. I pity poor Varan...then again, Chiss don't seem to mind much of anything. Tell a Chiss he's going to a toxic dump, he shrugs and says "For the Empire", and goes off to do it. You have to admire the dedication.

Holstering his weapons, he went to the launch bay to take the shuttle down to the surface. Once there, he walked across the cityscape and saw a place not far from the Busted Blaster Cantina to stand and watch. Patience was a skill he had also learned during his years on Balmorra.

With a smile, he activated his stealth generator and knelt down in the dust. And waited.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Malagant's Rise
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((A moment of inspiration after suffering a minor existential crisis. I mean, the story has an outline...but perhaps it should be told?))

Kaas City, Dromund Kaas - Capital of the Sith Empire
Twenty-five years earlier

"You're...sure of this?"

"Quite sure, Sergeant." The Kaas City security man looked...revolted. "He's got a sensitivity to the Force - and plenty of rage t' back it up, from the looks of it."

"Yes, I've...seen what was left of the housesitter. And the bruises on the boys' bodies." The sergeant nodded. "Very well. My call to the Sith went through, I hope? Someone is on their way?"

"Yes, an Inquisitor Jaeden'laek. He should be --"

"Here now," came a voice from the doorway. The slender Pureblood entered, hand resting on his saber hilt. "You are Sergeant Eddal Undjo?"

"Yes, my lord," he replied, bowing respectfully. "I was given leave to return from the front after this was reported to me."

"I see. And which of your sons is our murderer?"

"My eldest, lord. Masac. We're a military family, several generations of soldiers for the Emperor - and I was hoping he'd be the first to be an officer. But...could he be more? Could he be...Sith?"

Jaeden'laek stroked his tendrils thoughtfully. "I will have to see the boy first, to see what he is capable of. Does he have any skills worth mentioning?"

"Well, he's not very physically active, my lord, but he has shown an interest in Imperial history. Stories of Sith Lords and great military commanders. And he's 'discovered artifacts' in the garden from time to time."

"Housesitter wasn't fond of that, sir," reported the policeman. "Neighbors often saw her beratin' the lads for doin' that."

"Where is the boy, officer?" the Inquisitor asked.

"Bein' held in his bedroom, m'lord. Told t' wait until his father here arrived."

"Very well." He turned to Eddal. "Would you care to do the honors then, Sergeant?"

Eddal was silent for a moment, then he nodded. "Yes, my lord, I think I should."


Masac Undjo, seven, sat on the end of his bed, looking down at his feet. He was a slightly chubby boy, with tousled brown hair and hazel eyes - and spattered with blood from head to toe. None of it his own.

The door opened, and he saw his father standing in the doorway. "Papa, I --"

Eddal raised a hand to silence him. "I know, Masac, I know. Do you know how you did it?"

"I dunno. I thought of her hurting, being punished. And it...happened." Masac looked up into his father's eyes. "Does that mean I'm...?"

"It might. You can touch the Force, certainly. But it will depend on our visitor." He stepped aside and allowed Jaeden'laek to enter.

Realizing who and what this man was, Masac's eyes went wide, and he threw himself to the floor at the Inquisitor's feet. Jaeden'laek knelt, raising the prostrating boy to his feet. "At least you show proper respect, boy." His yellow eyes met Masac's hazel ones. "You have strength in the Force, young one. I can see it clearly. But you must learn to harness it, to control it, or you will destroy yourself - or be destroyed by someone else. Someone with a lot less patience than I." He smiled warmly. "Your father called me here because he thinks that you can be trained to be Sith. And perhaps you can be, if you can endure the trials. Many fail, and meet death. Those who succeed become apprentices to Sith Lords like me - and perhaps even more than that."

"But...I'm only seven, sir--I mean, my lord...are there any boys like me in the trials?"

"Oh, certainly. Like the Jedi, the forces of our enemy, we prefer them relatively young. Less baggage to throw off, so to speak." Jaeden'laek's expression became serious. "You have potential, but if you fail, you will be lost and forgotten, the shame such that your name will never be spoken again. But if you succeed, you have the capability of becoming a great Sith, a powerful and respected servant of our Emperor." His gaze never left the boy's. "Are you prepared to begin your trials, Masac Undjo?"

The boy met the Inquisitor's gaze with a mixture of fear and longing. "Yes, my lord."

Jaeden'laek smiled again. "Very good. Our Academy on Korriban is still undergoing reconstruction...but the facility here on Dromund Kaas should do. It won't be long before you can see real Sith history. Now come. We have much to do."

Roleplay Workshop / Questions Regarding HK-51
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A thought occurred to me recently...since I'm sure plenty of us have collected our own HKs (and if you play it careful on the last bit with the Lord of Agony, you can solo it at 55 - I did), and I don't see any posts on this topic beyond announcing their release and what not, I have a couple questions:

1)In the RP timeline as established, which remains within the bounds of the Cold War (in-game sense, up to around Act II of the player storylines, pre-Malgus, pre-Makeb, so on), is the HK-51 used at all?

2)If so, is it used "as is"? Meaning, are you actually designating it as an HK-51? (Since there are supposedly several thousand of these things, and a good technician could probably get 'em in working order.)
-2a)If so, was it recovered/rebuilt, as it is in-game, in the wreck of the Fatality in Belsavis' Section X?
-2b)If not, how do you designate it, if you use it at all?

3)Going on the recovered-from-Belsavis scenario: Since the Empire, in most character storylines, "only recently" discovered Belsavis' purpose as a Republic prison colony, does the Empire have access to Section X in an RP sense? If so, how? If not, how/where would they have recovered the HK?

Holocrons and Info Nodes / The Master Comes Full Circle
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Katran stepped off the speeder from the Temple and approached the main hall of the Retreat, to check in on her unusually unresponsive Master. He had been here a good deal longer than the week Iaera Farworlder had suggested, and she was worried. Approaching the meditation room he had been using, she hesitated before looking inside.

It was empty.

The Miraluka Padawan stared for a long moment, before spotting a passer-by. "Excuse me, Master, but where is Master Fayhan?"

"He left two days ago without a word. Most unusual."

She nodded and thanked the Master before heading back to the speeder back to the Temple.  She had been at the Temple for several days, training with the combat droids in the courtyard, waiting for him to emerge...but when he didn't, she suspected that his long-repressed feelings of anger and guilt had led him to do something...rash. She hoped she was wrong as she stepped onto the shuttle to take her up to Tython Orbital...but somehow knew what she expected to find.

Sure enough, even before the shuttle landed, she could see that the Eternal Watcher was gone. She let out a Miralukese curse under her breath as she stepped off the shuttle and headed for the station's communications room, requesting a link with the freighter Direwolf, last reported at Carrick Station. A slender-looking human appeared on the holo, and she recognized him as the first mate, Jeremiah August; from his seated position, she guessed he was taking it on the bridge. "This is the Direwolf. We are receiving, Tython."

"This is Padawan Katran of the Jedi Order. I must speak with Captain Zherron, Mr. August - it is urgent. Tell him it involves Master Fayhan."

"I'll get him on the comm - oh, he's on his way up. Hold on." He faded from visual, but she could hear him talking. "Eidan? Some broad from Tython, says she needs to talk to you about your Jedi pal."

Katran felt her ire rise at this insult, but Zherron was the one who slapped him down. "Saxtus is a bit more than a 'pal'...and I'll thank you not to refer to his apprentice as 'some broad', Jeremiah. Now go off and get a drink for a minute while I chat with our friend here." The battle-scarred features of the captain appeared on the holo. On seeing her expression, he smiled and said, "I take it you heard that crack. Don't worry about it...Jeremiah does not appreciate your Order as I do." His expression became serious. "I take it it's urgent?"

"Master Fayhan has disappeared, Captain - and he's taken the Watcher with him. A Master over at the Retreat said he'd left two days ago without leaving any word of where he was going, or that he was going at all. He's been rather...despondent of late."

Zherron was nodding, his expression grim. "I think I know why, young lady, and I think you do too...on top of that, I think I might also know where he's gone and why. I'll have the ship prepped and meet you at Tython Orbital."

"Thank you, Captain. I'll be waiting."


As soon as the comm with Tython closed, Eidan Zherron sat back in his chair with a sigh...and slapped his hand against his thigh in irritation. "Damn you, you old fool," he whispered from behind clenched teeth. "Jeremiah!"

August poked his head in. "Yeah, Skipper?"

"Find Liam and Maggard and get them back here. We're leaving."

"Off to Tython to play transport captain for Jedi again, eh? I thought you went through all that during the war."

"Might be a bit more than just playing transport captain, Jer." Zherron gazed at his first mate coldly through his augmetics. "And I'll thank you to keep your mouth shut when she's aboard."

August looked indignant. "What the hell --"

"She heard you, Jer. They're physically blind, though the Force lets 'em see - and they're not kriffing deaf. And she just told me that her Master's gone missing and taken the ship with him."

"So what the hell does she want you to do, Eidan, go look for him? It's a damn big galaxy."

"I know that. But fortunately, we don't have to go running around like gibbering idiots." Zherron turned away from August and gazed at the galaxy map, bringing up the holographic projection of a ringed world, orbited by three moons. "I know exactly where he's going."

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Bad News for a Master
« on: 04/11/13, 10:10:59 AM »
AUTHOR: Captain Eidan Zherron
TRANSMISSION SOURCE: Republic Privateer Direwolf, Khoonda Spaceport, Dantooine
RECIPIENT: Master Saxtus Fayhan

Saxtus, I'm afraid I've had bad news from our friends in Sithbane; Linny stopped by while I was on a homeworld run and told me that contact's been lost with Reydovan Prime, and it seems the Empire has moved in again. A new Sith governor, a fellow known only as "Lord Cyanoculus", has taken control of the planet. Guess the guy's fond of his blue eyes and wants to make a point of it. Sith, eh?

Since her unit was liaising with the planetary militia, it seems very likely that they're the only military force from that planet that's not on that planet at the moment. While she seemed reluctant to be all that bothered by it, Linny also told me that Kieran remains unaccounted for. We know he went back to his home planet a while back, after his Knighting, but the information we have is spotty at best. We don't know if he's been killed or captured, and there's been no word on whether he's managed to escape, either. She's promised to keep us appraised, but I have my doubts. The lieutenant hates Kieran, after that whole business with his father dealing with the same problem a decade ago. She's not likely to give a damn.

I would go myself, but our pals in the military are calling on this old rogue and his ship to go privateering again, and no doubt the Jedi Council will be sending you running around like a gundark on fire. Once I know more, you'll be the first to know.

INTERCEPTED: Imperial Garrison, Reydovan Prime

My lord, we intercepted this transmission en route to Tython. Damned fool didn't even think to encrypt it. It's like he didn't care...or perhaps he meant us to see it.

Either way, it seems the word of the downfall has gone out far sooner than we anticipated. However, both the good Master and his blind lackey remain ignorant of the true facts. This is an advantage we can play out; they won't be able to do anything to reverse the situation with ten million other things going on at the same time.

This is lucky, in a way, brother - if they knew what really happened, they'd fly out here without hesitation and probably foul everything up. Now, at least, we'll have time to fully set things up before the deluge of the greater war to come. I will keep you appraised.

We have made one small step for the Empire. May the steps be even longer in the days to come.

Introductions / Like, hi there and some junk (OOC)
« on: 04/09/13, 10:48:46 PM »
I often wondered if, like "that other game" I've recently gone on hiatus from, the RP servers had their own community sites. Lo and behold. :)

As if you couldn't guess, my most-oft-used nickname is "Joshmaul", but I'm known by a few other guises. I've had characters on BC since about launch day, when I joined with a bunch of guys from Cenarion Circle in WoW who've since...gone back to WoW, heh. I play all Pubs here, at least for the moment; all my Imps are over on Shadowlands. Admittedly, I've been in an Imp-levelling craze, but I hope to test the RP waters a bit; never really had a chance to do much with the guys.

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