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Outside Realm / Re: Solo: A Spoiler Thread
« on: 05/28/18, 09:25:17 PM »
...nor should Han and Lando be rendered slavesr and butchers forevermore, abusers and monsters without sentiment. That's...woof.

I've heard some thoughts that Han and Lando were portrayed too sympathetically here, particularly in the ending, to line up with their ANH and ESB counterparts. Which seems a bit ridiculous to me. I'll go back to what @Orell said:

It just saps A New Hope's scene with Han returning of a lot of heart. This time, he turned down the money for the right cause so much easier, Qi'ra's betrayal doesn't change that.

If I was writing it? The nascent rebels would've been wiped out, Kira Qi'ra and/or Woodie kill everyone but Han and Chewie and let them go for old time's sake. Give Han the unhappy backstory needed to justify why he'd turn his back on the Rebels in their hour of need, because these kids in this film? This wasn't their hour of need nearly as much. I... just can't see the Han that puts his life on the line to give some kids fuel and won in the end to turning his back on the Rebel Alliance because fuck you, he got paid.

I hope this is where the sequels, or...indirect sequels...or whatever it is we're getting, tidy this up a little. I think the Han we get at the end of Solo is the Han that comes back in ANH, not the one that leaves. His character is the quintessential 'smuggler with a heart of gold'. He's young here, and new to the big stage of the criminal underworld, and I actually kinda liked that his first inclination as a kid with a blaster and a new ship was to help people. Maybe that's why he comes full circle at the Death Star, and fuller circle still when he confronts Ben in TFA. Dude's got a good heart beneath his rough exterior, that's the primary DNA thread of his character. As Churchill said: '[CORELLIANS] will always do the right thing, after exhausting all the alternatives.'

So the question is, where does 'leaver' Han come from? The guy who ran from the Death Star and later from the Rebellion and his son. What happens to make him cynical and jaded? Qi'ra's departure is hinting at an unhappy reunion at some point, but as you said, the fact that it was indirect meant that Han didn't seem to need much prompting to palm a fortune off to some kids in the desert. Guess we'll see!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Tales from the Shatari Legacy
« on: 05/28/18, 07:56:01 AM »
"Aspasia! Padawan Maguire!"

Reading time was over, it seemed. Aspasia sighed and closed the book she'd been attempting to get through, yet another ancient and crumbling tome with a whimsical, flatulent writer who seemed more interested in putting together incomprehensible sentences than expounding anything useful to her. The sound of bare feet pattering rapidly through the aisles grew louder as the source of the voices closed in on her. She rubbed her eyes, feeling tired. They hurt. The fluorescent lamp she'd been reading by continued to bare down on her furiously, totally unphased by the dark night sky of Coruscant that lay beyond the thin windows of the archives.
But are they thick enough to contain this kriffin' brick? She pondered, hefting the dusty tome in her hand. Probably. It was disintegrating in her hand as is. Not that it had been of any use. Just like all the others, it had mentioned Maguire exactly twice. Both references had been in passing, and one, she was pretty sure, had been a typo.

Aspasia glanced up, weary, as a pair of young teen boys blasted around the corner.
"Gods above, slow down! The Archivist may not be here but ye know she's got cameras set up. And even if she didn't, she'd somehow figure it out anyway." Aspasia hissed as the boys slid to an awkward and uncontrolled halt in front of her. The excitement that had been etched on their faces vanished immediately, replaced by solemnness. They fixed her with a look.
"Are you threatening to dob on us, Padawan?" Asked the smaller one, a scruffy human called Adem who'd been plucked from the lower levels of Coruscant. His tone was somewhere between puppy dog and mafioso, and his face couldn't seemingly decide whether he was trying to plead or intimidate either.
"And if I am? You pair of ratbags could use a few more months in here. I was stuck here for-"
"A year, or whatever, we know." Replied the other, a tall and proud Kiffar boy called Caiyo. He wore his hair like Master Vos, and conspicuously lowered his voice to a deeply unconvincing macho growl whenever the older Kiffar was around.
Aspasia crossed her arms and put on her best high-and-mighty Master voice. "And look at me now. My time in these hallowed halls taught me patience, virtue and humility. Somethin' that you two could use."
They stared at her until she gave in and cracked up. They joined her, their laughter echoing around the cavernous space.
She recomposed herself, grin still etched on her face. "What've ye got for me, o minions of mine?"
"Well, firstly, think we need to renegotiate the whole 'minion' thing,' Adem started, 'it's demeaning. And illegal. It's basically the same thing as slavery. The only servitude we do is service to the Force. For the Force. Or whatever. Also slavery is illegal.'
"Not in my archives." Aspasia growled jokingly.
"Not your archives. Just because you've slept on half the books and kissed that one boy down here when you were a kid doesn't mean they're yours."
"Allegedly." Aspasia replied, clearing her throat.
Rat bastards. Never should have told them that.
The pair exchanged a look, suppressed a fresh bout of laughter, and then returned their gazes to her.
"Got some news for your master, figured we'd tell you first."
"Right. Glad you're both loyal enough to not do the right thing and go above my head-"

"They're too boneheaded for that." Came a voice, rich and warm, echoing from behind the boys. A girl walked in, dark of skin and with thick braided hair. The boys grinned, and Aspasia smiled.
"Evenin', Luk, just chastisin' our proteges. Apparently they've got somethin' interesting to tell me."
Padawan Lukhanyo Imawe strode over as she usually did, quietly and with the grace of a nexu, all poise and total, easy confidence. She was a fresh transplant to the Enclave, having arrived with her Master. They'd been all over the galaxy since the war against Zakuul and subsequent cleaning up, apparently, but had decided to return to the fold when they'd heard that the Custodum was making overtures to reintegrate with the Republic. Aspasia liked her, it was nice change of pace to have someone her age around again.
"Cool, I heard the racing around and assumed they were breaking things again. Go on then, don't let me interrupt." She cracked a smile, and Aspasia laughed.
"That was one time. And it was worth breaking. That Maguire stuff was creepy as hell. No offence, Spazzie, but that carving was in my damn dreams-" Caiyo protested.
"None taken. Believe me." Aspasia replied, smile faltering slightly. "Is that what this is about?"

Caiyo and Adem pursed their lips in unison and glanced at each other.
"Uh. Sorta. Guess we have two things."
Lukhanyo watched the pair with amusement, before her gaze settled on Aspasia. She said nothing. Aspasia smiled again, but felt uneasy. There'd been a recurring pit in her stomach these last few weeks, but she hadn't been able to put her finger on the what or why.
"Suspense is killin' me, boys."
They exchanged looks, and then spoke at the same time.
"The scans from the droid came back, it found heat signatures. We think there's something alive down on Maguire."
"We think the SIS is spying on the Enclave with senatorial and military backing."
"See? Told you I should go first, she's gone all pale again-"
"She's always pale, and Master Hantso taught us to get to the point first, but to soften it-"
"You think that was softening it?"
They continued bickering, hissing at each other.
"Boys, boys-" Aspasia protested in vain, attempting to get their attention without having to throw a book at them.
"You may need to repeat yourselves, gents, we're getting a bit old and hard of hearing." Lukhanyo interjected calmly, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. The boys shut up immediately.
How does she do that?

"You first, Adem."
"Right. Uh. Life on Maguire. We picked up positive thermal readings in the woodlands on the southern continent right before the probe got sucked into the nebula and eaten or whatever. Council wants someone to investigate. Uh. Carefully, after what happened last time."
Aspasia blinked, and felt herself exhale dramatically. She felt as though she'd just been slugged in the stomach by a heavyweight boxer, the wind knocked out of her.
"See? You killed her. Definitely pale. Nicely done, kathshit."
"Language." Lukhanyo interjected. Caiyo rolled his eyes and looked to retort, but instead fell silent.
"Spazzie? Y'hear me?"
"Aye. Yeah. Just...bit to digest. They want us to investigate? Me?"
"Well, you and your master, and whoever else wants to go, yeah. You know the place." Adem replied flippantly, looking pleased with himself. "Dunno why you're looking so grim about it. Not everyone gets to go to haunted planets, could be...uh...enlightening."
Stupid heart, stop racing. Been thinking about this for ages anyway, was only a matter of time. She breathed, and collected herself.
"Right. Maguire. Noted, thanks Adem."
Lukhanyo shot her a searching gaze, cocking an eyebrow. Aspasia ignored her, and turned to Caiyo.
"And you, Vos Jr., what's this other pressin' business?"
She saw his eyes light up at the mention of the name Vos.
"Oh, you know, the usual." He replied gruffly.
"I don't, that's why I'm askin'. And why you were in a rush to tell me."
"I heard some Shadows who are here on loan expressing some concerns about the SIS and military presence in the Enclave and on the Watch. They reckon we're being spied on. Council agrees."

That didn't surprise her, and certainly didn't knock the wind from her body. She'd felt the eyes. They all had. Ever since the Watch had been 'given' a delegation from the SIS and Republic Military, things had been different. The Jedi weren't distrustful by nature, quite the opposite, and the current times dictated that they work with their Republic allies to the best of their ability...but she'd heard some of the Masters expressing their concerns, just quietly. The garrison was getting nosy, and unfamiliar faces had started popping up in places they weren't necessarily welcome to be.
Not that we can say anything about it. They'd look secretive, opaque and elusive if they raised a stink. She'd never understood until recently why people didn't trust the Jedi. Aspasia didn't subscribe to that viewpoint (how could she, now?) but she was beginning to see why some folks felt that way. The last thing they needed was the public hearing from some jacked up senator that the Jedi had hijacked a Republic war vessel and refused to hand it back-
"Aspasia?" Lukhanyo's soft voice interrupted her line of thinking, and Aspasia snapped back to reality.
"Sorry. Processin'. Right. Military and SIS spyin' on us, what else is new?"
"That's the kicker. They thought it was just some bad edds or something in the departments who were getting a bit too curious-"
"Bad eggs, Cai." Adem corrected.
"Whatever. They think it could be a team now. Like a coalition of snobs from the government, spies and soldiers who have been put together to keep an eye on us. Because we're that dangerous and awesome."
Aspasia exchanged glances with Lukhanyo, wary.
" 'Spose we are, aye. But remember, boys, they're our people too. We're sworn to protect 'em."
"Someone tell them that." Adem deadpanned.
"We're trying, Adem." Lukhanyo replied with a frown. "There's a lot out there you haven't seen yet. You'll get your chance soon."
"Not if they're confined to the archives for spillin' secrets to Padawans who don't have clearance." Aspasia replied wryly. Lukhanyo shot her a vaguely disapproving look. Aspasia shrunk a little.
"But...uh...thanks, boys. I'll pass word along, and let the powers that be know ye did a good job delivering the message. Might get you out of here and doin' somethin' interesting sooner rather than later."
That seemed to reassure them. The two exchanged grins.
"Just doing what we do, Padawan." Caiyo replied coolly, before offering her a lazy bow and zooming off around the corner again.
Adem sighed, shook his head and regarded her. "Please don't bring back another tapestry. We filed the first one away under lock and key but I can still see it in my mind."
He offered her a nod, and then stomped off to track down his compatriot, slinging obscenities.

Aspasia scratched her neck awkwardly as silence fell between the two Padawans. Lukhanyo looked at her, smiling slightly.
"You handle them well."
Aspasia couldn't help herself but laughing. "Hah! You're...jokin', right? They tear around like a pair of cats in a holobooth, bloody miracle nothing is destroyed on a daily basis. That's not even mentioning the swearing, filing things in the wrong place, dropping things, falling asleep..."
"Familiar story, from what I hear. Not so different to a fiery little blonde girl who was constantly assigned to and from the archives in her yore."
Aspasia waved her off, cracking a crooked half-smile.
"Different enough. They're a lot less stupid."
"Nobody thinks you're stupid, Aspasia, certainly not the Masters and Knights. On the contrary. I've heard they're looking at speeding up your training, they're impressed with your progress. Might not be too long until you're knighted." Lukhanyo grinned. She was charismatic, that girl, but something about her still rubbed Aspasia the wrong way.
"Representin' the Enclave's Knights, huh? Nah. Not yet. That'd mean I'd have to be takin' on the responsibilities of talkin' to the public and helping with recruitment. I'm happy to wait a few years, maybe until the whole PR disaster blows over."
"Could be waiting a while. And the Order needs capable servants. As I hear it, you're more than ready."
"You're a flatterer, Imawe." Aspasia replied dryly, smile slowly fading. Lukhanyo's brown-orange eyes met her own amber-gold, studying her. Aspasia felt an odd chill race down her spine.
"Just a realist. Think we're a bit devoid of numbers currently, and we're the next cabs off the rank. Same thing happened during the Great War, and that was the generation that gave us Master Farworlder, Master Shatari and Master Jalth. We'll show 'em up, somehow. Maybe we could all have two lightsabers instead of one or something."
Aspasia chuckled, but the pit in her gut returned.
"Aye. Maybe. Or use...force pikes or somethin'."
"Hah! Yeah, maybe."

Silence reigned for a long few moments, before Lukhanyo thumbed over her shoulder.
"Alright. Better get going before my master puts out another all-points bulletin. Get yourself some sleep, Aspasia, you look tired. I'd recommend an actual bed."
"Right, way ahead of you." Aspasia replied with a yawn. Lukhanyo offered her a two-fingered salute in farewell, which Aspasia mirrored.
Weird. I knew Jedi from beyond the Enclave were different, but...weird. Still. Jedi were Jedi in this day and age, as divided and strange as things were.

Maybe that was enough.

Outside Realm / Solo: A Spoiler Thread
« on: 05/24/18, 11:27:15 PM »
A place for discussion regarding the new film. Obviously spoilers will abound, so enter at your own risk!

Personally, I was in the camp that believed that we never needed or wanted this film and that it would probably be a mess due to all the behind the scenes nonsense that was going on.

And yet, I loved it. Absolutely loved it. This is my favourite of the Great Evil Mouse's Star Wars films. It felt in keeping with the OT without being self-indulgent as Rogue One was. It was smartly written in a way that the ST hasn't been. The supporting cast were absolutely fantastic. The story was simple but effective, and the moments we were all dreading (goddamnit they're gonna do the Kessel Run, and it's gonna be lame), actually turned out to be done superbly. This film was like a big budget SmugCo adventure, including a bit involving a giant space demon in dark space that @blingdenston may want to push a lawsuit over.

I have to admit I was wrong regarding the casting of Han. Alden Ehrenreich may not look like Harrison Ford, but he absolutely gets the character. Han was fantastic, and seeing his canonical meeting with Chewie and the bond that grew from it was great. Donald Glover also nails it as Lando. Emilia Clarke is better here than in 7 seasons of Game of Thrones.

The cinematography and visuals were what stole the show for me, however. The planets and locations were memorable and wonderful. Kessel looked like something out of a Star Wars videogame from the 90s. The Maelstrom was gorgeous and terrifying. The aesthetics of the still-emerging Galactic Empire was super cool to see after having a number of films with all of that stuff already established; half-built star destroyers, conscripted soldiers wearing proto-Stormtrooper armour invading worlds in the quest for expansion. (Special shout-out to that last bit, the war sequence in Solo was a better war film than the entirety of Rogue One).

Most of all, the film was fun. It was a lot of fun, and would have been an enjoyable action-adventure romp even without the Star Wars label. It just so happens that it's a great action-adventure film whilst also being a great usage of the Star Wars setting (seriously, the worldbuilding was startlingly in-depth. They canonised Teras Kasi by name, for god's sake!).


good film. check it out.

Cantina / Re: Roll Call - How active are you?
« on: 05/15/18, 01:13:52 AM »
EDITED: Mispost! Ignore this!



inscribed in history.

etched into copper and placed on high that all the town may behold it and maketh mirth.

Cantina / Re: Roll Call - How active are you?
« on: 05/10/18, 05:10:56 PM »
Honestly, not hugely active. Got some vague plotlines in the pipeline, but I'd be lying if I said I had the time and motivation to see them through currently. SWTOR itself hasn't held much interest for me in years for a few reasons (particularly the fact that now I'm playing on 320 ping at a minimum due to where the server is located), and the current state of content essentially being a bunch of weird side-stories hasn't really left a whole lot to work with for RP. As a result, haven't been on much! Looking forward to the next expansion to put some life back into the game.

Outside Realm / Re: All good things...
« on: 05/03/18, 05:52:55 PM »
I'm not sure I could ever hope to articulate my feelings as well as @Elaeis has, that's legitimate poetry.

You've been an unfathomable bedrock of this community for a long, long, long time Iaera. Thank you for being an awesome person and a fantastic e-buddy for all these years. You've not only set the benchmark for Master RP for years, you also cultivated an RP space that's lived for longer than many real world institutions. I've loved being part of that community, it's been a hell of a lot of fun.

I know how you feel, and I wish you all the best. Take care, boss.

Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 05/02/18, 05:03:50 AM »
The Wars of our Fathers
May 3rd, 7:30pm PDT.

Conflict is once again on the horizon. With the Eternal Empire of Zakuul defeated, the beleaguered Republic licks its wounds and catches its breath, whilst warily casting its gaze across the dark expanse of space, to where their mortal enemies in the Sith Empire struggle back to their feet. Victory had been close at hand before Valkorion's fleets invaded, but the Republic and their Jedi allies had not been able to defeat and destroy the menace of the Sith any more than their ancestors following the Great Hyperspace War.

Now, with flashpoints sparking across the galaxy and familiar shadows being drawn across old battle lines, the Republic prepares itself for a resumption of the conflict that began decades prior. But are they ready to confront their old enemy once again? The Jedi slowly return to the Republic they were sworn to protect, navigating a minefield of public opinion and frayed patience following yet another disappearance. If there is to be any hope of learning from the last war, the Republic and Jedi must again believe in one another, and plan to enact a final victory over their dark adversaries.

The Republic Armed Forces and elements of the government have approached the Custodum Enclave and any willing Jedi with an offer of a summit at the Republic Senate, still in the process of being rebuilt. The invitation is in the name of seeking to symbolically restore the trust and goodwill, as well as pragmatically beginning the discussion of how exactly they can win this long, hard war, together.

OOC info:
-Held on the second floor of the Senate on Coruscant, with screenshots of precisely where below! Worth escaping the confines of the SH every now and then, no?
-Open to any Jedi, military, SIS, political or otherwise relevant characters. This is a dialogue between the Jedi and the Republic to get things back on track and discuss what the future holds, so dress nice!
-More free-form stuff will still be available at the Custodum SH if this ain't your cup of tea, and the RP will likely move back there after the summit!
-I'll be running things from my Vanguard, Ryalees. Feel free to fling me a whisper if you're confused on the night!

Location, being the biggest and most official looking room I could find that wasn't locked behind a cursed phase:

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 04/20/18, 12:02:50 AM »
Big thanks to everyone I consorted with at Jedi kNight tonight! Today was the end of of a long two weeks and it was just what I needed, apologies if I was a bit frazzled!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Tales from the Shatari Legacy
« on: 04/18/18, 06:36:45 AM »

"What's that?"
"Dunno. Some tapestry Knight Qardaak and his Padawan brought back from some mission. Came with a map."
"What kinda map?"
"Dunno. Didn't ask. Looked old, got told not to accidentally drool on it. Stupid archival duty."
"Wizard painting though, wonder where it's from. Looks old, and what kinda fabric is that-"
"Yeah...she didn't like looking at it, kept avoiding it."
"The Padawan."
"Weird. She threatened to punch me for cutting in front of her while in line for rice back on the Watch. Wonder why she's afraid of a picture. What's her name again?"
"Something foreign, but screw her, she was always too rough during sparring. And she was older than all of us!"
"Maybe we should sneak it into her quarters, put it up above her bed. See who's tough then."
"Nah, I've been assigned to the archives for long enough already. You feel free though."
"She's been looking pale, though, hasn't she?"
"The Padawan."
"Yeah, I guess she has."

I demand a comprehensive, peer reviewed analysis of tedious internal relations and communication policy.

in double spaced, size 12 font with an acceptable page margin to be in no excess of 1.2 inches

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 03/24/18, 01:01:22 AM »
A huge thanks to the ever-patient @blingdenston for what was a very memorable lesson in meditation and demon hunting. Maybe the real treasure was the majordomos we ridiculed along the way? Thanks for sitting through the deluge of exposition, mate, always a pleasure!

Events and Occasions / Re: Project: Resurgence
« on: 03/22/18, 06:26:20 PM »
Selfishly I'll struggle to make it for the full extent tonight, so my vote is on next week. Don't let that stop you guys though, if the consensus is to run tonight!

Cantina / Re: Character Faceclaims!
« on: 03/21/18, 02:14:37 AM »
Rieko "Boogie" Black, Agent of the Empire is English rugby and Lions superstar Owen Farrell

Aspasia is Saoirse Ronan

Hawking is looking Jon Hamm-y these days.

Events and Occasions / Re: Project: Resurgence
« on: 03/16/18, 03:35:27 PM »
Go on, twist my arm then.

From an ongoing campaign, this took place several weeks ago.
Dramatis Personae:

-Rose Kurz, Insufferable lawful good Paladin/all around cheerleader (played by yours truly)
-Ningle, chaotic good Gnome Wizard who was just in it for a good time.
-Bogar, chaotic good half-Orc. Part time philosopher, full time barbarian.
-Khazar, reanimated Tielfing bag of bones who just really wants to die. Chaotic neutral. Unhealthy relationship with some demons, and also probably Satan's punching bag.
-Alfredo, generic elf Archer with centuries of experience. A man of few words. Chaotic good.


We were getting duped by the mayor of an unassuming city.

People were going missing. Bones were turning up in large piles in the forests beyond the city. Lives were being lost here. The mayor knew more than she was letting on. 'Find the Lich, and defeat him.' She had said. But what was her relationship to this Lich? And what did she know about the Sylvans who had occupied this continent before the younger races came over and fucked it all up?

We asked. Bogar posed the question with his mighty 13 Charisma. The mayor was phlegmatic. 'Good enough, she's cool', said the party.
'Not good enough.' Said Rose, who was way too certain of her abilities, and also believed she was the Chosen One™. She questions the mayor with her mighty 18 Charisma. The mayor hesitated. The party insisted that Rose was being too pushy. 'Let's go, Paladin, and chase this obvious red herring.'
KERBLAM. Rose casts Command on the mayor, Jedi Mindtricking her.
'You are endangering lives you are beholden to protect by withholding this information. You will tell us all you know of these disappearances and of the Lich.' Said the noble Paladin, wasting a significant potion of the allotted time to which the Elven mayor was bound to obey her wishes.

The mayor knew more than she had said.
But the party wasn't around to hear it. Seeing the Paladin lash out, they had bolted for fear of reprisal, throwing poor Rose right under the horse-carriage.
"Congratulations." The mayor spat after breaking free of the Paladin's spell. "You have uncovered some painful personal history.'
The mayor lashed out and reached into the Paladin's mind, and forced Rose to smash her face against a nearby table for 30 long seconds.
The once beautiful Paladin's face was a mess that was to be only partially healed by the overpowered and significantly ezmode Lay on Hands.
Her companions were aghast. "You did what? That was really dumb. You're really dumb."
But she had 16 intelligence, she knew what she was doing.

Courage is having your face mashed like a potato for the greater good. The forces of good were able to use the information extracted from the treasonous mayor to find a source of the Lich's power and destroy it. The cowards came too.

The DM was unamused.

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