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((Hello! First thread I'm starting here ^.^ Fail!Jedi, go! Anyone feel free to join in, I love a good dramatic scene :3))

The window shattered, and Reithan fell.

It was only two stories to the taxi-speeder landing, and with the Force he spun around feet-first and slowed his fall, but the glass has been thick and he felt his shoulder dislocating upon impact - one lightsabre was knocked from his hand, hissing in the rain as it twirled, cutting through a swoop bike then deactivating when it skittered across the pad.

One arm useless, Reithan gritted his teeth, his feet skidding on the ground as he widened his stance. He pinned that arm as tight to his side as he could, and raised his lightsabre with the other. The Sith leaped from the shattered window, high, flipped once in the air, her double-bladed lightsabre creating an arc of purple-red. From her outstretched hand spewed lightning. The Jedi dodged, rolled, and sprung up onto a crate as the flooded platform electrified for a few dazzling seconds.

When her feet hit the ground, he was already there, waiting to meet her. With a hoarse cry he brought his remaining blade down upon her, shoving all of his weight behind the blow, and pushing gravity down upon her through the Force. She brought her blade up to catch his, but his strength was greater than hers. Her knees trembled slightly under the pressure of his advance, and for a moment he glimpsed uncertainty in her flaming eyes behind that usual Sith arrogance.

"Tell me his name!!" Reithan bellowed, water and blood running down his face. Their blades fizzled, a tangle of red and purple and more red. "TELL ME!!"

Lips twisting into a smirk, she remained silent. She would happily die quiet just to spite him, and he knew it.

He felt two more, dark beacons in the river of light behind his eyes. One was an acolyte, the other Reithan couldn't tell, but his presence was large and hulking, his thoughts wicked. One was directly behind him at the other end of the platform - the other knelt at the edge of the window. They thought they had him. They though he was distracted, hadn't sensed them, hadn't felt them tread through the shallows of his river.

His eyes flared. Without turning Reithan flicked his wrist. The discarded lightsabre activated, glowing red, and flew towards the acolyte.

*      *      *

He hadn't known it could rain so heavily, in a city like Nar Shaddaa. A world built on so heavily with technology seemed like it should fizzle out the moment such a torrent of rain touched it. Two hours and three dead Sith later, it was still coming down heavily upon Reithan as he staggered through a narrow alleyway between Limba's Cantina and Razakan's Spare Parts. His right arm was still useless, and he held it tightly to himself as he picked his way through rubble and garbage. He could barely see through the dark hair plastered to his face, and barely breathe without spitting water and blood.

Get to the spaceport. That was all he had to do. Then he could rest. Then he could read the holochip with his ship's computer. Then he would know all he needed to. Then he would find him again. Revenge was not the Jedi way. But he would find him, and then he would--
Reithan narrowed his eyes, trying to focus. He was a Jedi, and he would make it to the spaceport. He was a Jedi. He reached out to the Force, trying to nurse himself in its gentle waves, but the fury of the battle clouded his mind, and he could not calm. His heart was racing. White noise filled his ears.

Darth Phrixxos. That's his name now.

He had to stop. Putting up his good arm, Reithan leaned heavily on the slick wall of the alley, sagging against it. "Damn it..."

Storyboards / Re: [Open RP] The Temple Grounds
« on: 09/12/13, 06:40:02 AM »
"It will in future." He nodded gently, recovering from the turbulent tumble of mixed emotions, accusations and touches of dark ripples that had flooded over him previously. Too many different people, too many clashing energies. It hurt his eyes, both the human ones and the Sight. He allowed himself to relax a little, glancing at the orange-eyed initiate.

"I spoke up because I was concerned about the students. Felt like you needed to be reeled back to the ground."

Admittedly, he felt a little out of place, especially now that a small crowd seemed to have accumulated. He was a Jedi, but these weren't his people. He'd only returned in the first place because the Temple was pressuring him to take on a Padawan, and even then, his presence was only to see the council and flatly refuse. Being around too many Force users scrambled his mind and his Sight, and gave him restless nights.

Even so, he was a little relieved at the sight and feel that Belaya had snapped out of it, and seemed to be trying to take his advice. He was bad at reaching out to people, but in his core he related to her conflict, and found himself wanting to help in some way. Awkwardly, casting his eyes aside to inspect a nearby tree, he muttered "I'm staying in the guest quarters if you need to... talk, at some other time,"

Storyboards / Re: [Open RP] The Temple Grounds
« on: 09/11/13, 11:26:04 PM »
((I... have no idea how I read that he did >.> My bad. I'll blame my phone.))

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« on: 09/11/13, 08:59:48 PM »
"Scum or not, I said." The corner of Reithan's lips twisted, into something of a wry smile, mirroring the Imp's own smirk. Two could pay at that game. He ran a hand through his dark hair, brushing it out of his face a moment to accidentally reveal the old, deep scars running around his neck over his jugular, one arcing up across his right jaw, ugly and white. "Aren't you the one being judgmental now? I know a thing or two about Sith and their teachings."

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« on: 09/11/13, 08:01:30 PM »
He watched Fayhan run his mouth with a raised brow. And some people call me hott-headed. It seemed as though something else was going on here that he wasn't fully aware of, and the Force wasn't ringing warning bells in his ears or twitching his Sight as it might have in the presence of danger - didn't mean he still didn't like this.

"Reithan Skyfallen," he introduced curtly. "And even if it is as you say, is it the best idea to give an initiate looking to redeem herself from the Sith over to an Imperial? Scum or not, it would be counter productive in my opinion. You would confuse her values further."

Storyboards / Re: [Open RP] The Temple Grounds
« on: 09/11/13, 06:08:11 PM »
Reithan sighed, and shook his head. He let the Shadow master say it for him, as wisdom of the ages always ruffled feathers less than a young knight.

His eyes may have betrayed his opinion, though - human enough, though such a pale-blue that they tended to unsettle others as well. The girl spoke of passing judgement and being worthy of redemption, yet her atittude, as Fayhan had said, was a mockery of all the words she could have spoken.

"Master," he nodded in greeting, relaxing his stance further, resting his hands on his hips. "They do say that once the Dark Side taint as touched you, forever will it nestle in your soul... I think talk like that is pretty over-dramatic, though." He narrowed his gaze at the girl.
"You could start with ditching the arrogance and trying some meditation, instead of glowering at youngsters. Of course they'll judge you, acting like that."

When he saw the Imperial, however, his hands slid lower, resting on the pommels of his sabres, and his body shifted into a more aggressive stance. He'd felt the woman long before he'd seen her, but had not been able to place it until now.

"Someone want to tell me what the likes of her is doing here?"

((edit, sorry, missed s post the first time :| ))

Storyboards / Re: [Open RP] The Temple Grounds
« on: 09/11/13, 07:41:27 AM »
The trees rustle quietly as the wind slowly brushes past, the creek flows with sirenity through the temple grounds as Belaya sits by it's side. Looking over the many Jedi that inhabit the green sanctuary Belaya couldn't help but feel a sence of unease.
Eyes lock onto her from afar, those walking past stare, their minds judging her appearence. Belaya's orange eyes lock with each person, the corruption encroaching apon her face keeps the questions at bay.
The droid posted at her side keeps watch, warning those who venture too close to remove themselves. Belaya felt like an animal, kept captive for all to see...
Her prosthetic hand sinks into the dirt, the risidual surface expression of Sith arrogance holds a presence as she eyes down all who stare...

"You're disturbing the peace here."

He kept a non-threatening distance from behind her (and the droid), arms folded across his chest, a disapproving frown set gently upon his pale face and partially hidden by hair and scars. Uncertain of exactly what disturbance he was feeling from the woman, but confident that some move had to be made before one of the younger students panicked and started screaming about Sith and the war and fumbled with training sabres (it had happened more than once), Reithan had decided against better judgment to approach.

"It's a turbulent time, the students are apprehensive enough as it is without your... mood , encroaching on them." A brief breeze scattered some browning leaves through the hair, ruffling his clothes and hair. Unlike most of the Jedi around he didn't wear traditional robes, choosing comfortable, better-fitting and streetwise clothes - a scout's dark vest and scarf with in-built life support on the back, high-cut combat boots, and a lightsabre on each hip.

Events and Occasions / Re: Padawan Tournament (Details)
« on: 09/11/13, 06:49:37 AM »
This sounds really cool ^.^ Now just to choose which of my Jedi will be signing up for a Padawan... the calm, devoted one or the slightly unhinged one who has his issues. Will try my hardest to be on often enough o me a good Master, too~

Introductions / Re: Skyfallen Legacy seeking RP guild! (OOC)
« on: 09/08/13, 04:21:45 AM »
Noonish the following day. Time travel! Thank you, I'll be sure to check it out. Do I need to be part of a particular guild to rp, or is everyone ic at the location?

Introductions / Re: Skyfallen Legacy seeking RP guild! (OOC)
« on: 09/08/13, 02:28:36 AM »
Would that be EST? I'm GMT +10, in Eastern Australia.

Introductions / Re: Skyfallen Legacy seeking RP guild! (OOC)
« on: 09/07/13, 06:48:28 PM »
Thankyou! ^_^

I love the Miraluka race. Reithan can get overwhelmed from time to time if his Force Sight is taking in a lot of information and will close his eyes. I did a bit of research, and it seems to be a half-Miralukan can go either way with the eyes :D *nerds about it* Thanks for the heads up about the calendar! I will definitely check it.

Introductions / Skyfallen Legacy seeking RP guild! (OOC)
« on: 09/07/13, 05:17:21 PM »
Hello everyone. I was so happy to find this site, because I'm a massive fan of RPing, never have gotten to in the Star Wars Universe yet (which is one of my favourite fandoms), and whilst I've been playing SWTOR on and off (slowly) for over a year, I have gotten no RP action yet. Even though my characters are all ready and waiting for it!

I would love to be part of an RPing group or guild in-game, and also wouldn't mind doing so on these forums :)

My characters are Aolanni (Jedi Shadow), Reithan (Jedi Knight) and Phrixxos (Sith Warrior) of the Skyfallen Legacy.

A little about my characters:

Aolanni and Reithan are siblings of different fathers, separated at young ages during conflicts in the Miralukan colonies. Aolanni, a full-blooded Miralukan, and her older brother Reithan, half human, had their refugee ship attacked by slave traders, and were separated when taken to the slave market. Aolanni had the good fortune of being found by a Jedi Master in exile, who took her in and raised her before sending her off to train on Tython.

Reithan was not so lucky. Being only half Miralukan and half human, he still had eyes, though they were an odd pale colour and he could also see through the Force at a similar level to Miralukans. An older Twi'Lek female slave attempted to care for him whilst in the market, and told him stories of the goddess of the Force, before he was sold to a Sith pureblood noble who saw his potential - Phrixxos.

Phrixxos delighted in pushing the boy to his limits, physically and mentally, trying to unlock his potential as a dark Force user. Reithan tried to hold on to his images of the Force goddess that the Twi'Lek had told him about, reminding himself he'd have to escape and find his sister. Eventually, though, he lashed out at his master with the dark side and ran away. A couple of years later he was eventually found by the Jedi, though they almost didn't take him in - he was practically feral, barely talking and using the Force to keep them away. One of the Jedi was a Twi'Lek woman, and managed to get through to him. Reithan went through a very strict regime of rehabilitation and meditation before he was even allowed to use the Force as a weapon - had it not been a time of war, he wouldn't even have been trained. He eventually ended up on Tython as well, when his sister's training there was nearly complete, though they missed each other by a hair.

Phrixxos. Well he's a big ol' meanie, just what you'd expect. After the incident with Reithan is family urged that he join the sith forces on Korriban, and he excelled there. Proud, smug and ruthless, he's a cat who liked to play with the mice, including his Twi'Lek slave girl. Would be very interesting if he and Reithan crossed paths again..

... so there you go. Hope I haven't bored you :)

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