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Events and Occasions / Jedi Night 7/30
« on: 07/28/15, 11:34:30 PM »
This upcoming Jedi Night won't have a lecture from Yours Truly, but it WILL inaugurate Miller's rise from Jedi Padawan to, at long last, Knight!  Join us for a celebration of a new warrior of light entering the eternal battle!

The following thread is an opportunity for @Wymarc , @Hawking , @Dorian , and @Lolermelon to describe the lead-up to their presence at the Assault!  There will be TWO for introduction, and one to establish the first hints of danger!  This is a freeform opportunity to get yourselves in there, and you can even establish information about the shipyards and your situation before the event happens!

Dromund Kalakar...the second planet in the Dromund System, a largely methane gas giant whose slow orbit of the Dromund star and six mineral-rich moons have made it perfect for use as an Imperial shipyards.  Notable as its capital-ship slips and drydocks are, though, the most impressive installation by far is the massive, fortress-like Kalakar Foundry...the source of many of the Empire's snub fighters and light spacecraft.  While heavy drones and slaves toil in the lower reaches to ensure that a steady supply of interceptors and gunships are provided for star combat, Imperial shipwrights and engineers work tirelessly in the upper decks to design the next generation of starship and materiel with which to ensure eternal Sith dominance.

Constant tension between the Military Spheres and Sphere of Production and Logistics make the hallowed bulkheads of the Foundry buzz with intrigue, almost as much as production.  More than one Sith Lord has found himself faced with rivals and assassins while struggling to establish Imperium over some part of the Foundry.  Little wonder is it, then, that those who rule and serve the Empire would find reason to visit the place...

Events and Occasions / Jedi Night 7/9
« on: 07/04/15, 08:46:54 PM »
This upcoming Jedi Night is a fairly special one.  I have a lecture prepared, but far more importantly, @Esk has completed Etirza's Trials!  I propose a Knighting Ceremony for her character either before or after the lecture.  Would her Master, @Iaera , and others who have been a part of her Padawan adventures be up for joining her in her ascension to Knighthood?

Events and Occasions / [Grasper] The Starhunters
« on: 06/30/15, 01:16:20 PM »

An encrypted holosignal emanates from the Grasper's Palace, the legendary casino/resort/museum/space-fortress of the reclusive magnate known as 'Ionax the Grasper'.  The Grasper's rapacious desire for rarities and oddities has become nearly as famous as his wealth in recent years, and only the most exclusive and skilled of treasure hunters ever recieve his personal invitation that YOU have been tendered! 

Uncovering hidden instructions within an introductory message (, you attend a holo-conclave and receive an invitation to adventure...

I welcome you, all of you, to what shall surely be seen as the beginning of new legends, the origins of votive stories that shall burn brightly even into the darkness of the future.  I am Ionax II, the Grasper.  My father, the first Ionax, began a collection of artifacts, remnants, and rarities for which I bear the responsibility to preserve and enhance.

With the recent and tragic events at Ziost, it has become obvious that the ancient and glorious history of the Sith is endangered, and I am called by my father's example to step in and do what I can to preserve the wonders of that great civilization for generations to come.  As such, there are a number of objets, relics and sources of information that I desire placed within my care...and that is where you come in.

For each of these tasks I offer a bounty of one million credits, in whatever form you wish, to those who can procure them for me.  As well, you will stand tall in my will be known as a hunter of skill and merit in the eyes of the Grasper, and I will be proud to proclaim your glory far and wide...or say nothing, should you be of a more humble bent.

The money is real...the danger is real...and the challenges?  They are more than real.  Let us speak of them now...

'The Starhunters' is a five-part event serving as the blasting-off-point for the last chapter of the long-running Smugglers Coalition plot 'Eyes in the Dark' (!  Open ONLY to non-SmugCo-aligned characters, these RP events are small, multiplayer challenges designed to simultaneously introduce the plotline to the community-at-large, and give players an adventure-based opportunity to show-off their characters and earn some real in-game rewards!

The first four parts will be independent events, while the fifth part will see the champions of the first four team-up with/against SmugCo on a journey to fulfil the Grasper's deepest ambition!  Each part will be a 2-5 hour event (likely in the Chatroom!) involving role-play, and either Player versus Environment or Player versus Player elements using the Base 100 System!  Mechanics for each event will be included in its post.

Each event will have CLOSED that I ask that you submit your applications for each event via PM, rather than holding a cattle call or posting your interest in this thread.  As we get closer to each event, I'll use this thread to post a roster and coordinate the events!

And now, the targets...

Cantina / HoloNet Queries
« on: 05/31/15, 06:33:27 PM »
Firstly: great work on the integrated HoloNet!  After some fits and starts, I think it's been smooth and easy to transfer old entries/create new entries, and I hope to see it grow as big and even more vital than the last version!

Two questions, though: will new Featured Entries be added at any point, and will those entries ever get integrated into the new Front Page Banner?  I always liked following Wikiholes from the old front-page HoloNet Spotlight, and I think the chance to see your name in lights is a great inducement to add to the database!

Finally, after some hard work and reediting, I've finished two of the five pages I have planned for the Wiki!  I'd appreciate anyone with interest and time on their hands to take a look at and  Editing, commentary, questions...I'd appreciate 'em all!

Events and Occasions / 6/4 Jedi Night Round Table
« on: 05/26/15, 06:45:30 PM »
Just like last month, we are once again holding an open Jedi Round Table at Jedi Night, Thursday at 8 PM server!  The Round Table is an opportunity to share your ongoing RP and plot developments with others, as well as introduce new plotlines and recruit folks for roleplay at whatever scale you're interested in!

The signup is for those desirous of 'spotlight time' to address the collected Jedi on their activities.  Interested parties should be Jedi/Jedi-adjacent characters in good standing.  The Custodum's Masters will serve as hosts, and preferential order will be given to those with limited time.  We'll endeavor to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak!

May the Force be with you!

Events and Occasions / [Jedi Mission] Amongst the Ashes
« on: 05/20/15, 04:09:41 PM »
To Ziost we go!  Following up from the 'Shadows of Ziost' event at last week's Jedi Night, and in line with these posts ( ), a collective Ziost exploration/RP will be occurring Thursday 5/21 starting at 6 PM server!  Plan to spend around 2 hours engaging in large-scale and small-scale group RP and exploration of the post-event Ziost landscape, before returning to Jedi Night to report on your findings!


In tandem with the events of this thread ( ), the following is a Play-by-Post thread for group roleplay aboard the ship transporting the Jedi investigators from the Coruscant, to the Y'Toub System, and then to Ziost!

Introduction (and SPOILERS!) in the next post!


So, during Jedi Night's big 'Shadow of Ziost' occasion, a team was assembled to investigate the post-eradication Ziost on behalf of the Custodum!  It has been suggested that this be a combination RP/questing experience...possibly with groups moving off to RP through the dailies, and either starting or ending with a run at the Weekly Mission Heart of Ruin.  Would folks like to undertake this and, if so, when?

This thread is intended as a resource for SmugCo GMs to provide previews for their upcoming Mission Nights, as well as a centralized location for connective recaps for multi-part Missions!  As a courtesy to incoming players, as well as those who don't make our very loose start time, please post a little explanation of what the premise of your adventure is going to be!  For example:

SmugCo Mission Night Slamuary 42nd Event
'Yo' Ass Better Call Somebody!'

Stranded without hyperdrive near the asteroid-bound space-diner known as 'Starroad Dogg's', a group of SmugCo ops are tasked by the mysterious William Gonn to a contest of skill: a two-on-two pankration match, no holds barred, for the prestigious Interstellar Tag-Team Championships.  If they win, SmugCo's hyperdrive will be repaired, and they'll be able to finish their delivery of Heartbreak Kidskin leatheris to the ruler of the Diieks Nebula, the King of Kings.  Should they fail, they will be subjected to the scorching radiation known as 'Eckspock Heat', and their cargo will be forfeit!

Storyboards / Knights Into Darkness - Telline Rescue Attempt!
« on: 04/22/15, 06:47:30 PM »
Session 1 Summary:

At the behest of the Custodum Council, Jedi Knight Ran-del Qardaak, Padawan Miller Turlim, and the Kyn Eszrah have set out to rescue the captured Jedi Telline Wymarc from the sinister clutches of Dark Network mastermind Darth Thrax!

Eszrah and Ran-del, disguised as an Inansi visitor and his Imperial pilot escort, used intelligence gained from Miller to infiltrate Telline's last known location, the Tatooine lair of Lord Kitaree.  Accompanied by T7-77, the two distracted the local researchers while slicing Dark Network comms to affirm Telline's location.  While they couldn't gain a location for Thrax's Sanctum itself, a contact on Nar Shaddaa was indicated: Xaton Visque.

Escaping unhindered, Eszrah and Ran-del set course for Nar Shaddaa...

Please meditate upon these words during our lesson...

The following are the 'raw' transcripts of Hyse Qardaak's biweekly Jedi History lectures.  Starting with the exodus from Tython, and eventually coming all the way to modern history, this series serves as a primer on the history of the Jedi, their relationship with the Republic, the origins of the Sith and the struggles, failures, triumphs and lessons that have shaped the Order into what it is today.

Where the original texts have been lost (or were made up on-the-spot...), I've recollected and remade them, and there should be significant edits throughout.  Dates, growing less approximate the closer we come to the era of SWTOR, are included using the 'Treaty of Coruscant' as a lynchpin...most events occur 'BTC', or 'Before the Treaty of Coruscant'.  Additionally, there shall be interstitial posts containing information of interest and historical relevance that doesn't necessary fit with the flow of the lecture, but is important enough to note.

These transcripts lack the audience participation segments which occur naturally thanks to the wonderful folks of the Jedi Custodum and other community members, and I have not scrupulously kept notes of every slide and prop Hyse brings.  To experience these, feel free to join us at the Jedi Night Lectures every other Thursday at the Jedi Custodum Headquarters on Coruscant!

These histories are based fully on Star Wars Legends and canon, and I owe a great debt to these Star Wars texts and sources: 'The Essential Atlas' by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace; 'The Essential Guide to Warfare' by Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart; 'The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons' by Daniel Wallace; 'The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force' by Daniel Wallace; the 'Tales of the Jedi' comic series by Tom Veitch and Kevin J. Anderson (plus a host of great artists!); the 'Knights of the Old Republic' comic series by John J. Miller (and a host a pretty good artists!); the Star Wars Saga Edition 'Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide' by Rodney Thompson, Sterling Hershey, John Jackson Miller, and Abel G. Peņa;  'Knights of the Old Republic' by BioWare and 'Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords' by Obsidian Entertainment; 'The Journal of Gnost-Dural' by Rob Chestney; and the invaluable efforts of the community at Wookieepedia.

May the Force be with you!

Looking for a group of rogues to help your cause?  Got something you need to get somewhere unseen?  How do you feel about leather jackets?  The Smugglers Coalition has held weekly Guild Nights for almost as long as there have BEEN nights!  A long-time tradition has been Guest GMs...perhaps you have an ongoing event that you need some catspaws to shuttle items or information for?  Maybe you have a plot thread you want to tie up (or futher unravel...) through the intervention of some sneakity sneaks?  Or maybe you just wanna try your hand at GMing?

This thread will be our line to let folks know we're (or for THEM to let US know THEY'RE) interested in having a Guest GM for an upcoming SmugCo Mission Night (every Sunday at 7PM PST)!  SmugCo Mission Night is an excity two-to-three hour foray into the world of good-hearted movers and shakers; our hallmarks are intrigue, action, comedy, twists, turns, burns, and...ferns?  I dunno.  We HAVE spent a lot of time on Rishi lately...

Right now, I'm looking for someone willing to step up and play with us THIS week on Sunday, February 8!  Post here if you've got a yen for adventure!  We'll work something out!

Worldbuilding and Community / [Stronghold] Mos Elsewhere
« on: 01/19/15, 01:47:26 AM »
Mos Elsewhere is open for business!

The Free Port of Mos Elsewhere is a community nestled in the western cliffs of the Great Mesra Plateau.  Settlement started five years ago, when the Mantellian moisture farmer Reen Ruunsai set up the first adobe.  Convinced that the interstices of the plateau had the potential to condense the sweetest water on the planet, Reen entreated an old comrade of hers, Pehn Qardaak, to enlist investors to set up a settlement.  When Dawn Star Shipping was in need of a new headquarters after the destruction of their Anchorhead offices, Reen sold the rights to construct a cliffside compound to Dawn Star.

Along with the spaceport, Mos Elsewhere boasts reinforced dwelling spaces, top-of-the-line defenses, and some of the most advanced and finely-tuned vaporators in the Outer Rim.  With the shipping business in place, and caravans bearing Elsewhere water all across the Dune Sea, word of the settlement has spread across the arid sands.  Traders, mercenaries, tourists, Jedi, Sith, Jawa...all manner of person has come to Mos Elsewhere to engage in commerce, intrigue, and adventure!


Dawn Star Industries Headquarters

This well-defended cliffside fortress contains the current headquarters of Dawn Star Industries.  Restricted to invited guests and Dawn Star staff, this building contains a hardened data-vault, navigational supercomputer, and supply caches.  The balcony level is host to a relaxation verandah, Mission Control, and Dawn Star's private local cantina, Albedo Noir.

Astroport and Speeder Pad

A speeder station stands across from Dawn Star's fully-stocked ship hangar and warehouse.  Additionally, Mnek's Scavengarium is set up near the entrance to Dawn Star's headquarters, buying and trading oddities from across Tatooine and the Outer Rim.

Open Bazaar

An open-air bazaar where craftspeople and merchants are free (with a license from Mayor Ruunsai!) to set up shop and offer their wares.  The sole restriction requested is that chattel slavery and the sale of indentured servants be kept out of town limits.

Vendetta Square

Catering to skip tracers, manhunters, and bounty killers, this area bears a secured connection to numerous bounty organizations.  Approved bounties are collectible in Imperial and Republic credits, as well as nova crystals and Hutt Cartel monies.

Jeeky For Hire

Who is she?  Where does she come from?  What does she want?  Well, we can answer one of these questions: she wants money!  The mysterious arboreal mercenary known as 'Jeeky' offers her trade here.  Hunting, demolitions, herblore, survivalism...this warrior and healer offers her expertise to anyone who can pay!

Shuttles and Stabling

Dawn Star offers transport, for a fee, on a fleet of modified Rendaran-class shuttles to all points on Tatooine.  Additionally, stabling and refreshment is offered for all manner of mount and steed...caravaneers can receive a discount rate!

Tunnel Concourse and Marketplace

Public access to the Galactic Trade Network is offered in this shady retreat.  Relax amongst music and friends!  Offer worship and center yourself at our non-denominational religious center!  Or trade with the local Stato's General Store, now selling Contraband Chips and access to a Contraband Resale Corporation Jackpot Machine!


Clean, sterile, and medical treatment from our expert staff!  Need cybernetic enhancement?  We can do that, too!  Or perhaps you've got a pressing need to change your identity?  No questions asked!

Izzek's Chuckcrawler

Interested in culinary adventure?  Looking to prove your courage?  Not particularly picky?  Chef Izzek has scavenged the most edible foodstuffs from as far away as the Mospics and the Pit of Carkoon!  Jawanese food may not be for the faint of heart, but you never know...maybe you'll find a treasure for the senses!  Izzek ALSO asks that we remind visitors that he is always looking to purchase interesting provender.  Don't know what you killed?  Lug it in, and he'll give you a fair price!


Mos Elsewhere is a neutral port, open to roleplay and friendly to all!  Don't want to use it as 'Mos Elsewhere'?  Feel free to use it as whatever you like (as long as you're not impinging on someone else's RP)!  But, feel free to use the lore as established, as well as make use of the utilities.  With respect to the entrance, please understand that it's supposed to be only open to SmugCo members.  Not a HUGE concern...but if you see SmugCo RP happening around there, please make use of the facilities in the rest of the stronghold!

As a free port, there is no overwhelming security force in place.  Neither Republic nor Imperial law holds sway in Elsewhere...but, if you cause trouble, please remember Dawn Star's copious cameras and turrets...and remember that frontier justice is swift and, occasionally, accurate.

Mos Elsewhere is open as Pehn's Smuggler's Haven.  Keys can be procured from any Qardaak Repside (Pehn, Ran-del, Hyse) and Lastagir Impside.  Come on down, grab a cup of water, and watch the suns set from Mos Elsewhere!

Ran-del has finally reached the Heroic 4 (more like mini-Flashpoints!) at the end of the Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular missions!  Thanks to the, frankly, puzzling design choices in these, finding a group for them is both necessary and difficult.  So, I'm looking for 3 Repsiders at or beyond 55 to help me get these put paid to!  Sometime this week, either in the evening or late night would be great...if you've got these two lying around, or if you just wanna help a Jedi out, drop a post here!

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