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To anyone still willing to fight the fine fight, I wish you well.

However, I have been at this point before in more than one game. I have been the one advocating to push just a little harder before. I've been the one trying to rally a community before. I have been the one giving everything to buy a community a little more time before. Many attempts and a few bouts of depression later: I failed. It didn't work.

I'm sorry to be a Negative Nancy here, but I'm not going down that road again. I love you all, but I feel the problem is cumulative, so no one solution will fix it. Maybe the devs will get their side together in nick of time. Maybe there will be a big influx of fresh blood. Maybe the community will be getting their second wind. Maybe all of this will happen at the same time... I, however, cannot afford to hold out quite that much hope and put in 120% effort to compensate for this less than ideal situation.

I apologize if my truth is different than some others and it's jarring to hear, but it's my truth nevertheless.
Introductions / Re: (( OOC )) Hello there! This feels odd...
« Last post by Seraphie on Today at 01:16:13 PM »
The trouble with reviving the community and the health of SWTOR is that the "doctors" - the developers - are the only ones with the real power to do so, and honestly, their efforts leave a lot to be desired. Speaking for myself, just throwing out one new story (which you can finish in less than an hour) every six months so they can focus on strongholds and the Cartel Market is simply not enough reason to keep coming back. The time it's been out is not a factor; World of Warcraft will be 14 in November, I've been playing that almost continuously (except for about an eight month period back in 2013, but that was personal issues rather than issues with gameplay) since 2005, and I have found it to be far more vital and engaging, especially now that we're three weeks out from expansion #6. Age is no indicator of vitality, either high or low. It also helps that Blizzard has a far less toxic business ethic, far less tainted reputation, and far better track record than EA of late, but I digress.

Maybe you're right and I'm being a trifle alarmist, defeatist, or simply lazy and unmotivated. But when the multiverse seems to be passing you by, you don't simply lie down and let it. That's how I feel, at any rate.
Introductions / Re: (( OOC )) Hello there! This feels odd...
« Last post by Dassalya on Today at 10:35:23 AM »
Hi, Keeran! Welcome to the community!  :grin:
I see a lot of doom and gloom when it comes to the state of our community and the health of SWTOR. And, if I'm being perfectly honest? It really ticks me off. Yeah, it's not what it once was. Yes, if we want to revive it it'll take work. But it's not dead. It's far from dead. I regularly (albeit not frequently) meet new RPers who are writing their own stories and interested in interacting with us. Begerencolony.org and /republic- and /imperialooc are not the be-all-end-alls of the Satele Shan community. I think we BCers have becom a little isolated and set in our ways, remembering what was and resenting it instead of attending to what is. We might have gotten the short end of the stick regarding server merges, but, even if we were merged with PvE and PvP servers and not the remaining RP server, that's still servers full of people who might be looking to try out—or find—the RP scene here on SS.

But I recognize I'm a part of the problem. I, too, have become used to being surrounded by wonderful, capable RPers who, as a whole, are available to me whenever I wish. And I simultaneously understand the lure of the promise of having that again. But I also look back to my first days on the Begeren Colony server, when the RP scene was arguably more active in a visible way, and... well, I really struggled. I almost left the game entirely because it felt empty and pointless to keep putting in the effort, and then I had a chance encounter with a certain RPer here and it changed everything. In my recent experience, RPing out in the wilds of the game world is the most effective way to find the spontaneity and excitement needed to revitalize one's burn out. Because this is what it is. It's burn out.

The game has been out for over half a decade. That's quite a long time to be dedicated to something! And certainly enough time to get past the honeymoon stage of your new RP friends and all their exciting RP stories. We've seen it, haven't we? Bickering, fighting, talking behind backs, sarcasm, and a general lack of patience and kindness. When everything is new and shiny, it's easy to overlook flaws. Now we're starting to have to actually, you know, deal with them. Work through them. And it hasn't always been pretty. But this is a tangent that I won't go into further. My point there is, the gloss is coming off, but that doesn't mean what's underneath is ugly, boring, or bad. It just... you know. Takes more work.

And I guess, in my mind, that's what this all comes down to. Things are novel anymore. It's easier to see flaws and shortcomings. And when RP doesn't give the same, easy thrill that it used to, it's easier to say, "nah, I won't log in tonight". It's easier to go, "I think I'd rather spend my time preparing for my D&D campaign than preparing a SWTOR event". And once person X starts skipping, then person Y goes, "ah, X won't be there. I won't log in" and similar. In my view, SWTOR just isn't the priority it was on many people's lists. Which is fine. But I suppose, if it's something you do want to keep enjoying in the future, maybe bump it up a bullet point. Just one. Make an appearance at an event even if you're tired. Reach out to the new face you see. I honestly think all our RP community needs is a smigeon more collective dedication.

Nic and Ash, there are times when I'm entirely tempted to check out SF. But, like many of the others here, it's just not feasible for me to make the jump over. I'm an Empress Teta original, heh. I already spent my seventy dollars moving all my toons to this server and, while I'm not as financially strapped as some folks here, it's not something that's an economically wise choice for me. I would be interested in checking out an event like the one @Ash has said they might have a willingness to set up, but it would be something, if I'm honest, to try and encourage SFers to hop over here as much as the reverse. For me, this is my community, and, unless something catastrophic happens, this is where I intend to spend the rest of my SWTOR days. I'd leave to many friends behind if I didn't.

And so, to conclude, I leave you with two special clips: link and link.

I hate when developer actions push an RP community to this point; there usually isn't a painless solution. One way or another, any action taken is going to be not ideal.

I'm just asking that you take into account that an exodus leaves behind the infirm and the uninterested, and consider strongly whether you should write checks your good will can't reasonably be expected to pay off later.

I hate to say it, but I doubt not leaving the server would help any either. Josh is kinda right. The game is past a tipping point. I don't want to say all the nail are in the coffin, but the chances of them turning things around are slim. Leaving might not matter in the long run, not that I am trying to advocate leaving anyone behind.
Introductions / Re: (( OOC )) Hello there! This feels odd...
« Last post by Imazi on Today at 09:24:30 AM »
Welcome :whee: :wave:
Part of me is kind of indignant that those of you who have already gone on to the other server have the unmitigated gall to make this suggestion (to which the retort of "you want us there, how about YOU pay for it?" came to mind), but in all honesty, the rest of me feels that it's gotten to the point where nothing BioWare does will matter. Their veteran developers and management people have been bailing for months, and the company has put their reputation (and possibly future existence) on the line with Anthem.

I'm going to be even more brutal than Bling: This game is dying. No amount of strongholds or side stories or other distractions can change that. The fact that a mass exodus from a failing server - one of a handful that remain, and one that had to be put on life support by merging it with others - is even being thought of, let alone considered, speaks more to the health of the game itself than it does the community. For years, I've used the example of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, another MMO from a fairly popular IP that was overseen by EA. The number of servers dwindled, and dwindled, and dwindled, until finally, shutdown. The game now exists solely as a private server, and how EA (or Games Workshop) has not gone after them to shut them down after all this time, I have no idea. Either this, or utter oblivion, is the future that awaits SWTOR.

I have not been here for a long time. I've tried coming back, but the fire has simply gone out. Whether it's here or on Star Forge, there is simply nothing left to bother with.
Introductions / Re: (( OOC )) Hello there! This feels odd...
« Last post by Niarra on Today at 02:50:42 AM »
Welcome, Keeran! We always love seeing new people discover our little corner of the galaxy and send a wave out!

If you already stumbled onto one of the community's social RP events I'm guessing you've probably already joined one of the OOC chat channels in game, but if you haven't that's a good place to start. In your game chat window type the following (while you're on a character of the appropriate faction) to join these channels:

/cjoin Republicooc
/cjoin Imperialooc

That's where RPers usually reach out to each other for impromptu RP, or to announce ongoing events that are open for others to join.

We're in a bit of a quiet time right now in terms of hosted events, but if you have any Jedi characters (or characters who might have cause to have personal ties to Jedi) another of the recurring weekly events in this corner of the galaxy is Jedi Night, every Thursday at 7:30 PM PST. Sometimes this is just folks gathering at a Coruscant enclave to talk Jedi things, other times it's planned adventures hosted by someone in the community.

Other events, as people plan them, get put on the calendar here on this site, so just keep an eye out. Otherwise hitting people up in the OOC channels (or just keeping an eye on the chatter there) might point you to RP in progress.

The forums here are always another good place to post profiles of your characters (as is the HoloNet Wiki) or start discussion threads to maybe get people hooked into a RP idea. Or even just to talk to shop or silliness!
Introductions / Re: (( OOC )) Hello there! This feels odd...
« Last post by Keeran on Today at 12:15:25 AM »

Hi there, lady!
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