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Guild Thumbnail Guild Name Members Comments Arcs
Guild Thumbnail Equilibrium
OOC guild
10 04
Guild Thumbnail Erini
A central hub for all things Erinian! Come here to check out current RP and important information related to Erini RP (faction statuses, relevant intergalactic law, policies, etc.)
16 00
Guild Thumbnail Zythia
A central hub for all things to do with the community planet, Zythia. Current and past relevant information to the planet is located here. Feel free to join to contribute/read up on other's contributions.
28 00
Guild Thumbnail Ialdon
A central hub for all things Ialu! Come here to check out current RP and important information related to Ialdon RP (geography, culture, language, contemporary facts, maps, etc.)
21 00
Guild Thumbnail Alderaanian Enclave
Alderaan has a proud and ancient history with in the Jedi Order, to be expected from one of the founding worlds of the Republic and one which prides itself on being a force for civilization, diplomacy and balance with nature.  They have provided some of the Galaxies most illustrious Jedi lineages, including the Quel-Dromas and like Coreallia have a history of Jedi families- made uniquely complicat...
14 00
Guild Thumbnail Pahrah
A central hub for all things to do with the planet, Pahrah. All relevant information for the planet is located here. Feel free to join/contribute and read other's contributions.
13 00
Guild Thumbnail Nistia
A secluded sector on the edge of the Unknown Regions recently opened to trade as an independent neutral planet. Currently under the rule of an outsider, Duchess Javar Nibel Aethera, the planet now seeks to open trade outside its enclosed system, without joining either the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire.
6 01
Guild Thumbnail The Solace Empire
"The Solace Empire is the sovereign governing body ruling over a populace of misplaced thousands. Made out of abandoned refugees and forgotten outcasts caught between the current galactic conflict. Basing themselves upon the peaceful world of Voss. The structure of the empire follows similar to that of the Imperial ranks and command, where a single Emperor delegates power and responsibility over t...
1 00
Guild Thumbnail Brotherhood of the Cosmos
The Brotherhood of the Cosmos is an extremely heavy RP guild that was designed to contain all types of characters and uses a /roll combat system with skillchecks and modifiers in the form of Lightsaber forms and for non force users "Classes" which are basically the same thing but without the basis in Star Wars lore.

We will remain relativ...
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