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Sith Order
For Guilds that primarily revolve around Sith politics and intrigue.
Imperial Military
Guilds built around a militaristic core.
Bounty Hunter
Taking contracts or freelance jobs is the centerpiece of these Guilds.

Guild Thumbnail Guild Name Members Comments Arcs
Guild Thumbnail The Valefor

How many bastions are left standing?

The Empire is gone in all but name. Only sycophants, cravens, traitors and true survivors are left from the once mighty Sith civilisation, capable of waging and winning intergalactic war. Her fleets have been shattered, her armies disbanded, her leaders killed...
19 01
Guild Thumbnail Darkest Hour
In the Empire's darkest hour, we will reclaim what is ours and reforge our destiny anew...

Striking from the shadows and working under the guise of compliance, the coalition seeks to not only restore the Empire but reforge it into a better, stronger incarnation.

We are an Rp/PvE guild featuring weekly server-wide RP, events, Guild Stronghold and Guild ship, Conquest...
5 01
Guild Thumbnail Taelios Genetech Industries

For Employees and Friends of The Company
10 00
Guild Thumbnail Dancing Flames
The Premier Entertainment Corporation in the Entire Galaxy!

Operating out of the lovely Star Cluster Casino in the Promenade District of Nar Shaddaa, Dancing Flames INC is the go-to place for any kind of charm your party-goers need. We have lovely dancers (hired, not slaves!),  charming caterers, waiters, and waitresses, and the very best musicians...
3 00
Guild Thumbnail The Trayus Cabal

A complex sequence has brought you here. You hold a highly-encoded message in your possession. The components of the file in question were discovered piggybacked onto several different public news transmissions from various different independent reporting outlets. The only overt similarity between these broadcasts was their content, namely the toll that the Galactic War has inflicted on...
14 21
Guild Thumbnail Bounty Brokers Association
Whenever the amount of posted bounties exceeded the capabilities of professional bounty hunters, the BBA would also assign contracts to other capable individuals, regardless of their affiliation.
1 00
Guild Thumbnail Moirae
In the months after the initial Zakuul invasion of Korriban, Moirae worked tirelessly for the Empire trying to shore up defenses and find more information on this powerful, new, threat to the Empire.

However, once the second attack came and the invasion truly began; who could have prepared?  

By the time the dust settled the former Imperial Dark Council members were dead or missing.  A "pupp...
11 00
Guild Thumbnail The Odojinya
The Odojinya.
2 00
Guild Thumbnail Batiatus Academy
Batiatus Academy is an active RP/PVE/PVP Guild that has been around for over 2.5 years with many experienced players in all aspects of the game. Check out our website for more details and information!
3 00
Guild Thumbnail Living Drama Free
We are primarily a PvE guild that lives by our name! We participate in Galactic Conquest as well as run Flashpoints and Operations and we have fun doing them! If you are ever interested in running with us we try to make Operations as stress free as possible :)
2 00
Guild Thumbnail Death Squad Cartel
We are a fairly new guild that does a lot of PVE, and help other guilds fill in for Operations.  We will be beginning to host our own runs, and hope to see you all joining in with us.
1 00
Guild Thumbnail The Sith Inquisition
6 00
Guild Thumbnail DOMINATION

Rule #1: Have fun

1 00
Guild Thumbnail Crew of the ISS Passion
The ISS Passion is a X-70B Phantom prototype ship, previously used exclusively by Imperial Intelligence. Equipped with a state of the art stealth package, it is ideally suited for recon, special forces insertion and skirmishing operations. The ISS Passion is one of a limited number of Phantoms assigned to the Imperial Navy for 'black' operations.

With a small crew, the Passion serves at ...
2 00
Guild Thumbnail House of Wolves
Deep within the lower layers of the holonet, a message has been circulating quietly, moving from server to server, copying itself with each passing day. It contains an audio recording of a woman's voice, Imperial accent is clear, though the sound is distorted slightly to prevent recognition. It was first discovered on the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa, but in a small amount of time, new sightings...
5 00
Guild Thumbnail The Phantom Legion
"Don't be a jerk" - The Number One Rule.  A small, friendly group of players who enjoy RP and exploring all the game has to offer in a stress-free, inclusive environment.
1 00
Guild Thumbnail Myrmidons


Greetings warriors!

The Myrmidons are looking to bolster their ranks with men and women with a talent for war. Dominantly a PvP and PvE guild on Imp side, the Myrmidons enjoy taking part in almost every aspect that the Old Republic has to offer. Elder ...
1 00
Guild Thumbnail Crucible
The Force effects all living things. Whether or not you can wield it does not mean it does not effect one's being. Every person has their role to play, but not every person gets to choose their role.

Under the Crucible's teachings you will be forged into a finely honed weapon in the arena of your choosing. Rigorous mental and physical exercises to keep you challenged and your hunger for adventu...
1 00
Guild Thumbnail Cult of Oblivion
You stand at the apex of a forgotten tomb on Korriban, the blistering sun's intensity is a clear sign that you are near the equator, far from any civilized territory... You stand here at the beck and call of the whispers in your head, the hissing in your ear that has pestered you to make the pilgrimage for so long now. They scream and shout, shriek and moan, the voices are sporadic and demandin...
3 01
Guild Thumbnail The Chiss Expansionary Force
The Chiss Expansionary Force is looking to reunite all members of the Chiss Ascendency and its Honored Friends under a singular banner.

Both Chiss and non-chiss are welcome in this primarily RP guild

Message Kairee on the site, or Kai'ree in game if you're interested in joining
8 00
Guild Thumbnail The Dark Chorus
Through fire and fury, success and failure, through the darker times and those of prosperity, the undercurrent that drives the Empire must go on...

The galaxy is driven by a will, blind and ruthless.

In order to transcend the limitations of that world, Through the rise and fall of many a Sith and their...
9 00