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Jedi Order
For Guilds that primarily revolve around traditional Jedi philosophy and structure.
Republic Military
Guilds built around a militaristic core.
Taking transports or freelance jobs is the centerpiece of these Guilds.

Guild Thumbnail Guild Name Members Comments Arcs
Guild Thumbnail The Akar
Both Jedi and Sith orders are well known to us all in this day and age. Less known is the organization that predates them both. And slightly more well known than that lost order is the enclave that seeks to revive those old ways.

The Akar is an enclave of Force adepts unbeholden to the larger orders, one that takes its philosophical cues from the ancient Je'daii Order. As the Je'daii believed t...
14 01
Guild Thumbnail Mantellian Separatists

The Mantellian Separatists is a revolutionary movement centered on a cell of the Ord Mantell Separatist movement, abandoned when the Separatists's leaders moved to Cademimu V. With the rest of the movement shattered, broken and defeated by the Galactic Republic, this small cell is the last remaining hope for O...
9 01
Guild Thumbnail Wardens of the Sky
'There were the blades of the deep of space,
The protectors of those that braved the void.
Heroes of whispers, tales, and prayer
Among crew and passenger old and young,

Whispers of the Wardens of the Sky.'

A mythic yet little-known group of Force-users that believe it is their duty to traverse the space lanes, and keep them safe for all to use. Disguised as simple...
4 00
Guild Thumbnail Vanguard

"We work in the Shadows, to serve the Light... We are the Vanguard."
                                                  -excerpt of the code of the Vanguard

Vanguard is a heavy RP and PVE guild for role-players who are new, experienced, or anywhere in between. We provi...
4 00
Guild Thumbnail The Bloodhawks

Named after the native Mantellian hawks the original Corellian pioneers  used to track and hunt Savrips,The Bloodhawks are a militia  turned rag-tag group of freedom fighters and vigilantes who combat tyranny and exploitation across the galaxy...
2 10
Guild Thumbnail Pillar of Wisdom
Walking the line between the Light and Dark side, the Grey Order aspires to be truly rounded users of the Force. Keeping an open mind and not succumbing to the Dark Side, we stand higher with an understanding that life is not black and white.
23 8415
Guild Thumbnail Black Fang
Black Fang is a brand new pirate RP guild looking for those scum and villains of the criminal underworld to join the crew. Positions available from boarding party to manning the guns, and everything in between. Send mail and whispers to Na'te'ba if interested
1 00
Guild Thumbnail Ossus Rising
"In this war, a danger there is. Of losing who we are."

(DISCLAIMER: This is not a Dark Jedi, Dark Anything RP guild! RP involving lapses into darkness and the like are permitted, but it's not reasonable having a Dark character considering Ossus Rising's IC purpose.)

It started with dissatisfaction. Three Jedi in a sect of Jedi who believed passivity, [...
9 03
Guild Thumbnail Horizon's Edge
A lone bartender wipes down the counter, and as you enter he looks up and smiles. "Welcome to Horizon's Edge. They say this is where all the stories of the galaxy come to be told. Well if that's true, why don't you have a seat and tell me yours? First drink's always free."

Horizon's Edge is a LGB[COLOR=m...
2 00
Guild Thumbnail Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos is looking for mature, quality members (especially HM-capable raiders). We offer a flagship & 10% exp boost, and a proud heritage. OC was one of the main competitive Progression Raid guilds on BC, with several server first kills and a disciplined policy of fair, friendly competition. We maintained rules against public trash-talking, and tried to be the "team with clas...
1 00
Guild Thumbnail The Watchers
Following the Assault on Tython,  broke away from the Republic and the Jedi. The galaxy was constantly at war. Things could not continue on like this. These Jedi and troops faded into anonymity. After their confrontation in the Supreme Chancellor's office, The Watchers found an abandoned temple on Yavin IV and took it for their headquarters. It is here that these Gray Jedi work to bring the Force ...
1 00
Guild Thumbnail Legion of the Jedi
We are an RP guild and a Leader in the GSF community.  We participate in the server Senate events and support server wide events and the idea of bringing everyone together to make the game better for everyone.
1 00
Guild Thumbnail The Order of Mercy
"Dont be a jerk!" - The Number One Rule. A small, friendly group of players who enjoy RP and exploring all the game has to offer in a stress-free, inclusive environment.
1 00