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Re: All Your Base
« on: 11/29/15, 04:37:04 PM »
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With many of the Dark Council fled or killed in the conflict, the sole-remaining member, has taken control. In the eyes of many, but she is a feeble shadow, a rancor without teeth. In the intervening years many Lords and Darths have moved to solidify their holdings against the opportunistic avarice of others.

The Empire is not as it was. Evolution was beginning before the forces of Zakuul came. Now it is time to be reforged.

But first, Zakuul, must be removed by any means necessary.

The resistance to the Eternal Empire has grown. An Alliance, built on the foundations of the joint efforts to take down Revan, has formed in the shadows. While on the surface they kowtow to the Eternal Throne, Imperials with an interest in seeing a restoration of autonomy have begun to build a base from which resistance operations can be conducted.

((ooc: We will be moving the guild's SH from the Dromund Kaas stronghold, to a new, Yavin 4 location. While the holdings are controlled by Darkest Hour, this is an open RP opportunity for interested parties on the server))