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Darkest Hour

In the Empire's darkest hour, we will reclaim what is ours and reforge our destiny anew...

Striking from the shadows and working under the guise of compliance, the coalition seeks to not only restore the Empire but reforge it into a better, stronger incarnation.

We are an Rp/PvE guild featuring weekly server-wide RP, events, Guild Stronghold and Guild ship, Conquest participation and elder-game progression, and occasional PvP and GSF.

Who we are:
We are currently a small guild built around a core of RPers and eldergame raiders, but we welcome all types who enjoy playing SWTOR. We have all types of players in the guild from the very casual to the more hardcore.

Darkest Hour as an Rp organization is committed to creating and promoting good imperial roleplay on the Begeren Colony server. We often work closely with other server guilds and in the past have hosted numerous in-game and on-site chatroom events. Weekly we host the Imperial War Room open RP event for the Imperial community. We are working to bring further interesting stories to everyone in the Post-KOTFE world including more wide-reaching story arcs.

Currently the guild storyline is set to promote underground resistance styles of intrigue and adventure as we work to expel the forces of Zakuul from our space. The Sith in the guild are typically of a reformist nature seeing the pragmatic value in commoners and aliens against the indisputable might of the Eternal Fleet, and in making alliances with anyone who might further our own aims.

Working from a position of seeming compliance, the coalition works within the system, underground and through back channels to repel the invaders and secure what is rightfully ours.

The Guild Stronghold is currently an IC space all the time, and is publicly listed. The Guild Ship is also available for IC interaction and events, but is not an RP exclusive area. All amenities (Guild bank, legacy bank, GTN) are availible to all members in all locations all the time.

PvE information:
We run open raids on the Imperial side through a charter on the leftovers website http://leftoversraiding.org/index.php This is a fair DKP system for looting. Please see our charter for further information.

We run numerous operations and flashpoints and are active participants in the Conquest system. We do not have a firm requirement for participation in conquest but it is strongly encouraged.

We also run a progression team which has a regular roster, but we often will take other members and also  frequently form pick-up operations on alt characters.

Don't be a jerk.
Try to be a grown-up.
No Harassment or abuse is tolerated.
Leave your Drama at the door.

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