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Dancing Flames

The Premier Entertainment Corporation in the Entire Galaxy!

Operating out of the lovely Star Cluster Casino in the Promenade District of Nar Shaddaa, Dancing Flames INC is the go-to place for any kind of charm your party-goers need. We have lovely dancers (hired, not slaves!),  charming caterers, waiters, and waitresses, and the very best musicians this side of Clak'dor VII! Willing to work in any (livable) conditions, we are at your services, and our one goal is to make you the most popular host in the galaxy! Interested? Send your entertainment needs to our holo-net contact, and we shall assess a fair, generous price! Want to work with us? Send a resume listing your skills to Koin'rachan, who's information can be found on our official holo-net site. And remember, cha yoieu bom bom wahca bai bu wuoca! Uba koee yoieu kouikei.

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