The Wraiths

Profile undergoing some updates since Fallen Empire/Zakuul, Wraiths are now an independent Rim Fleet working loosely with the Alliance.  You can read our battles during the timeskip here, falling out with Republic though we eventually cleared our names:

Welcome to the Wraiths!  Special Operations Group (1st Batatalion 269th Reg) we're a sort of Shadow Military/Coalition of the Republic, supported as a Black Project of the Senate and Jedi, supporting worthy causes with greater anonymity and secrecy.  We're a noble-minded group, but which works from the shadows, often identifying under cover aliases or as "mercenaries," despite having the resources and training of the Republic's military.  The Wraiths also have a Flagship, the Fallen Angel heavily crewed by Privateers or pilots from "unique" backgrounds, and supporting Privateer Irregulars who fly logistics or combat support in their own craft.  Originally based out of Ord Mantel, we also now have a secret Stronghold on Coruscant, and growing operational posts and theaters on the Rim and Hutt Space.  The Guild's secret Jedi Academy/Enclave (Galmore's Jedi Academy in game) is the site for most of our training and gatherings of Force users (who can take Padawan/Master pairings in game).  

We're a fairly established Guild in our 4th year, rebuilding after pre-merge lulls.  Please feel free to introduce yourself in our forums, and ask any IC or OOC questions of us.  Our Guild forums list major officers and good days/times to get connected!  

Whether you're a seasoned veteran warrior, or independent minded freelancer interested in protecting the Republic from the fringes and shadows, there is space for you here!  We are a Vanguard, vigilant against Sith and other new threats and intrigues that never make the Holos,  using methods  less than "official" at times to serve the greater good.  

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