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April 2019
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Wardens of the Sky

'There were the blades of the deep of space,
The protectors of those that braved the void.
Heroes of whispers, tales, and prayer
Among crew and passenger old and young,

Whispers of the Wardens of the Sky.'

A mythic yet little-known group of Force-users that believe it is their duty to traverse the space lanes, and keep them safe for all to use. Disguised as simple travelers, they are a nomadic people with no central organisation - most travelling alone, unless training an apprentice in their ways. They are everywhere, nowhere, and unrecognisable; the calm stranger humming by the window; the hooded woman seated at the table's end; the charmer shuffling a pazaak deck amongst a rowdy bunch.

They are the quiet angels in the crowd, who you will never know, and never thank.

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