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The Trayus Cabal

A complex sequence has brought you here. You hold a highly-encoded message in your possession. The components of the file in question were discovered piggybacked onto several different public news transmissions from various different independent reporting outlets. The only overt similarity between these broadcasts was their content, namely the toll that the Galactic War has inflicted on the galaxy since its inception. However you've come to possess this message, it has flickered to life on your datapad, data terminal, or other device and now, the message is playing out before you.

"My name is Darth Thrax. No matter the means by which you discovered this message, it is my sincerest belief that you will find its content of some value, for good or for ill. I come before you because I must, because I am compelled to. I bear a truth that must be relayed, and like all truths, not all are worthy to possess it. That is why this message was hidden away - so that only the inquisitive and the driven would discover it."

"I come before you because a sickness has festered in the hearts of the people of this galaxy and it has been allowed to persist for far too long. It is an ideological disease which has corrupted large swaths of the galactic population. It is born out of fear and embraced by the weak. It drives its victims to illogical acts that drive us further and further down the course of unremitting war and annihilation. I speak of the notion... of hope."

"Scores of sentient beings offer their lives freely each day on the altar of hope, the illusory promise of the improvement of present and future in spite of the past, in spite of logic, and in spite of truth. For the truth is that the desires of the individual matter only as far as they are able to enforce them on a universe that is guided by a great and unknowable whim toward some notion of 'balance' that is always inevitably disrupted. Even a cursory history lesson will reveal the truth of this."

"It is time to not merely tip the scales, but to shatter them totally. True balance will never come to this galaxy and it is time that its citizens accept this. The Republic and the Jedi allow themselves to fall prey to a disease of expectation and they must be expunged from this galaxy for this. Even the Sith Empire is not immune to taint which has made itself apparent in the intervening years since the Emperor's silence. No matter where the enemies of truth hide, the purification will soon begin and there is nothing that can stop it.

The Trayus Cabal is the method of this ideological revolution. A web that spans the galaxy, and will ensnare those who stand against the awakening into nothingness. You are called to become a proxy of our will. Accept this charge, and take control of what the truth means

"There is no hope. There is no peace. There is no escape, in life or in death. There is only truth, and through truth, freedom. The end has come. Embrace it."

((Hello! This is an IC introduction for the Trayus Cabal. We are always looking to expand our ranks with capable roleplayers who are interested in stories based around the Sith, the dark side of the Force, espionage and intrigue in the Star Wars universe. We are open to all classes and all races so long as your character may fit in with the aforementioned themes. However, if you wish to partake in our storylines in another capacity without acting as a member of the guild, feel welcome to submit a request to join in all the same to follow us on this GuildNet page!))

For further information with regards to the Trayus Cabal, contact Thrax or Elym ingame, or send a private message via these forums to schedule a time for an in-character interview.))

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Re: The Trayus Cabal
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Re: The Trayus Cabal
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Guild Arc number 1 coming soon!

The Dark Network's Mission
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