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The Bloodhawks


Named after the native Mantellian hawks the original Corellian pioneers  used to track and hunt Savrips,The Bloodhawks are a militia  turned rag-tag group of freedom fighters and vigilantes who combat tyranny and exploitation across the galaxy. The Bloodhawks are also a voice of Mantellian independence - - although not trusting (even disdainful) of the Republic, they realize the best way to ensure their beloved homeworld's independence is to temporarily side with the Republic and join in on the fight with the Empire, whom they see as the biggest threat to freedom and justice everywhere.

((We're sort of like an "A-Team in space", but with more lasers. Mix in a little Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, "The Wolverines from "Red Dawn", and Robin Hood and you have the Bloodhawks. We're the scrappy under dog, the good guys in frayed dusters who have a deep rebel streak in them.

If you are laid back, incredibly friendly, mature, and articulate, then you are most welcome! Look for me (Jhett), or one of my lieutenants (Teleura, Kingett) ingame and set up an interview. You can also find us at our website:

Hope to hear from you soon!))

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Re: The Bloodhawks
« on: 08/22/14, 10:09:41 AM »
Come talk to us on our website or online for a taste of the hawks! We are a small guild with players worth getting to know, haha

alright go hawks!


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