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Pillar of Wisdom

Walking the line between the Light and Dark side, the Grey Order aspires to be truly rounded users of the Force. Keeping an open mind and not succumbing to the Dark Side, we stand higher with an understanding that life is not black and white.

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Re: Pillar of Wisdom
« on: 10/13/14, 08:09:26 PM »
This is a nice guild.
(I'm trying to learn how GuildNet works.)

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Re: Pillar of Wisdom
« on: 10/30/14, 03:32:04 PM »
I really like this guild too.
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Re: Pillar of Wisdom
« on: 11/01/14, 09:17:27 AM »
Da Holocron Is so beautiful......... :nuu:
''Don't Die...Damn you....Don't Die, If you die I will kill you, Do you hear me, I will kill you!'' -Adani.

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Re: Pillar of Wisdom
« on: 11/01/14, 11:53:08 AM »
Here I am! Orbarren is here and checked in! (Alts = Nusun, Rhexnor.)
The line between light and darkness is blurred, seek power but do not become a slave to it. Seek knowledge and do all things for truth!

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Re: Pillar of Wisdom
« on: 11/01/14, 02:46:33 PM »
I did some reading, and it looks like at one time the ancestors of the Jedi on Tython, called the Je'aii, tried to balance the light and the dark side, and then they split into the modern light and dark factions, Jedi and Sith.  So in a way, the Pillar of Wisdom represents a return to a finer, older time when the goal was not to elevate one side above the other, but to harmonize them by giving each its proper place.  This makes sense because, if you think about it, both the Jedi code and the Sith code are nonsense.  "There is no emotion?"  What rot.  "Peace is a lie?"  Who writes this stuff?  Sometimes there is emotion, and sometimes there is peace, and it is better to deal with both than to try to chop one of them off.

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Re: Pillar of Wisdom
« on: 11/01/14, 06:01:58 PM »
Light I agree with you wholeheartdly! That is a wonderful thing for us to hear, we need to know of our origins and know where we come from.  :rage: We are the margian between the light and dark because there is no light and dark side, there is only the force.
The line between light and darkness is blurred, seek power but do not become a slave to it. Seek knowledge and do all things for truth!

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Re: Pillar of Wisdom
« on: 11/02/14, 03:04:27 PM »
Just got on the site, figured I would post my bios for both my characters.

Novarin! (known as Nova) [M]
     Novarin Kalikos was born on Nar Shaddaa, into a Sith family. Her mother was a Darth long before she was born, and her age remains unknown to everyone. Nova's father was a merchant in the Hutt Cartel, and this fact often caused conflict between her parents. In Nova's early years(1-5) her father had hidden her in a Syndicate he knew well. She was safe until the day following her fifth birthday, when her mother stuck her father down :cry::

     'The darkness concealed Darth Kalikos's presence well :shifty: as her husband headed back to their daughter. She did not care much for the man, and only spent this much effort on her family because her daughter was her only heir, and it would be a disgrace to have a child that wasn't Sith. The Darth followed her husband to a old door that seemed to blend in with its surroundings, even though it was not hidden. The door opened revealing the young happy and bright faced Echani that was her daughter. The two seemed to start talking, her daughters voice energetic and happy when speaking to her father. The Darth, in one swift motion, sliced her husband in half, blood splattering on her daughters face. The body fell, and her daughter remained completely still, the life seeping from her eyes, and in too much shock to even cry. "Come girl, we are going to Korriban." Darth Kalikos said, a cold rage in her voice, lacking any sign of patience.  :evil: Her daughter remained still for a few moments, then nodding, and following her mother without a single question.'

    Nova was brought to Korriban, and pushed harder than any other acolyte she came in contact with, since her mother was behind her the entire time. By the time Nova was nine, she could conjure and control lightning, along with channeling rage. A few years had past, with no break in the training, and her mother brought her to Dromund Kass for a tournament where a member of the Dark Council would be watching, looking for an apprentice. The competition was for only the most trained acolytes, mostly ranging from 18-35 year olds, but alone stood the 12 year old girl with snow white short hair.

     Round 1: Nova was put up against a rather bulky man, who wielded two training sabers. She held no hesitation is her eyes as the blaster shot was fired to signal the start, and Nova crippled the man by simply overpowering him in the force from where she stood at the start. The spectators(mostly random Imperial citizens and apprentices who had time on their hands) laughed hysterically at the man, but before he could stand back up painfully, Nova smashed her training saber into his face, killing him.  :darkside:

     Round 2: Her opponent this time seemed to be a rather slim girl like herself, but most likely in her mid-twenties, and who appeared to wield no saber at all. Nova recognized this  as the rumored girl who refused to touch a training saber, insisting a real one or nothing. :facepalm: The starting shot was fired and the girl tucked and rolled to the left, followed by sending a bolt of lightning where she believed Nova to be, only for the apparition to fade as Nova kicked the girl in the side. Without giving the girl time to recuperate she slammed the hilt of her training saber into the back of the girls head. The girl collapsed and the instant she twitched in her unconsciousness, Nova smashed her in the same place as before, leaving the girl motionless.  :darkside:

A red haired Imperial Enforcer was intrigued with the girl, and sat back. "Rel would like her." the Enforcer said to herself, a twinge of amusement in her voice.

     Round 3(final): Nova looked her opponent up and down a few times, then blinking. She was now facing another man, and he held a jagged scar across his face. 'Acitus' was all she thought as she glared at the Sith Academies top student. The starting shot was fired and the man instantly appeared in front of her, then sending force scream at her, stunning her as he slammed his blade into her side, sending her flying to the other side of the arena. She stood as quickly as she could, only to barely block a slash at her face. In the midst of the block she spat in his face, using the second that he was stunned to channel her fear and anger. Her strength built up and she used the ability her mother taught her, as he ran at her. She sent a fast and brutal bolt of black lightning at his face, half his face exploding :rage:. Nova wore the same expression of lifelessness she had on the day of her fathers death, blood once again splattered on her face.  :darkside:

     The competition was ended with a large firework, her mother having a large and wicked grin on her face. The day following the competition, her mother brought her into her room to reward her, and taught her daughter the last thing she would need to know to survive in this cruel world(information censored, ask me what it is in game if you want to know. This censorship is in respect to the younger players).

     Nova was then told of her younger sister, who was now seven years old. She was brought to see her, and the moment her mother left, a Jedi Knight kicked their door in on Nar Shaddaa. The Jedi saw the Echani as a Sith, and did not show mercy as he took her sister she had just met away from her to be trained by Jedi.

     It took four years for Nova to be proclaimed as a Sith lord, only then did her mother accept her as her daughter. Even after all her mother put her through, she felt the weight of the world lift off her shoulders as her mother embraced her as her mother instead of her Commandant. After six months, she got a encrypted message from her sister, saying she wanted to come home, and so, she left to Tython without saying as much as a word to anyone. She infiltrated the Jedi order, posing as a Jedi, but only to reach her sister. Nova met many people along her path through the Jedi.

     Involvement with Sith Assassin: Lord Relrin Serenity; Relrin was known mainly for completing ever mission every mission that was given to her...  accept one. She had been told by her sister who was a Imperial Enforcer that a little girl had been successful in winning some tournament on Dromund Kass. Rel didn't see many people who had been able to control things at a young age like herself, so naturally she took an interest. Only a few years later did she receive a mission from some Imperial higher up that said his gifted son was killed by the girl, and that he wanted her dead. Relrin accepted the job due to the MASSIVE reward she would be offered, and headed to the girls sleeping quarters. Rel stood over the girls bed after easily slipping past the Imperials and Sith in the tower. She saw a message on the girls bedside table and read it, seeing the girls sister was stuck as a Jedi. Relrin leveled her cyan lightsaber blade right above the girls head, then awaking her. "Leave to go find your sister this second, so I have a reason not to kill you." Relrin rarely held mercy as one of her features, but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to kill the 17 year old Echani girl.
"Bliss is simply a state of mind, and to attain such a gift we must first sacrifice. Peace is born from Pain, because simple happiness leads to a bland mind. If only people could realize that pre-placed societal judgments mean nothing, and that you must first become your own person to be at peace. I have reached Nirvana, so join me." ~My Head

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Re: Pillar of Wisdom
« on: 11/02/14, 03:07:58 PM »
Ello all! Isa-may/Kunci here~!  :grin:

So, I joined, and guess what? STORY TIME!
Kunci -- When she was six, her brother, Bex (AKA Gearbox later on) was ten. When she became sixteen, Bex joined the Republic and left Kunci alone wither their slowly ailing parents. She quickly used her senses to become a PI and became the best on Alderaan, her homeworld. When she was twenty one, Havoc Squad came to Alderaan for R&R whilst the Deadeyes -->>  :omg: <<-- came in investigate a lord of House Thul. As it turns out, Kunci was hired to follow him around, forcing her to take a part time job as a Cantina waitress. There the two Republic squads ran into each other and as it turns out (in a twist of fate) Kunci just so happened to be the one to serve them.

After getting over the shock of seeing her brother with the most elite squads in the Republic, Kunci's plan was shot down by Tavus, whom had recently taken over. She felt uneasy around him, something that the Deadeye CO, Aric Jorgan, agreed with. She followed Havoc and the Deadeyes as they tracked the target, but when they encountered a problem, they were forced to fall on her plan. Soon, after the Thul lord was taken care of, Aric and his team were given leave, allowing him and Kunci get... closer... than her family and his crew thought possible. When departing to return, she agreed on being his 'Life-Mate' with the promise of "I'll be waiting right here," as he walked back to the Deadeyes.

Fastforward two years and Alderaan had separated from the Republic. Now in the midst of a Civil War, Kunci had gotten home late one night to find the manor ablaze! She rushed in, ignoring the worker's calls, and soon fell victim to smoke inhalation. Rumor of her 'death' made it all the way to Tatooine, where Jorgan and his crew had just finished with their last mission before a nice long leave. At first, he had denied it, said that she wouldn't have gone in, but as it sunk in, he 'knew' it was true. So as the years passed, he grew more and more bitter about the life he could've had. The life he should've had...

Kunci, meanwhile, had woken in the Organa hospital. She had been rescued by the Jedi Padawan and the two and immediately ran offworld, going to Coruscant and was contacted by Garza. The general had talked to Kunci about a threat of treason and told her that if she could find out just who was going to defect, then Kunci would have a brand new life to begin with. Out of habit, the woman agreed and was placed in 'training', where her reason for being there was explained to the mentors, who caught her up in their spare time. Finally, she finished top of the class, where Garza hooked her up with a job on Ord Mantell, with Havoc and a certain ex Deadeye CO...

Isa-may -- Isa-may wasn't always a cyborg. She was born and the the implants immediately placed on her. Oh no. You see, Isa remembers her family. She remembers her mother, her father, and her baby brother. She remembers going to school and baking with her grandmother. But most importantly, she remembers how the Jedi found her...

Her mother was taking her and her brother to one of the few parks on Nar Shaddaa when their rented Taxi suddenly plunged, hitting the taxi below them. Isa was left with a frontal bone fracture in two places -- Just above her eyes -- and her jaw broken in six different places. Her mother and brother, however, weren't so lucky. Her mother had died instantly, they had said, but they didn't know what happened to the little ten year old. When the Jedi heard of the speeder crash and a possible Sith sabotage, Master Orgus Din went to Shaddaa to find seven year old Isa fighting for survival in a poorly done hospital.

He took her in and raised her until she was eighteen, where she began to travel. When she was 26, almost 27, the padawan had been exploring Alderaan when a house fire caught her eye. She had went into the house and pulled out a young woman, no more than 24 years old. Her hair and skin had been burnt so badly that the padawan thought it would never regrow! Taking her to Organa Hospital, the padawan found out the woman she had saved was a PI who had a major hit on her thanks to House Thul. When the woman awoke, Isa was shocked to find their minds linked, but quickly suggested to go to Coruscant, to which Kunci Kolos agreed to immediately.

After depositing Kunci at the Senate Tower, Isa returned to Taris and completed what training her master could give her. When she was 29, she received a message. She was to report to Tython, to complete her trials with her final master. She, of course, wondered who it was, for many masters had tried to claim her as a padawan, for she was both pretty -- this was coming from the corrupt Jedi -- and willing to learn...

Anything you guys think I should add? I definitely know when I sub that I'm going to bring Isa's brother into this heap of... whatever it is!
« Last Edit: 03/01/15, 02:47:09 PM by Kunci-Kolos »
"You told me to run. You didn't say to leave you behind." -- Kunci Kolos to Aric Jorgan

"You're right; I'm not like most Jedi. I am the Jedi." -- Isa~may Hamilton to Kira Carsen

"I lost my sister to the scum called Jedi. I won't lose you." Thorazan Hamilton to Mako (Last Name Unknown)

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Re: Pillar of Wisdom
« on: 11/17/14, 07:16:26 PM »
This is the Story of Adani Before He went to Tython to Become a Jedi.....When He was a little Kid he lived on a substantial plot of land on a small farming town, on Dathomir, Every Day at noon he would go out with his friends and fool around, but on one certain day he heard explosions and screams and when he went to Investigate he saw three battalions of Imperial Troops and at the lead a man in armor walking with a gleaming Black Lightsaber , Which he later learned to be Darth Inscior, And in the sky instead of a warm sky there were Imperial Starship firing on the Planet, the air filling with smoke, and on the rolling hills that was a foundation for many a house was engulfed in fire, constant blaster fire rang in the air, Adani ran back to his Mom and Dad at his home and told them what was happening, His Dad came out with a standard protection Blaster rifle, Adani's Dad opened fire upon the battalion of troops managing to gun down four before the Sith in front held up his hand as if to say stop firing, as soon as the sith put his hand down the sith extended his arm and formed his hand into a clutch towards Adani's Dad, Adani's Dad reached up towards his throat to try to pry the Invisible clutch from his throat, his legs dangling above the ground, Then the Man closed his hand and Adani's father made a sick crunching noise as he crumpled to the floor Lifeless, his Mom Grabbed the blaster rifle from his Dad's Lifeless body and opened fire against the sith, the sith merely deflected the bolts with his hands as he threw his Lightsaber at Adani's Mom Leaving her Decapitated. Adani in Horror Ran towards the Nearest city of Dathomir, where he stayed for 7 years until he was 16, But one Day when he was wandering around in the Space Port a Fury Class Imperial star fighter landed and the door Opened, Adani's Eyes Grew wide in Horror as He knew it was too late to run away, A man in a grey hooded robe, with a double bladed Lightsaber, stepped out of the ship, on his face a yellow and red Kabuki mask, He seemed to be scanning the Area when the sith's eyes Fell upon Adani, he walked toward him and said ''I am Lord Kud'ani of the Sith Empire, I Sense you are strong in the force young one, but I also sense much anger and Hate in you, Good you'll need it where your going.'' Adani was then Taken to Korriban to learn the ways of a sith, he trained there for 7 long years until he finished his trials, Kud then let Adani choose his own Path, When Adani said he wanted to train as a Jedi, Kud Dropped him off at the Orbital station over Tython, But his anger and hate remain with him....Hope you enjoyed any feedback or helpful thoughts would be much appreciated.
''Don't Die...Damn you....Don't Die, If you die I will kill you, Do you hear me, I will kill you!'' -Adani.

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Re: Pillar of Wisdom
« on: 11/02/14, 07:02:08 PM »
Here is Jarros' Bio, it has fragments from other stories from star wars, see if you can spot them =D


Jarros is a human male born and raised on Tattooine. He spent most of his days repairing speeders and working on his father's moisture farm. Work was long and hard, Jarros worked for more hours then any other man his age. At the age of 18 he decided he would leave his home and travel to another system to find work as a speeder repairman. His journey landed him on the slimeball of a world called Hutta. Hutta offered him little work on speeders as there was little to no roads. His expertise with speeders landed him a job of racing hoppers. They would fly around Hutta's clouded atmosphere and pass through 10 hoops until they crossed the finish line. Now in his early twenties Jarros had managed to get the attention of the Hutts by winning enough of the hopping races.
A particularly large Hutt approached him and asked him for a couple favors. Jarros accepted willingly, he needed the credits. The job was to transport blaster rifles from Hutta into Nar Shadaa, the job was relatively easy. The Hutt asked Jarros to work for him full time and Jarros accepted. He transported goods around the galaxy, helping earn money for himself and his large Hutt boss. Then came the day when the Empire arrived, Jarros was transporting a very 'special' series of crates to the Correlian system. The ship that the Hutt had lent him was tractor beamed into the large star ship, with Jarros and the goods in it. The crates he had been transporting were illegal spice packages. Before Jarros could react he was arrested and chucked into a dirty cell.
Jarros turned to face the wall, it's black soot covered it entirely, he had barely enough time to duck under the surprise throw. His cell-mate had tried to knock Jarros onto his back. Jarros quickly threw one back, but before he could land another in, Jarros was down and out.
Jarros groaned, he had a splitting headache and his ribs felt like they were shattered.
A deep voice echoed around the dark room, "Names Cale, the alien fella hit you pretty hard."
"Yeah no doubt" Jarros had said rubbing his forhead.
Jarros and Cale had both been transporting goods for the Hutt, they had already met each other once before but had never talked.
After a while of conversing about their boss the interrogator opens their cell door. He brought with him an interrogation droid and an officer.
Without speaking a word the two guards behind him pinned Jarros to the bed and the droid edged forwards, preparing its needles for penetration. The first needle pierced into Jarros' skin and he yelped, as the droid went in for the other pierce the star-ship began to shake and rumble. A voice could be heard over the officers comm, "All personnel, this is not a drill. Evacuate the premises, a republic war-ship has open fire, I repeat this is not a drill." Sirens could be heard blaring across the interior of the ship. The two guards pinning Jarros down stumbled and fell onto him, Cale taking advantage of the situation, overpowered the interrogator and the officer. He took a blaster from the officers holster and shot both in the head. Jarros headbutted the first guard while the other was shot in the back. Jarros swiped up a rifle from the fallen guard and pounded two rounds into him. Jarros nodded towards Cale, Jarros walked out the door cautiously, Cale trailing behind him. In the panic the guards had forgotten to lock the main system control panel. Cale tapped into the control panel and located the nearest escape pod, the duo sprinted to the pod and made their escape from the torn star-ship. Jarros watched as the ship had exploded and flung debris into Corellia's atmosphere.

The landing was rough, but they had managed to come out of it without a scratch. Cale suggested that they stick together until they found a way off of Corellia. In the few months they had been on Corellia they scrambled up enough credits to purchase an XS Corellian freighter. Jarros adored his new ship while Cale had been used to fancy ships made on Alderaan.
While exiting Corellian space Jarros asked, "Where do you want to be dropped off?"
Cale had responded with a quick, "Why not work together for a little while longer?"
Jarros and Cale had become partners but Jarros had no idea of Cale's dark past that haunted anyone who traveled with him.

They had flown together for 2 years now, they had grown closer and thought of each other as brothers. But when Cale had been requested on Tython, the amazing duo would split for a very long time. Jarros' ship was a party center and a home to them, but now it had become the loneliest place in the galaxy.


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