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April 2019
Apr 18: Jedi Night - 7:30 PM PST
Apr 25: Jedi Night - 7:30 PM PST


Alderaanian Enclave

Alderaan has a proud and ancient history with in the Jedi Order, to be expected from one of the founding worlds of the Republic and one which prides itself on being a force for civilization, diplomacy and balance with nature.  They have provided some of the Galaxies most illustrious Jedi lineages, including the Quel-Dromas and like Coreallia have a history of Jedi families- made uniquely complicated by Alderaan's complex house politics and the threats of attachment this creates in conflict with the Jedi Code. The Alderaanian Enclave welcomes many members, native to Alderaan or from every corner of the universe, and there are many paths to joining.

OOC: This is a meta-guild, meaning that your character can belong to any guild (OOCly and ICly) or no guild at all, and still be a part of the Alderaanian Enclave.

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