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House of Wolves

Deep within the lower layers of the holonet, a message has been circulating quietly, moving from server to server, copying itself with each passing day. It contains an audio recording of a woman's voice, Imperial accent is clear, though the sound is distorted slightly to prevent recognition. It was first discovered on the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa, but in a small amount of time, new sightings have been reported on multiple planets in various star systems...

"We have been gone a while... in this time, we have watched events unfold... Wars waged in secret, shadow games, played by both sides. I once served a great Darth, and like my mother, I was forced to obey... forced down, into something less then a woman, less then a human... I was a tool, to be used, and then discarded. In my time after my release, being free from the yoke of oppression, I have witnessed this torment infecting the Galaxy in different forms, names and ideals. The Sith wage conquest, and their shackled Empire obeys the call... The Jedi stand defiant, and the Republic bicker and whine like children. And on it goes, a cycle that seems to repeat itself on planet after planet... and once one submits, the conquest fleets to another location, leaving bitter destruction in it's wake. I have walked along side my Comrades, through the fields of battle, the aftermath left by the whim of the Senate, or a power grab from an Apprentice, and have seen the faces of those lost to the slaughter. Balmorra... Corellia... our teams have moved in search of those forgotten by the two Powers that be... and have taken them away, showed them hope... and with their pledge to the State, given them purpose and security.
We know there are more, we know they are out there, those who are tired of oppression, tired of exploitation. The House of Wolves rejects the corruption, and embraces equality. We reject the few who strangle their hold on the many... the rich, that feast till their stomach's burst, while hundreds starve a few levels below. We have risen up from the depths of despair, broken the chains of subjugation and have taken a stand. You may ask, do we want war? More destruction to create a hypocritical message? No. We only wish to be left alone, to carve out our own home, chart our own course, and be the final haven for those that the galaxy has rejected. However, there are those that will fight against us, try to control us once more. There will be blood, but it will be the blood of Tyrants that will be spilt. Within our society, there is no overlord, there is no special treatment. You work for the House, for your comrades who are in need, and in return, the House will work for you, and those same men and women you helped, will be there to pull you from despair. We are all comrades, men and women, soldiers and scholars, medics and mechanics, farmers and fighters. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel... if you have a checkered past, filled with regret, or simply wishing for a second chance... The Wolves will welcome you, as long as your criminal past, stays in the past.

The unified State has already begun it's rise... Become apart of our ascension."

((Hey there everyone! So, this is a new guild I have been working on with some of my buddies, and it seems to be gaining some speed, hence why I decided to post here. Basically, HoW is a heavy RP guild (Small in numbers as we gain speed, with some pvp/pve elements) that resembles communistic Russia, clinging to many of the ideals and comradery that is associated with it. We are based OOC in the Empire side of swtor, but are not openly IC involved in either side, apart from some real small trade agreements. We accept all classes, as long as they are lore friendly. There isn't an alignment requirement, or a specific role requirement either. The House is meant to be a huge State, trying to support itself without aid from anyone, needing everything from warriors to farmers. We are mainly AEST GMT+10 time zone players, but we do have a few Americans too. If you have any questions, and/or are interested in joining, please feel free to message me at anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible.))


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