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Greetings warriors!

The Myrmidons are looking to bolster their ranks with men and women with a talent for war. Dominantly a PvP and PvE guild on Imp side, the Myrmidons enjoy taking part in almost every aspect that the Old Republic has to offer. Elder game Operations (Storymodes, Hardmodes & even Nightmare modes), Flashpoints and especially PvP (both Ranked & Unranked).

Our members are friendly, helpful and knowledgable about the game, willing to help out our new members in any way we can, be it gearing, stats, rotation advice or even just levelling a character. We do not expect our members to follow like mindless sheep or obey orders without question. We above all else strive to make sure our members are enjoying themselves, whether they succeed or fail.

-We have a Flagship, a TS3 server and are beginning to build our full xp and reputation bonus..
-Dedicated core group of members as well as friendships/alliances outside of the guild, meaning there is never a lack of people or things to do.
-A guild repair fund that scales with rank, along with a humble guild bank.

If you're interested in joining, send a message to Morghus on these forums.
(Or alternatively mail/whisper Morghus, Kor'da & Vendrin or Deadfear & Deadlysilent in game.)

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