Imperial Wild Space Command


Imperial Wild Space Command (IWSC) is a military organization of the Sith Empire that defends and advances Imperial interests in the Wild Space region. Established in 21 ATC to oppose to threat of the Eternal Empire, IWSC now serves permanently on the frontiers of Imperial space to defend the Sith Empire from known and unknown threats.



NameLocationTypeUnits AssignedDescription
RESURGENCEIokath systemconquestTask Force IokathMoff Heermann leads this element of IWSC's force in support of Empress Acina's campaign to seize Iokath, its weapons and resources, for the Sith Empire.  This is currently the premier operation underway by IWSC.
BOG BURNNERBelkadanlaw enforcement supportIWSC rear forcesSupplement Belkadan Command forces in ensuring planetary security.
STAR REACHERWild SpaceexplorationImperial Wild Space Astrography ServiceExplore Wild Space and Unknown Regions to map new territories and identify exploitable resources.
SEA STARIC-711colonization securitySecure designated sites for Imperial colonization.  Patrol system until handover to planetary command.
FIRESTORMAeten IIoffensiveEngage Republic forces and secure planet for Empire.

OOC Details


<Imperial Wild Space Command> is an Imperial military heavy RP guild centered around the Knights of the Fallen Empire / Eternal Throne digital expansions.  The guild may occasionally incorporate some PvE content into its official guild activities.

Guildmaster: Nicohlas
Stronghold: Headquarters: Imperial Wild Space Command
Flagship: Ziost Avenger

* Fully unlocked Guild Bank (eight vaults)!

* Fully unlocked Yavin IV stronghold!

* Fully unlocked and decorated flagship with the highest prestige score on the server!

Guild Mission

To establish and maintain a presence on the Begeren Colony server known for creating an environment for conducting quality Imperial military RP.  To create, foster, and sustain an environment for quality Imperial military RP attractive to RPers of varying degrees of skill and experience.

Guild Rules

1. Conduct.  Guild members must treat each other with respect at all times. Harassment in any form is not tolerated. Guild members who RP characters with traits such as aggression, hatred, contempt, etc. should clearly define in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC) dialogue. Additionally, guild members must be respectful of other players, RPers and members of other guilds. Remember, you wear the guild tag in-game and represent us.

2. Lore / Spoilers. This guild plays to endgame content. We take into account everything we've learned about the SWTOR universe to this point. That said, elder-game players should not reveal spoilers to lower ranking or newer members of the guild unless asked to.

3. Activity. Characters that are inactive for at least 90 calendar days will be removed from the guild. Guild members who believe they may be away from the game for prolonged periods of time may inform the guildmaster or a guild officer and their characters will remain in the guild.

4. Guild Chat.  Members are prohibited from using extreme profanity in the in-game guild chat channel.  Members are encouraged that if they are having a back-and-forth conversation with one or a few other guild members, this is best accomplished in /whisper or by forming a group to prevent spamming guild chat with posts that are not relevant to all members.

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