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The Force effects all living things. Whether or not you can wield it does not mean it does not effect one's being. Every person has their role to play, but not every person gets to choose their role.

Under the Crucible's teachings you will be forged into a finely honed weapon in the arena of your choosing. Rigorous mental and physical exercises to keep you challenged and your hunger for adventure sated.

If this sounds like you, Darth Vulkanus is seeking both talented warriors and prospects alike who want to do more than sit and watch as the Infinite Empire besieges what we have fought so hard to conquer.

Tenacious. Unrelenting. Crucible.

((Crucible is a new guild meant to be a bit of everything for everyone. Intelligence, Sith Operations and military operations to be specific. Many events will be unit based, while others will be guild wide. Looking forward to seeing this guild live up to its potential. Contact In Game name: Vulcanis))

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Moderator: Vulkanus
Type: By Request
Created On: 01/24/16, 02:31:08 PM
Category: Empire


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