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Brotherhood of the Cosmos

The Brotherhood of the Cosmos is an extremely heavy RP guild that was designed to contain all types of characters and uses a /roll combat system with skillchecks and modifiers in the form of Lightsaber forms and for non force users "Classes" which are basically the same thing but without the basis in Star Wars lore.

We will remain relatively small only allowing people to join the guild after an IC Interview. This is due to the fact that we want quality from our members and we wish to return the favor with helping them find partners within the guild that have characters that pair well with their own for interesting interactions as well as providing you with intriguing stories IC rather than focusing on managing a large number of people OOC. We allow all kinds of characters into our guild, jedi,sith, mando, smugglers, bounty hunters, agents, pretty much any character you can think of will be welcome in our guild, we even have a Jal Shay among us.

LORE: I will not be telling you too much about our lore simply because I prefer people to discover secrets about our established characters and their past IC which is another reason as to why we are keeping this guild small but anyways here is a brief summary of some of what the guild is about and some of the more recent history.

The Brotherhood was created to protect an artifact known as the Orb of the Cosmos. We spend our whole lives protecting it and in return we are blessed with gifts that allow us to do what we want in the galaxy more effectively. 30 years ago the Brotherhood was betrayed and destroyed by a man named Morzaan Shadeslayer. Andraxian the last surviving member has been hiding from Shadeslayer for the past 30 years waiting for the right time to rebuild the Brotherhood and now is the time.
That is a very basic summary of what we are about and it is lie free however, there are MANY omissions of truth in there due to several IC reasons.

Ranks: IC wise we only have three ranks, Cosmic Initiates are characters who have joined the guild but haven't sworn their oaths and become knights yet (there is an awesome character based trial for that), Cosmic Knights are true members of the order they serve the Cosmos and have received their blessings (the specifics of the blessing are vague) and the Grandmaster who is the keeper of all of the orders secrets and is not allowed to be anyone but the Grandmaster (others will find out over time... its a way of creating drama as well as giving me some more creative freedom).

Our OOC ranks will be explained on our website (I cant find the page rn and i dont want to type it all down ill fix it later ive been up all night lol)

Our Timeline: Right now we are set in the 5 year gap between Shadow of Revan and KOTFE

Strongholds: We currently have an incomplete guild SH on Yavin which serves as the Temple of Darkness while my personal (fully unlocked) Yavin SH serves as a Temple of Light, the light and dark sides of the force are especially strong in each temple and are decorated to reflect that. I also have a cantina SH on Tatooine and a Sanctuary for both the Republic and the Empire on Kaas and Coruscant (imp on kaas and pub on coruscant) so if you want to rp in those you will be given keys (yavin temple of light is kinda mandatory since the GSH is still underworks)

We have a discord and as I mentioned before a website.


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