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The Krais Enclave

The Krais Enclave was formed by the Jedi Knight Ar'anna after her life was saved by Dracyn Pax.  Named for her late Master, Aredis Krais-the Enclave seeks to train Jedi, raising Padawans to Knighthood and nurturing cooperation regardless of political alliance.

((OOC)) This is a traditional Jedi guild in that we're primarily Light-side oriented, and focused on Jedi training and missions. We are open to non-Jedi however.  This guild is intended to be a medium-heavy rp centric guild.

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Moderator: Sihara_Khaleesi
Type: Auto Join
Created On: 06/05/17, 09:54:17 PM
Category: Jedi Order


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Re: The Krais Enclave
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There is some additional info in our guild page in the forum found here: http://begerencolony.org/index.php?topic=4811.msg55424;topicseen#new
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