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Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 10/03/15, 04:59:42 PM »
Have loved the time HE's gotten to spend with Sterling this week! Hoping to continue this trend and get to know folks more IC and OOCily.

*puts in another vote for 'Palace* I'm one of those returning to the community as well, and will say that Palace is both entirely overwhelming, lurker friendly, and jumping in friendly. I arrived the first time alone, and still have since, (and go home alone each night too ;) ) but I've yet to have a night of no RP. There's always a collection at the bar of others open and/or looking for others also looking. (It's also 3AM so forgive anything that doesn't really make sense please xD)

Getting into arcs can be a bit challenging when people don't really know you yet, but the community itself has been very friendly and many are open to random/casual RP when they're available. So really no need to lurk unless it's your preference :)

Guild Recruiting / Re: New to server looking for guild
« on: 09/03/15, 11:29:23 PM »
Welcome to the server!

She sounds like she could be fun :) I'd recommend looking at our Guildnet section to see if any of the guilds there might catch your fancy, possibly approach any of us :) You could also jump into RP gatherings and see if anything unfolds, depending on how you prefer to find guilds. Dancer's Palace is always a popular night, which is tomorrow!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 09/01/15, 08:08:33 PM »
Mebbe *shifty eyes*

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 08/31/15, 10:36:35 PM »
Breaking news across all major networks:
Nar Shadda, Red Light District:

According to security cam footage and one eye witness account, a seemingly unarmed teenage Zabrak boy - reportedly the boy previously in the news as the victim of the kidnapping by two suspected Jedi that damaged a sky palace and killed many - now allegedly named ‘Zaynn,’
was confronted in a street of the Red Light District by a black hooded figure carrying a lightsaber with a face compared to a rakghoul, allegedly called ‘Darth Volfe,’
and a Sith Pureblood who stood approximately 7 feet tall and was extremely muscular, wearing gangsterish style black leather and carrying a large sniper rifle who is yet unnamed.

The Darth did reportedly "call" to himself the aluminum can the teen had been kicking down the street previously, but no reported evidence of the boy or Pureblood using the force was given.

Eye witness testimony claims that this mysterious teenage Zabrak has been working for the Empire in Imperial Intelligence for at least the past year. The Pureblood warned the Darth that attacking the pair “would be like attacking the Imperial Military.” Darth Volfe then warned that if they do not surrender, they “would get a lot of people killed.” No surrender was given, and then the hooded figure removed his hood to expose a black mask. He pushed a button on said mask, and the witness described it as it seeming to “fold in on itself over and over and over until it was vanishing off” the ghastly white face with black ichor surrounding his mouth.

The eye witness’s attention was then taken instead by the mass amount of explosions that rocked the district, killing hundreds of thousands within moments, which also included many floating barges and some sky palaces. What can only be described as a “rain of dead bodies” descended upon the district after detonation, seemingly a pre-meditated “stunt” from rigged barges, sky palaces, and passing ships as much as from the explosions themselves. Fires swiftly raged out of control and mass-panic broke out.

Within moments, thousands of weapon’s systems, including planetary defenses and starships near the surface, glitched in the same exact second and reportedly went offline. However, every offline system then targeted what engineers have mapped to be the coordinate which seems to have been the location of the aforementioned trio. The systems powered themselves to full and then discharged after they all had suddenly changed their aim, instead tearing through multiple buildings, ships, and traffic lanes. Within seconds these weapons discharged repeatedly until every falling object had been turned into molten ash, of which then fell over the district, igniting more fires, chewing through safety beams, and severely burning many. No specialist has yet been able to figure out the cause of this previously unseen technological event.

In another odd turn of this devastating event, the majority of the droids in the district nearly instantly ceased responding to outside commands, and began moving towards this ill fated square. It is yet unknown the reason for this disturbance as the droids took no action upon arriving at their destination. Many of these droids still remain there, unresponsive now hours later to attempts to re-take command.

None of the suspects involved have been found, although authorities have had severe troubles getting to the specific location due to the number of fires, dead bodies, and droids occupying the space, so it is not yet known if any survived.

The death toll is estimated to be at least half a million, although estimates are still in the early phases, and many fires still are not yet in control.

Anyone with medical training is urged to volunteer for relief efforts, as well as any skilled in search and rescue. There is a general request sent by the Hutts for hospital space, emergency transports, medical staff, and supplies.

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 08/12/15, 05:01:55 PM »
Tonight, on Nar Shaddaa's Nightly News:

Two Jedi caused severe structural damage in what was described as an earthquake on a floating complex, according to eyewitness account, after chasing a resident to the speeder platform and destroying all the speeders. The resident reportedly jumped off the edge in effort to escape, only to be kidnapped by the Jedi. In an odd twist, the Jedi were piloting an Imperial Fury-Class Interceptor. Authorities can only speculate as to whether they had stolen the ship or were on an undercover mission, and why they would kidnap a teenage Zabrak boy. The "earthquake" that the young Twi'lek Jedi caused by simply stomping her foot damaged gas lines, and the entire top level speeder platform eventually broke off and fell to the city below after sustaining further damage to its integrity during the kidnapping. It crashed through the traffic lane below before slamming atop the Red Light District. The current death count is unknown as teams are currently searching the affected levels. Citizens are encouraged to stay out of the top 15 levels of district 9 until structural integrity of the levels is certain and necessary rescues are performed.

Cantina / Re: Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion
« on: 08/07/15, 08:45:08 AM »
Except that in Star Wars lore there have been times both before and after SWTOR wherein the factions are forced to work together under a common enemy. And it was still Star Wars. The Republic and Imps aren't the force - they weren't here first, and who knows, they might not be at the end. They've also slightly changed the wording with the last trailer released, which changes basically everything with the addition of just a single word.

Although, this is coming from someone who's spent decades reading the novels and just ... can't abandon decades of works.  :sigh:

Cantina / Re: Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion
« on: 06/21/15, 09:08:18 AM »
The more I read up about Fallen Empire, the less I'm liking it. Especially this bit:

"...purchase additional level 60 characters through the Cartel Market at any time."

Is EA really so greedy that they'll turn this game into a pay-to-win? Wtf are they thinking?

I would love to get to skip past all the starting planets. I would pay for that. I've hated leveling since year three of WoW long long ago, and have long complained at this game's lack of alternatives to mix it up. My actual fear with this is the multitude of level 60's that will be running around thinking they can jump into end-game content having NO CLUE how to play their classes, or even the game at all. Pugging inevitably is going to get even more painful than it already is.

I do wonder how they'll handle class content if this does happen, but I actually don't see where they say that you can purchase level 60's. Can you go back for what you missed? Or do you forfeit the option?

I have at least a few as well I think :)

Introductions / Re: Resurrected! ((OOC))
« on: 06/20/15, 06:19:48 PM »
Thanks everyone!! Much appreciated :D Hopefully soon I can really get more involved :D

Introductions / Resurrected! ((OOC))
« on: 06/18/15, 03:27:23 PM »
Some might have noticed me poking around here or there, as I'm trying to get my bearings back. Long ago I co-ran a queer-safe RP guild, Horizon's Edge, and we held out for a long time through the somewhat massive server changes, but eventually a long dry-spell turned the RP pub side into a proverbial desert as far as we could find, and we got sucked down in the quicksand.

Recently, I and a very close friend decided to give it another shot, and we're re-starting our old guild. I've been in guild owner/leadership for ... many years at this point across games, even the times I didn't actually want to be. Played WoW for 4 or 5 years I think before Cata just killed the game for me. Started this game as soon as it launched and haven't strayed. I love RP, raiding, and GSF. I even have a toon on Bastion for the Super Serious Nights once a month :grin:

And I've been obsessed with Star Wars for 21 years and counting; I refuse to let Disney ruin it for me.

It's been a lot of fun so far, just getting to look around at the rather amazing community that's built back up on server and dip a toe into the action. I've seen some familiar names, and a lot of very unfamiliar names, and made a few friends coincidentally already friends with some of our old members. All in all, I'm both excited and heartened to be stepping back into the scene, and very thankful to those who have worked so hard to build this place up like this.

I'm primarily pub side (or rather, in my head I am) with a few developed characters and a few undeveloped characters. One or two are dark characters, one or two are gray/neutral, a few are good. Some force-sensitive, one jedi, one sith, one trooper, some underbelly types, a pilot, etc... I guess I organize my characters like I do my raid roles: get everyone geared for content and have every role covered with the main ones doubled up for back-ups/change of pace. On that note, all my pubs that I currently RP/use are 60 and fully geared, with another sitting at 56. I also do serious progression raiding, as mentioned in the raid thread :) My imp character I think has been level 28 for about 2 years now...

Currently I'm just looking to get to know the community and get involved as I can. Hope to attend the Enclave tonight! And hit up the other weekly events as I can. Slowly looking through the forums, glancing into the chat room here and there, etc. I'm in the pub & imp channels, and about to post a couple wikis.

I go by the alias Z, as all my characters have started with that letter for the better part of the past decade, and my real name also does. (Even my father has taken to calling me Z lately...) I just graduated with my B.S. in Liberal Studies with heavy focuses (and minors) in Queer Studies, Sociology, and Psychology. Going to grad school this fall up in Ontario for a Masters :) I'm 31, prefer he/him or they/them pronouns, and like long walks on the beach.  :music:

Cantina / Re: Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion
« on: 06/16/15, 10:20:34 AM »
To say the expansion will be free to subscribers only is one thing, but I'm surprised that they seem to indicate that *only* subscribers will have access. That right there would completely divide the community.

As for the jump, it does sound like years, and even if we can continue with all our characters (they'd be crazy not to), I'm more concerned about the rest of the game. Both the Republic and Empire have fallen? Wtf? So what happens when I travel to Dromund Kaas, Coruscant, or any planet in the game and there's tons of NPCs going about their business? We must now ignore everything, or will they actually update the whole game to this new reality (doubtful).

I think if it gets too crazy it would be perfectly reasonable to just ignore the new story bits and keep RP going in the pre-expansion era, especially since many RPers aren't subs.

Phasing also seems to be an option that is common to find in other games. It can be a bit of a pain when trying to throw together high level and low level toons to be sure, but it can be a neat experience to watch the world change around you as you progress. It also is a way to have a split between the level of content people buy without having to build entirely new worlds, for better or worse. (For instance, people who don't want to play or RP new changes can not install the new content and remain in that phase, and people who do install it and play it. But that also causes community splits, and this game I don't think is big enough to support that sort of split.)

Cantina / Re: Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion
« on: 06/15/15, 10:56:14 PM »
RP was dicey for a little while leading up to Cata, I think mostly because everyone had different relationships and storyarcs to try to reconcile and RP out "finishing" before the actual expansion hit, and it was impossible to coordinate the same exact pace and timeline for everyone. But everyone on my server also fully RPed out the "end" of whatever went on, filled in their own blanks for the how's and why's things happened, and then per relationship either tested waters to see if a renewed one would form, if the previous never ended + filling in the time jump, etc. We were all up-in-arms and devastated when the news hit originally, but for a lot of stories it prompted an epic ending and we all eventually figured out how to handle things. And then we had to find out via RP wtf happened with everyone. In some ways, the forced reset button was stressful and disruptive, but in other ways, it really had RP go off like fireworks.

Have characters in a slump? Don't know what to do with them? Bored of some of them? Convenient reset/epic death/etc options.

Have characters in mind you want to take for a spin, but haven't felt the time was right, or have old characters in the way, etc? Perfect chance to jump ships.

Have some relationships you already know won't go anywhere even with the Apocalypse? They don't have to. Filling in time can be as generic or in-depth as you're interested in.

Have characters that have been slowly moving in different directions? Now you have time to decide if the split will be permanent, or a way to "re-discover" each other.

Can definitely be a pain for those who have everything going exactly the way you want them to, but hey, they don't actually have to change. Not everyone in the world goes through major transitions or personality changes every year. Some people just get a little older. Some relationships actually last. Still want to do something to acknowledge passing time? Maybe their career changed. Or their company. Or they had a kid. Tons of little options.

And if anyone gets stuck, there's a whole bunch of folks around here that seem more than happy to lend some advice or help for those situations too!

I also wouldn't mind something truly ground shaking happening. Personally, I always feel .. awkward I guess having my characters always on the front lines all the time, or keeping them 100% in step with the rather rapid major story arcs, but also can start feeling really repetitive without them. Every once in a while (we are talking RL years here, esp for those of us playing and RPing since launch) it can be really nice to have the ground blasted out from beneath us and then look out across something totally different.

It also is highly unrealistic if every single one of us has the same exact thing happen to them. I surely will not have every single one of my guys going into carbonite. I'd hard pressed to have even one of them do so, because I let SWTOR storytelling world-build for me, and then figure out my characters totally separately from the exact one they feed us. Same game world, yes. Being a clone of the class stories, no thanks ^^;;

Flashpoints and Operations / Re: RPers interested in Ops?
« on: 06/12/15, 07:59:09 AM »
I've seen a Sentinel and a Sage take him down before, but it's still a good outdoor raid to do, esp for folks who don't have the mask yet! :)

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 06/09/15, 04:10:29 PM »
@Crimsen Likewise! Looking forward to doing it again!

@Bolas I'm glad I attended! Thanks for hosting!

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