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I'd totally be down for this! Finally there will be a traditional Jedi RP guild running around! Lets try to stay Lore friendly!!!

Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for anyone that would be interested in helping me run/organize a zealous Darkside Cult. I've got some ideas involving a Light/Dark crusade that I believe could really foster some great RP. Currently I'm searching for someone to to fill the RP role of my characters brother. If your interested please PM me! I've got some great ideals pend out!

Ello Sith of the colony,

 I'm in search of someone who can help me fulfill an RP story...Basically I'm trying to create an old Sith noble family with a bit of an aristocratic flair. I've also been pondering the idea of  this small family consisting of two twin males and maybe another older sibling? I've kinda created some backstory for their Noble house (named the Darkwynes ) but I'd like to flesh it out with others.

Hope to hear from some skilled RPers and Lore lovers soon!


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