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Cantina / Re: Indie Night Revival?
« on: 09/16/18, 09:06:43 PM »
I would love to see a indie night revival since rp has been pretty much dead, for me, on Shaan. I know I did a poll awhile back and, if you're interested in times, saturday evening seemed to be when most people were available to rp. Hope that helps!

Outside Realm / Scheduling!
« on: 08/31/18, 07:32:48 PM »
With everyone being so busy now-a-days I thought it's about time that we get an idea as to when people are actually available. That way, in the near future, we can try to set up events when the most people are around to be here. So if you could, please do answer the poll above! That way we can see where everyone stands on what we are all available to do!

Events and Occasions / Re: An Spectacular Event!
« on: 08/08/18, 08:05:42 PM »
I'll be trying to send out invites on both sides here, I haven't been able to do them imp side for me. So...every 15 mins or so I'll be swapping to make sure they get sent out

Events and Occasions / Re: An Spectacular Event!
« on: 08/08/18, 12:29:27 PM »
You know you're not the first person to ask that... XD Everyone is welcome, you don't have to be a Twi'lek to attend. My idea is to have people start showing up at 8 P.M. server time. Then at 9 we'd start the battle tournament. About 10:30 we'd start the drink off, then perhaps 11 or 11:30 it would be spa time! That's the idea, anyhow

Events and Occasions / Re: An Spectacular Event!
« on: 08/07/18, 10:05:17 PM »
Ash's Super Duper Twi'lek Party Adventure will be beginning 8 P.M. Server time! Drinks, games, and all around fun will be supported followed by a small dip in a spa at the very end to top things off! There will be three events for tomorrow!

1. The Battle Royal! A series of fights between volunteers for battle tournament with a ingame cash prize of 1.5 Mil credits! The Battle Tournament will follow the standard 100 dice roll system. Standard character perk, weakness, and wild card are allowed!

2. The drink off! Who can resist getting drunk the longest provided by a wonder of select drinks from Ash of varying intensity! This is a pure rp event to get that funny bone moving! There will be a cash prize of 500,000 credits, but mostly it will be determined by who is the funniest drunk.

3. The spa! Get your bathing suits and dip in! A nice way for those participating in the drinking to somber up and spend some quality time together! Drinks will be provided, of course.

These events will not happen at any particular time, just when enough people show up to get the ball rolling. At the very least, an hour will go by before the events begin. So hope to see everyone there!

Events and Occasions / Re: An Spectacular Event!
« on: 08/02/18, 10:23:47 AM »
lol, thank you for reminding me XD

Events and Occasions / Re: An Spectacular Event!
« on: 07/31/18, 11:29:09 PM »
Decided to move the date to the 8th because I may or may not completely have forgotten the 2nd fell onto a thursday >.>

Events and Occasions / An Spectacular Event!
« on: 07/22/18, 10:47:00 PM »
Here's the event as I mentioned earlier! If everyone can share what available times they are capable of attending the event please post down below so a consensus can be made to determine what best time is available for the event. This time will be posted on 8/01 for everyone to know.

To appease some people's worries and to sorta break the doom and gloom, I'm already suggestion anything. No mass exodus, no huge abandonment of the server, just to express my thoughts over that of Star Forge and just get people talking again. I'm glad we are talking, even if there's some doom into it, but at this point all of this is just talk, at least for me. What I personally wanted to get from this thread is people to just express their concerns and see where everyone stands. And as someone who thrives on rp with complete random strangers (just look at Ash...she loves it) this was just my observation.

I'd like for more people to express their thoughts or concerns, or represent those who may not have a voice on here. But regardless with whatever people say I'm still gonna try to get things going. Maybe a event over at Star Forge, sorta a thing to just blow out a wide variety of character ideas before coming back to Shaan. My biggest thing is that all of our in game chats are just kinda dead, and as someone who really hasn't been able to create those rp groups to constantly be in touch with people, I want to create that experience. So whether or not my SH is ready, I'm going to start an event here for the 8/02 to try and get things going. All are welcome, new and old, with Ash being our lovely host. This will be my commitment to try and keep things going. And who knows, maybe I'll a Star Forge one at some point too!

Regardless of my thoughts or plans, please do keep talking and expressing your thoughts and feelings! That is what's most important to me right now, and I think it's getting us somewhere.

Introductions / Re: (( OOC )) Hello there! This feels odd...
« on: 07/21/18, 10:10:31 PM »

Hello there! Iz me~

If other players such as @Ash and @TrickyNick87 were to extend an invitation to us for a specific, well-attended, Cross-Faction Event, similar to say our former Friday Night Dancer's Palace, or another dual-faction accessible Event, I would be willing to roll a Jaade-alt for the purposes of some role-play and a Meet and Greet. I'd do my best to twist @blingdenston's arm to do the same with me.

I can most certainly create something like that for Star Forge if people are interested in just popping over for a event from Shan. I did do a said character transfer and I certainly have a lot of my stuff from Shan on Forge now. If people are interested in that sort of things, and want to recreate characters from Shan, I'm all for creating an event like that!

Thanks for your viewpoint on this entire thing @TrickyNick87 I really appreciate your upfront honesty on the entire situation, and it's certainly starting to look that way from my perspective as well. It may just be time to start putting in motion a move to the other server.

@recoveringgeek the rp community is pretty varied in terms of what's available for rp. There are a limited number of events that you can find over at that acts as the main hub for announcements and the like (outside of their own discord). Guild rp seems to be the biggest focus on the amount of rp that goes on from what I have seen, but fleet rp is still very much active on both factions, especially imp side. There's certainly people logging on and participating in such a thing.

I'd like to get a lot more of the community involved here expressing their ideas and thoughts over the situation, especially to get some kind of a consensus going on. But if it turns out that a server move may be in order I'd like to try and salvage as many people's toons as possible. I'd have to think a lot more on what the best way to go about that would be, but I certainly have some ideas. We'll see though on what everyone else wants to say first though.

Over the past 2-3 weeks I've been spending some time over on the Star Forge server here on SWTOR, dipping my toe into the community, testing the waters and seeing how things are. To my surprise things are very much still lively over there. While those not participating in the Server's rp site or discord are seemingly fractured by the events of those communicating over such things, the rp community is very much alive and well. Fleet RP, on both Republic Side and Imperial Side, is very much active. Already I've had quite a few wonderful experiences with a transferred toon (A minor one, don't worry :P), people interacting, talking, and just being overall friendly with the occasional, as expected, trolls. But my time over there is reminiscent of SWTOR back at launch, a lively rp community, interacting and playing off one another to try and build things to sustain that very same community. And in all honest it's got me thinking.

Be it for personal reasons, real life obligations, even a bit of drama, over here on Satele Shan things have been slowly dying down. The chat seems less and less lively, people aren't on as often as they had been before, and we just all seem stuck going through the motions, waiting for the next big thing to come around and happen. And it's a hard sight to see for me. As someone who has been with the game since it went F2P, I've seen a good chunk of the game's ups and downs, how communities have died and resurged, great bombastic events and the more smaller, intimate happenings of the game. Those who have stuck around and have made it this far have, I'm sure, seen those very same things. And with Satele Shan, it seems like we're hitting another down where it'll take a major update to resurge the community once again or our own push to make it so. To be honest, with all the drama slowly enveloping bioware, and their potential shut down starting to loom over them, we may have to rely on the former of the two to keep things going.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want this post to be something we can talk about and just throw some ideas around, try to see if we can get the community going again. Feel free to express your thoughts and ideas over the current state of our community here on Satele Shan. Let's just have a honest, polite, and respectful discussion over this. One thing I do know I'm going to be trying to do here to get this ball rolling, trying out a new weekly event. Probably won't be the best thing in the world, but I'm going to give it a shot. And hopefully I can have that up here in the next week or two.

So let me know what your thoughts are, and let's just start talking again.

Events and Occasions / Re: A Dread Mind
« on: 07/18/18, 03:03:33 PM »
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff-frick, I'm working at that time till 9 server time >_< Unless that time is suddenly moved up I'm not gonna make it  :cry:

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 07/08/18, 10:29:53 PM »
Alrighty! Gimme a heads up beforehand so I can plan to have that day off and NOT miss it XP

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